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pool's Karma

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2/27/2017Beware the ides of March... Huck Fillary. (not exactly sure what it means but it seems timely)
2/27/2017Green for you...porkchop
2/26/2017Peace to you ~ Wyks
2/24/2017Hi POOL! - Carnac
2/23/2017Reported Abusive Post
2/23/2017I hope everything works out just the way you would like it to. AnonymousGirl
2/22/2017Midweek green :D Esmee
2/21/2017No Dhimmi Greenery
2/21/2017I am ready Love GFG
2/19/2017Right on. Hawk02
2/19/2017Love and light -undestroyer
2/19/2017Reported Copyright Violation
2/19/2017Reported Copyright Violation
2/19/2017Reported Copyright Violation
2/19/2017Reported Copyright Violation
2/19/2017Reported Abusive Post
2/18/2017Fuck Piccard. And I liked him...porkchop
2/18/2017<3 -Blueridge Doom
2/18/2017Lots of Love!! ~ Simple27 : )
2/17/2017Green karma hunter
2/16/2017Belated Valentines hugs to you ! From Tiger1.
2/16/2017Reported Copyright Violation
2/16/2017Reported Copyright Violation
2/16/2017Reported Copyright Violation
2/16/2017Reported Copyright Violation
2/15/2017Karma roLL .C.C
2/15/2017Bless your heart from alien_
2/15/2017But have you really been to Peru? Best comments. MacLachlan
2/14/2017Reported Copyright Violation
2/10/2017Martini & Cigar green for the awesome POOL
2/10/2017I'm getting better at it...only took nearly losing my wife to realize it. Big Daddy D
2/10/2017Reported Copyright Violation
2/10/2017Reported Copyright Violation
2/9/2017Love and Hugs across the ocean from Holland. InterMezzo : )
2/8/2017Green drive by to my first friend.... Nefarious Libertine
2/7/2017Happy Day! ~ Wyks
2/7/2017Couldn't resist after your WCM, lol~kpm~
2/7/2017Reported Copyright Violation
2/7/2017Reported Abusive Post
2/7/2017Reported Abusive Post
2/7/2017Sending you a hug. SkinnyChic
2/7/2017Pool. Always a wordsmith. - Kai
2/6/2017Hugs from eekers
2/6/2017Green evening for you. ~Snuffie
2/6/2017Good morning 'little baby pool'....TBG
2/5/2017Reported Copyright Violation
2/5/2017Hugs to you !!! From Tiger1.
2/4/2017Happy day! ~ Esmee
2/4/2017You're a real sweetheart <3 141
2/4/2017You too sweetie.... (scimitar)
2/4/2017Green for you...porkchop
2/4/2017Person445 - Love from Russell in Vancouver, Canada :)
2/4/2017Right on -- Clint
2/4/2017Thanks for the tip on linking lyrics rather than typing them - BHD
2/3/2017Thank you for the kind words, Pool! :) AnonymousGirl
2/2/2017<3 -Blueridge Doom
2/2/2017Karma upgrade. Zod!
2/2/2017Jazzy green for your karma garden
2/1/2017Reported Abusive Post
2/1/2017Reported Abusive Post
1/30/2017You saw what I saw - iSwear
1/30/2017M*walk :)
1/29/2017I hope you find what you are looking for, you deserve it! :) abi~
1/29/2017So much win! Alpacalips
1/28/2017Hallo pool hope you are well. :) calx
1/27/2017Reported Copyright Violation
1/27/2017Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! ~ Simple27 : )
1/25/2017Love ya GFG
1/25/2017Reported Copyright Violation
1/25/2017Reported Copyright Violation
1/25/2017Reported Copyright Violation
1/25/2017Yo - DL
1/23/2017Hugs to you !!! From Tiger1.
1/22/2017Thank you for being you!! Loewin :)
1/21/2017Thetruthmonger wuz here
1/21/2017Womens march thread -Anubis
1/21/2017Showing love, not sorrow ~ Chugiakian
1/20/2017Yuuuuge green to you! God bless. - abeliever
1/20/2017No Dhimmi Greenery
1/19/2017You been eatin gunpowder? You're feistier than normal as of late and that's HOT AF.
1/19/2017Trump green! - Chaos Replicator.
1/19/2017Martini & cigar passing by
1/18/2017Love from eekers
1/18/2017Abi~ :)
1/17/2017Karma roLL .C.C
1/17/2017From Beer
1/14/2017Alpacalips was here to drop off some little green goodies
1/13/2017Thanks for posting in my bloody hands thread, savcash and thanks for the green :)
1/13/2017How are ya? Brief :)
1/13/2017Good morning! I hope you are doing well. - Tesla
1/13/2017Reported Copyright Violation
1/12/2017Reported Copyright Violation
1/12/2017Karma upgrade. Zod!
1/11/2017Lol I haven't used it yet, but can certainly see it being useful haha! I hope you're having a nice week my friend! ~ Simple27 : )
1/10/2017Hugs and smooches Darlin' <> :) M*walk
1/10/2017Abi~ :)
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