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christian's Karma

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8/10/2013False witness
8/10/2013Praise God!!! TW
8/9/2013Never stop these threads. We need to know. beeches
8/8/2013Lost soul of assumption
8/8/2013Thank you for being my friend. God bless you - Lisa :)
8/7/2013Back at ya-Evan
8/5/2013Being a voice . gatherhope
8/5/2013Yay forBilly Graham! Who is Blue Fairy
8/4/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/3/2013Tallafornian :-)
8/3/2013May God bless you ! From Tiger1.
8/1/2013Thank you for our wonderful conversation today! [O4A]
8/1/2013Amen!!! Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life! #LPRF
7/31/2013Onward Christian soldier! Go Susie! - JCITW
7/31/2013I don't hate you - shalom from m&m's
7/31/2013Probably means well
7/31/2013Love you sister in Christ....Exemplar
7/31/2013Religious tard
7/31/2013For being a fool, I wish these religious morons would just fuck off
7/31/2013One of dgns best trolls
7/31/2013Some green to counter red! GT500
7/31/2013Good post...karma from gonviral
7/31/2013Jew shill
7/30/2013Bible tard - go away
7/30/2013Fuck you bible troll!
7/30/2013Love ya GFG
7/30/2013LOL, I fucking love you Susie.
7/30/2013M m. Interesting thread.
7/30/2013Open your mind
7/30/2013Green for you! ~ ItsMaKa2
7/30/2013Religious nutbag
7/30/2013Boom. that's for judging others.
7/28/2013God Bless You, Sister! TW
7/27/2013God Bless, christian! And yes, I hope to be found worthy too!
7/25/2013Religious retarded beaner
7/25/2013Do YOU have a purpose? snob.
7/25/2013This is a CONSPIRACY FORUM and NOT a religious one
7/25/2013Love you girl! - Lisa :)
7/23/2013Gos bless you, Susie! SG
7/23/2013Annoying Jesus shit
7/22/2013Christian is a JEW, don't get fooled by this liar
7/22/2013Hv to give u this for exalting in a "king" other than God! - m&m's
7/22/2013Nice thread :) salt
7/22/2013Hail to the One True King ~~ Angelic_Warrior
7/22/2013Preaching the Word!
7/22/2013We are to encourage one another, are we not? God's Peace be with you. Hugs, KoFFee :)
7/22/2013King of ALL kings thread AWESOME -SavedbyGrace7
7/22/2013Thank you for remembering the TRUE KING of Kings.
7/22/2013Have a blessed week - Indysmindy
7/19/2013Green Friday! Have a great weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
7/19/2013Great post Karma From Gonviral
7/19/2013Bathroom green for no reprobate crap!....saved
7/18/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/17/20131 from Ben Schillen
7/16/2013Karma Love :)
7/16/2013Great post. Fishingnut
7/16/2013Green greetings from Davvi = )
7/16/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/16/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/15/2013From indiandave
7/13/2013Same old shill
7/12/2013Hello ~ A Friend
7/12/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/12/2013Susie. Remember those times you used to come in and sit on me for hours and hours? I miss your warmth. - GLP Voice Chat
7/12/2013Good response in birh fraud thread.beeches.
7/11/2013Christian is a JEW, don't get fooled by this liar
7/9/2013Stop with your garbage..I am a christian but you make us all look bad. get out of the 'church' system and try to really see/find the truth.what a complete joke you are
7/8/2013Days Of Noah Are Here... And So Is Christ. - Knowbody Special
7/6/2013God bless you sorry you are being harrassed by LL the higher your banner for christ the more people try to hate you
7/5/2013Religitard bullshit, is all u ever post.
7/4/2013Good scriptural response - Geo777
7/3/2013Thank you, it feels good to get a progress report every now and then.
7/3/2013Greenwald and Fox...5 stars...Chas...
7/2/2013Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
7/1/2013I've given you a hard time in the past but God has been leading me back lately - please forgive :) Rev StarGazer
6/30/2013Don't let those forked tongues getcha'. +1 Occasionally Swears
6/30/2013Stop judging others, and love thy fellow man
6/29/2013Promoting the word of God
6/28/2013Green for you
6/27/2013Come Quickly Lord Jesus...TW
6/27/2013Green for love- El Tiburon
6/26/2013Full of hate
6/26/2013Had to give you some green - I love your stand! ~ *Haarp Lady
6/26/2013Shut the fuck up about the bible, or I'll shove it up your fucking arse. Gay boy...
6/26/2013God bless. me777
6/26/2013Because i like anybody that Loves Jesus Dmorg4
6/26/2013Hold on to your Crown, thread!!! :) abi~
6/26/2013Amen - Geo777
6/26/2013THanks for the Jesus warned us - hold on to our crowns - Ms.Superduper
6/26/2013Beautiful Crown Thread! (abeliever*)
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