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Alien Commander Omd I's Karma

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10/14/2016Sexual assault is serious. ass.
10/14/2016You were conceived when your father was fucked in the ass by Bill Clinton
10/14/2016To offset the hillary shill red
10/13/2016You're nasty
10/13/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
1/15/2016Weĺl said
10/14/2013Thought you were joking - I see you are not -
10/13/2013I love the tea party!!!
10/8/2013Obama ass licker and general shill
10/3/2013Karma from a patriot! Please shut the fuck up!
10/3/2013Hope you enjoy being teabagged.
8/10/2013Good stuff thanks -SteamrolledGobias
12/18/2012For the gun thread Jilly23
11/19/2012Pegasus dreams
11/7/2012How are you? Jilly23
9/26/2012Hello :) Jilly23
9/14/2012Reported Abusive Post
8/18/2012Yay! A new post :) I shall have to view it. Jilly23
8/8/2012I miss your alien posts :( Jilly23
7/27/2012Hope you enjoy the weekend :) Jilly23
7/23/2012Read, absorb, and understand the constitution
7/13/2012Stopping by to say hi! Jilly23
5/18/2012I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Jilly23
5/2/2012Good Morning! Jilly23
4/30/2012Good post~awake but dreaming
4/26/2012Positive Karma for You(~). tSJ
4/20/2012Good Morning! Jilly23
4/10/2012Too bad people aren't seeing the difference between right and wrong. Jilly23
3/27/2012Good morning and have a great day :) Jilly23
3/13/2012The universe has been too kind :) Jilly23
3/6/2012SS was here
3/5/2012Green is GOOD :) Jilly23810
3/1/2012Backatcha Pegasus - schiehallion
3/1/2012Your "Big Bang" theory - I agree!!! *** - Mindlouka
2/26/2012The universe has always been. -Epicbiscuit
2/23/2012Glad i found your parallel universe thread tonight. great posits. thanks, morgan
2/22/2012I was just thinking of you ~Jilly23810
2/18/2012From a parallel universe - Slow
2/13/2012Favorite poster :) Jilly23810
2/3/2012LOVE ~Luna
1/24/2012To a friend <3 Jilly23810
1/17/2012Haha! Love your karma Alien Commander!
1/16/2012Back atcha~ Jilly23810
12/30/2011Peace....Extragalacti​c Extraterrestrial
12/23/2011Figured out karma, ttx, Isis One
12/22/2011I haven't been on for awhile and it's good to see you spread great info! ~Jilly23810
12/16/2011Don't bother replying to omd's threads, will censor/erase critical posts - given green karma for optimum fema fag camp cell
12/14/2011Reported Abusive Post
12/5/2011Nephilim bro. In those days and AFTER THAT. Read about it.
11/25/2011Good one, got me thinking...
11/18/2011<3 Jilly23810
11/15/2011For thoughtful input on a favorite subject...thanks
11/15/2011Nice thread...great topic...:) Scarbedazzles
11/5/2011Back at you -- Borian
11/3/2011For the quiz :) ~ Jilly23810
10/25/2011Cuz I like your posts ~ Jilly23810
9/26/2011Deserves it
9/25/2011One for having human feelings.
8/27/2011Not cool thread
8/14/2011Cool thread

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