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ScrumpTheTexan's Karma

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8/25/2016Trump for Prez~UselessRepEater
8/25/2016LOL. pool
8/24/2016Green hugs! eek
8/24/2016Backatcha, Scrumpy! :) AnonymousGirl
8/24/2016Nesting doll! haha ~ starbird
8/24/2016Hi Scrump! Best green always, Sloane
8/24/2016Good repsonse
8/24/2016For great sense of humour. the BE Prepared pic says it all so nicely. Samara
8/24/2016A Green Hug!
8/24/2016Obastard. Ha! upgrayedd
8/24/2016Well done!
8/23/2016Can u tell me thru Karma why i was banned? Thanks for everything! Chop
8/23/2016A big Texas (((HUG))) kitkat31
8/22/2016Honesty, sincere, commendable
8/22/2016Hey buddy. -Rev
8/22/2016Martini & Cigar green for the Admiral Scrump! (That's right Admiral!)
8/22/2016Thanks for the link
8/21/2016Brotha Scrump! Still kicking ass I see!!! Hope things are good where Texas finds you my friend. Peace, love, light, and take zero shit. St3v3 / Korg
8/21/2016"license to steal, and a framework for tyranny" Ag47
8/20/2016Some summer green brada, and thanks!...saved
8/20/2016Punk, lol - Roobit
8/20/2016Happy weekend. - NODOOM
8/19/2016Big hugs and lotsa love. ;-) ~ Debauchery
8/19/2016Nice img
8/19/2016Brotha green! -NML
8/19/2016Like yer style
8/18/2016Nice picture posting there Scrump ~ Question EVERYTHING
8/18/2016Have a Grand weekend Brotha, green high fivin' ya! M*walk
8/17/2016Some overdue green. - Cookie
8/17/20161 of the best Mods - EnD BLM
8/17/2016Metal band
8/17/2016Good post papa santa
8/16/2016I miss our drinking threads - Kraut.
8/16/2016From Ralph---a house dog
8/16/2016KipKat :)
8/16/2016I enjoy this person's posts and knowledge.
8/16/2016Have a little green. anastasia
8/15/2016For pinning that morons patriots/savages thread so we could give 'em what for - Michael Deschain
8/14/2016Thanks much for posting in my TTP thread, savcash
8/14/2016Hugs from eekers
8/13/2016Green smiles...davvi
8/13/2016Green hugs ~ 3LL
8/13/2016God love ya....the old timer....some green for you
8/12/2016Thanks for all you do to keep GLP running smoothly-KT
8/12/2016Bodiless Green
8/10/2016For being you...Jazzy
8/10/2016Martini & Cigar Green to my Brotha!!!!
8/10/2016Hugs back at ya~kpm~
8/10/2016Love the Olympic tolet , love GFG
8/10/2016Green for your honest words zeldannie
8/10/2016You've pegged Hillary exactly!
8/9/2016The Hillary vampire is crutial. pool
8/9/2016Thanks for all you do. Much respect - Louve
8/8/2016Bluebird flying by
8/8/2016Hugs back. :) AnonymousGirl
8/8/2016Long overdue green for you, dunno why old browser wouldn' t let me give karma. Cheers, Flashbuzzkill
8/8/2016Mornin, brother. -Rev
8/7/2016That's great (HRC pathetic turnouts).
8/7/2016You are a good forum Mod. Thank you~Silvervega
8/7/2016Super cool video
8/6/2016Hugs kitkat31
8/6/2016Happy weekend - IamMewhoAreyou
8/6/2016Have a triumphant weekend scrump! :D calx
8/5/2016Back at ya buddy- NML
8/5/2016Brada green!!!...saved, im finally back home been out for a month in denver for work
8/5/2016Thanks for the laugh..AdRock
8/4/2016Great Jorb Tex .C.C
8/4/2016Thank you for watching the fort yesterday . Hugs ~Luna~
8/3/2016Hugs from eekers
8/3/2016Darwin wins... classic.
8/3/2016Great smilie in the Hollande thread...hugs, davvi
8/3/2016Scrump bump!!! -Relativity
8/3/2016Friend Green....AdHocBOHICA
8/3/2016Great pins
8/2/2016Appreciate seeing you consistantly here on GLP. Soothing in some odd way. :) God Bless-- Starrynytes
8/2/2016<3 om
8/1/2016Thanks for the pin! ~thinking...
7/31/2016100% Agree!
7/31/2016Greenie love to you. Have a great day! ScarlettOHell
7/31/2016Nice pin---UTownReturns
7/30/2016Uncle fuck stick karma bomb
7/29/2016The super pin man....TBG....you're the best bigguy
7/28/2016Good work - Zedakah
7/28/2016Nice job, buddy. -Rev
7/28/2016Outfuckingstanding post on why dems hate families~ET
7/28/2016Congrats on Best Comet Name in History - U-p-g-r-a-y-e-d-d
7/27/2016A great week for Trump and America! - Kraut
7/27/2016Keep on kickin butt my man! Helluva a good job moddin' Scrump! St3v3 / Korg
7/27/2016For spreading Hillary truth on the Women of GLP thread. thanks, morgan
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