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zip50's Karma

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9/4/2016Thanks for commenting on my Oklahoma earthquake thread! TrustNoOneKS
6/14/2016I want you to know that I never ever mean to show ill will to anyone homosexual, if I have I do apologize...My prayers are for everyone no matter who....Susie..:)
6/13/2016Salt's dear homosexuals thread. well said. schwinbo
6/12/2016Kudos :-)
6/12/2016Self righteous nut. disagreeing with someone doesn't equal hate
6/12/2016Keep blaming Americans for mass murders committed by Muslims.
6/12/2016You have gone too far
5/24/2016You should consider that it is YOU who is wrong then you might make some actual progress and come out of your own brainwashing
4/26/2016Sooner alumni :) bluebonnet
4/22/2016Too many F bombs already!!
2/3/2016Thanks for the GLP compliment!
1/30/2016Hello, my friend! ~Tandym
1/10/2016Eckart Tolle! -Anubis
1/7/2016Thank you for what you said. I am going to meditate. :)
1/6/2016Check your email Zip - WOLF : )
12/19/2015Sending you some love. I hope your doing good. Love, Goddess of the sea 1
11/10/2015He was gorgeous, i loved him so much. eekthecat
11/3/2015Well Wishes from WOLF : )
10/22/2015Love - ES
10/20/2015Just discovered I can return the favor
10/18/2015You've been deceived by the gnostics
10/11/2015Missing you. hope you zip on in soon. Love you, Goddess of the sea 1
10/5/2015Greens for a good energy week! TrustNoOneKS
9/30/2015Love you ~ raven~
9/30/2015From Sweet Dee
9/30/2015Letting go ~ A r k
9/29/2015Hello friend ~ WOLF : )
9/23/2015Sending you some Love. Im glad we are friends. I hope your Kundalini Awakening is coming along good. Love~ Goddess of the sea 1
9/7/2015Karma drive by! - Rev Woo-Woo
9/6/2015Sweet Dee
9/1/2015Thank you!
8/30/2015Sweet Dee
8/30/2015Green for you ~ A r c
8/15/2015Greetings ~ A r c t u r u s
8/8/2015Thanks ! -- The Only
6/22/2015Hope you are well, friend... ~ WOLF : )
6/6/2015I like you zip. Happy for Tough Old Broads. Wish I were one. You're cool. BunBun
5/7/2015Spiritual Awakening -- Electric Koolaid
4/25/2015Hey, somebody gets it! (re- ego and religion) - Light of Kukulkan
3/25/2015Thanks for sharing on my thread -- praetorian
3/17/2015Well Wishes from WOLF/ANHEDONIC : )
2/4/2015Hi friend! Hope you are well - WOLF : )
1/19/2015Have a great week! ~ ItsMaKa2
1/12/2015Thanks friend : ) - ANHEDONIC
11/3/2014Wishing you well friend - ANHEDONIC : )
10/21/2014Pumpkin time - Chrit
9/25/2014Green from your friend - ANHEDONIC
8/27/2014Buddy karma from ANHEDONIC : D
7/12/2014Thanks for the green. Have a great weekend. <3 Doomish
7/12/2014Welcome aboard ~ A r k b i r d
6/28/2014Karma for my friend : ) - ANHEDONIC
6/21/2014Paytards ride! -Fret Wiz
6/21/2014Congrats on your upgrade, from , DREAM MAKER
6/8/2014Well Wishes from ANHEDONIC : D
5/17/2014Greetings and well wishes from ANHEDONIC : D
4/21/2014Thanks for posting about your experience! - ANHEDONIC
4/5/2014Greetings to you Zip. Hope you are well. - ANHEDONIC
3/12/2014Karma for you Zip! - ANHEDONIC
2/26/2014Karma for your friend. Hope you are well. - ANHEDONIC
2/24/2014Best wishes from WeAreOne.
2/14/2014WeAreOne passing through :)
1/14/2014Have a nice day :)
12/8/2013Christmas green sprinkle for you :) WeAreOne.
11/19/2013WeAreOne saying a hearty hello :)
9/12/2013You're not free nor will you most likely never ever be free
3/11/2013Hey Zipper! Hope things are going well for you. : ) - ANHEDONIC
2/27/2013Hey Zip! Hope you are well. : D - ANHEDONIC
12/13/2012Happy Holidays from ANHEDONIC
7/15/2012For sticking with it! - ANHEDONIC
6/6/2012Keep at it! - ANHEDONIC
5/12/2012For growing your conscousness - ANHEDONIC
5/8/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/31/2012Eagle cam is great! ~ Damsel in Distress

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