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pool's Karma

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12/13/2016Reported Abusive Post
12/13/2016Reported Copyright Violation
12/12/2016For your wise words in the Santa Claus/Ill boy thread, and cuz I luv ya too,.,.,M*walk
12/11/2016Reciprocation -Sticky
12/11/2016Where Eagles Dare
12/10/2016Green hugs... the deplorable Carolk B.
12/10/2016Merry Christmas - EnD *DEPLORABLE* BLM
12/9/2016Reported Copyright Violation
12/9/2016Much love from eekers!
12/8/2016No Dhimmi Greenery
12/8/2016I'm still here, sister :) ~Krystle
12/8/2016Right back at ya! Chop
12/8/2016Reported Copyright Violation
12/8/2016Green from indiandave.
12/7/2016HiYas Pool Be good or if you can't be good..Be good at it ....Nefarious Libertine
12/7/2016Brief :)
12/7/2016Reported Copyright Violation
12/6/2016I am ;) AnonymousGirl
12/6/2016You have such a way with words pool....very mystical and dreamy...TBG...yup
12/5/2016Reported Copyright Violation
12/4/2016Have a great week ! From Tiger1.
12/2/2016Friday Night Green Thumb Of Fun and Light heartedness. Hawk02
12/2/2016Reported Copyright Violation
12/1/2016No Dhimmi Greenery
12/1/2016The kid is a tard
12/1/2016Beautiful respose to my barron trump thread! thanks for posting, savcash
12/1/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/30/2016Hello - EnD *DEPLORABLE* BLM
11/29/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/29/2016Superduper green!
11/28/2016Green hug - msz
11/28/2016Reported Abusive Post
11/28/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/28/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/25/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/25/2016I don't believe the Truth is evil, either-aurora
11/24/2016Have a great TGday.. 4H
11/23/2016Happy Thanksgiving :) abi~
11/23/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/21/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/21/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/21/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/21/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/21/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/21/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/21/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/21/2016You made me laugh outloud , we have to many churches now Love GFG
11/21/2016Reported Abusive Post
11/21/2016Msmc Xx
11/20/2016Hugs from eekers
11/19/2016Nice ! The Green Hat returnzz! Thanksgiving luv for ya Darlin'.,.,.,M*walk
11/19/2016Nice hat - EnD *DEPLORABLE* BLM
11/18/2016Sending Love! ~ Simple27 : )
11/17/2016No Dhimmi Greenery
11/17/2016Haha cute hat! hugs ~Tangy :)
11/17/2016Indian summer breezes flowing -LL
11/16/2016Reported Abusive Post
11/15/2016Reported Abusive Post
11/14/2016Buddy List Karma Trade. Ht me back. xo -- Deplorable QuantumLove
11/13/2016Hugs to you ! From Tiger1.
11/12/2016Thanks, love! This is hell :/ Loewin
11/8/2016Reported Abusive Post
11/8/2016Green for you - EnD *DEPLORABLE* BLM
11/8/2016Green Drive by for my first buddy....Nefarious Libertine
11/8/2016Thanks for the reminder, much needed. ~ Roxi
11/7/2016Green For You: Deplorable One, Two and Three
11/7/2016All those empty prisons....good comment s.d.
11/5/2016Still praying for you, you have the strength to do this! Love... -Haun-
11/4/2016Hang in there sweet pool. Sending love & prayers! ~ Simple27 : )
11/4/2016Love ya GFG
11/4/2016Prayers for you to forgive others and receive peace. TheLordsServant
11/3/2016Green your way ~ S P A R K
11/3/2016Loewin :)
11/3/2016Hugs from eekers
11/3/2016Hey there Pool!! 4H
11/3/2016Thanks Pool. --Cybored
11/2/2016<3 SeaLass34
11/2/2016Reported Abusive Post
11/2/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/2/2016Reported Copyright Violation
11/1/2016Reported Copyright Violation
10/31/2016Happy Halloween Dearie! Spooky Hugz.,.,.M*walk
10/31/2016Reported Abusive Post
10/31/2016Happy Halloween ! From Tiger1.
10/31/2016Reported Copyright Violation
10/29/2016Reported Copyright Violation
10/29/2016Don Vito Was Here
10/29/2016Green from Goneviral
10/27/2016<3 -Blueridge
10/27/2016Cheers to you pool. Hope all is good in your world! -w_nb
10/26/2016Reported Copyright Violation
10/26/2016Reported Copyright Violation
10/26/2016Reported Abusive Post
10/26/2016Abi~ stopped by..:)
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