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ScrumpTheDeplorableTexan's Karma

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7/7/2016Karma roLL .C.C Awesome
7/7/2016Cheers, mate. -Rev
7/7/2016Hugs to you Scrump...davvi
7/6/2016Jazzy green bumps!
7/6/2016Hahaha Wonder Bruce! Munsoned
7/5/2016The Scrump Bump! CountryWise
7/4/2016Happy 4th jwnlwplus4
7/4/2016Happy Independence Day Brother!!
7/4/2016Thank you for your help and understanding! Much appreciated! Trump 2016! ~Ziconic
7/4/2016Love GFG
7/3/2016Happy Independence Day & God Bless America! - Kraut
7/3/2016Uncle fuck stick
7/2/2016Gratz on mod. - LunaticFringe
7/2/2016Keep kickin' @ss and takin names my brother! St3v3 / Korg
7/2/2016Hugs for one of my favorite Texans! Lily
7/1/2016Thanks! me777
7/1/2016Hi scrump! green from gonviral
7/1/2016Have a great 4th Brotha!.,.,.,,M*walk
7/1/2016For pinning thread about Orlando! Good!
7/1/2016Have a Happy 4th~kpm~
6/30/2016Karma roLL .C.C great job
6/30/2016Green for posting important threads. Blessings. Samara
6/30/2016Hugs from eekers
6/29/2016Greenade incoming my friend!!!.saved
6/29/2016Hey hey your hotness! *splat* YDD
6/29/2016Hugs from MW!
6/29/2016Have a great day! ScarlettOHell
6/28/2016Tesla Green for you Scrump!
6/28/2016Dace wuzz heer =-)
6/28/2016Hugs from Bluebird
6/28/2016Congratulations....ju​st noticed and green hugs back to you!!! NothingFancy :)
6/28/2016On the job! Keep stomping that Indian spammer -Shiva ; )
6/27/2016And big green hugs for you too Bro! Jazzy
6/27/2016Backatcha.and Congrats.:) AnonymousGirl
6/27/2016So you're gonna grow your mulletr back?....LOL....TBG..​..LOL...
6/27/2016Blessings ;) izzybeth
6/26/2016Sunday green! Ag47
6/26/2016Congrats on the Mod gig! ~Tangy :)
6/26/2016Congrats on Being Moderator Dude!!!
6/25/2016Meant to congratulate you last week! hannah
6/25/2016Green for your entry on the Freud Caption thread! O'sCookie
6/24/2016Brexit Green!!
6/24/2016Back at ya Scrump! Also, gratz and condolences on becoming a mod! -PirateMonkey
6/24/2016Thank you Scrump for the pin
6/24/2016I just noticed! Honestly I figured the only reason you haven't been all along must be you didn't have time. HipHipHooray :) Sloane
6/24/2016Congrats on becoming a mod Scrump. -Cybored
6/24/2016Trumpworthy as always!!!! - mehitable adams
6/24/2016Many hugs for you as always...davvi
6/24/2016Happy Brexit morn, brother. -Rev
6/24/2016Congrats UTownReturns
6/24/2016Brotha Brexit Green!! .,.,.,M*walk
6/23/2016Scrump, I'm really happy for you bro! Nobody was more deserving of the MOD title than YOU! I'm not just saying that either! St3v3 / Korg
6/23/2016Back at ya bro! -NML
6/23/2016Greenest kindness -LL
6/23/2016LMAO! Jedi. White Goodman
6/22/2016Awesome as always ~ TLL
6/22/2016Just noticed the MOD status! Congrats! - ItsAllOneBigLie =)
6/22/2016Brother love-Friend of a friend
6/22/2016Congrats! (SAHM)
6/22/2016Backatcha Brutha Scrump!
6/22/2016Feeling suicidal? Haha! Munsoned
6/22/2016Thank you! Bodiless
6/22/2016Glad you finally came out of the MOD closet!! It is all relative. ; )
6/22/2016Hump day!!!! - thetoolman
6/22/2016Hey Scrump. Superduper
6/22/2016For all the very informative pins! Thank you! ~goldielucks
6/22/2016AdHocBOHICA Greenery....
6/22/2016Congrats on you new position and am sure you will do a good job.
6/21/2016Waddup scrump, hugs eekers
6/21/2016Well it's ABOUT TIME you became a MOD on here! Geez...years overdue in my book! Congrats! Daddysgirl!
6/21/2016Green and moldy karma from THE INQUISIDOR
6/21/2016Mod Green!
6/20/2016Nice one Mr Scrump. Sigma.
6/20/2016You're a patriot
6/20/2016Reported Copyright Violation
6/19/2016God bless you abundantly. Much love, Wishin'
6/19/2016For the pin....411
6/19/2016From hummy
6/19/2016Green Man~ was here
6/19/2016Hugs! MW
6/19/2016DAMN GOOD POST. pool
6/19/2016Ag47 :)
6/19/2016Scrump is our 'super-hero pin man'....LOL....TBG...​.
6/19/2016Thank you Scrump! Be good! :D calx
6/18/2016Pope thread. well played! -IFB
6/18/2016For making me laugh - Turtle
6/18/2016Green ((HUG)) Day....Kitkat31
6/18/2016Do you NEED a 460 HP Corvette to drive to get to work and around town? There are buses, right? - Spinman
6/17/2016Congrats dont bane me lol ar-15nut
6/17/2016Green for fence jumping! - Kraut
6/17/2016Congrats!!! - Wordsworth
6/17/2016SCRUMP the MOD?! Congrats mang!
6/17/2016Juan durty nein. lol
6/17/2016Bout time they made you a forum mod :D - Eireann~
6/16/2016Just Noticed - you're a mod now! Congratualtions - januarywolves
6/16/2016To the Man .C.C GLP-Mod karma roLL
6/16/2016You are a Mod? Fabulous!!! Green congrats for you...davvi
6/16/2016Congratulations on your title, too bad it doesn't come with a sizeable stipend! MissA
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