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zip50's Karma

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1/19/2015Have a great week! ~ ItsMaKa2
1/12/2015Thanks friend : ) - ANHEDONIC
11/3/2014Wishing you well friend - ANHEDONIC : )
10/21/2014Pumpkin time - Chrit
9/25/2014Green from your friend - ANHEDONIC
8/27/2014Buddy karma from ANHEDONIC : D
7/12/2014Thanks for the green. Have a great weekend. <3 Doomish
7/12/2014Welcome aboard ~ A r k b i r d
6/28/2014Karma for my friend : ) - ANHEDONIC
6/21/2014Paytards ride! -Fret Wiz
6/21/2014Congrats on your upgrade, from , DREAM MAKER
6/8/2014Well Wishes from ANHEDONIC : D
5/17/2014Greetings and well wishes from ANHEDONIC : D
4/21/2014Thanks for posting about your experience! - ANHEDONIC
4/5/2014Greetings to you Zip. Hope you are well. - ANHEDONIC
3/31/2014You Know Why. You Are on The Wrong Website Dude. Why Not Mosey on Over to Huff Post or Msnbc Where You Belong?
3/12/2014Karma for you Zip! - ANHEDONIC
2/26/2014Karma for your friend. Hope you are well. - ANHEDONIC
2/24/2014Best wishes from WeAreOne.
2/14/2014WeAreOne passing through :)
1/14/2014Have a nice day :)
12/8/2013Christmas green sprinkle for you :) WeAreOne.
11/19/2013WeAreOne saying a hearty hello :)
9/12/2013You're not free nor will you most likely never ever be free
3/11/2013Hey Zipper! Hope things are going well for you. : ) - ANHEDONIC
2/27/2013Hey Zip! Hope you are well. : D - ANHEDONIC
12/13/2012Happy Holidays from ANHEDONIC
7/15/2012For sticking with it! - ANHEDONIC
6/6/2012Keep at it! - ANHEDONIC
5/12/2012For growing your conscousness - ANHEDONIC
5/8/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/8/2012Bashing GLP - Thanks for the Karma Points ... lol
1/31/2012Eagle cam is great! ~ Damsel in Distress

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