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Baldrick's Karma

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1/11/2017Karma love from Samanthasunflower
10/29/2016A fine gentleman ~ Troller D
10/29/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
10/29/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
10/7/2016Hey old friend!!~Troller D.
10/7/2016From Ralph--a house dog....for the Twitter posts!
10/7/2016Grab them by the pussy thread. strongman shelford likes you
10/7/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
10/2/2016Passing through for old times sake, Baldrick :-) morgan
7/29/2016Thanks for getting that I'm not a Clinton supporter! Tess.
7/29/2016Gay muscle lover
7/29/2016Thanks bud. Munsoned
7/25/2016For being stupid
6/19/2016Wear the hat! -= Travis Bickle =-
4/13/2016Thank you and likewise. You're a good looking man. I have the hottest friends ~ Debauchery
3/27/2016Cheers! maguyver
3/26/2016Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
3/26/2016Liar and hater of women.
3/26/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
3/26/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
3/26/2016NE story
3/26/2016To use as needed! Thx! La Sirena
3/26/2016Green for pin ~Luna~
3/26/20165 mistresses rodehard
3/26/2016Brotha green from Scrump!
3/26/2016For providing good credible info!
3/26/2016Pin green
3/26/2016For mehitable's thread
3/26/2016Green to pin
3/13/2016Campaign contributions thread, bluebonnet :)
3/13/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
3/8/2016Baldrick!! ~ Debauchery
11/22/2015That was funny just now - Bes Maat :)
11/22/2015For having a great sense of humor about Aussies on the Janey thread, well played. Larry D. Croc
10/16/2015Reported Abusive Post
4/30/2014Dumb fuck
12/29/2012You're back! Where ya been?? - Eireann~
12/18/2012Just a member of your harem checking in...can't seem to find my riding crop
10/27/2012Boo! :munkee: MR2
8/19/2012Long time no see old friend
6/16/2012Sheds new light on the Putin obama meating, which showed what a pussy obama is,
6/16/2012So coooool... <3 rosie
6/2/2012Its peanut butter karma time>>IMAX
5/30/2012Thanks for the buddy add! belated i know ! Oz chick! :)
5/7/2012There is another guy from Australia that I want you to go beat up. OK?
5/6/2012<3 Rosie
5/6/2012Now you see a Red from me! U Stupid Wimp!
5/6/2012For showing me new and terrifying species that can invade my dreams. I'll never sleep soundly again! ; ) <3 Doomish
5/5/2012Honestly your lack of respect for the female gender is sad.
5/5/2012A bit of green from your new friend. :) - Debauchery
5/5/2012Thank you! Earth420
5/4/2012For being so sexy!
5/4/2012When did you move to China? :chuckle: MR2
5/4/2012Im givin you some green. sonic doom
5/3/2012Green for you from IMAX
4/25/2012For entertaining me! One Step Closer! xoxo
4/22/2012Nice post. scuba7
4/20/2012For being funny WindyMind
4/15/2012Karma... it feeds the soul... CP
4/15/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/14/2012LOL @ your post in response to Revbo on the Obama's lawyer thread on page 2. You're a riot :) - Eireann~
4/10/2012DUDE! Green for ya! :) -TeChNoXiC
4/10/2012Great posts
4/10/2012Leaked emails--Aistriúchái​n
4/10/2012Much thanks for support and contributions - your friend DoorBert
4/10/2012Good Posts man >>>The Blessed
4/9/2012Swinburnian -- arab league thread
4/9/2012Great thread :)
4/9/2012Awesome video - whiteangel
4/9/2012Great video 2012 compilation, thanks for sharing....my2centswo​rth
4/9/2012V :)
4/9/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/9/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/8/2012Thanks for all you do :D Expertofsound
4/8/2012Great Research
4/8/2012Easter Green Champ-Keep up the good work- Nerdrage
4/7/2012Love chulahoma
4/7/2012Great video 2012 - Thanks! Kate :)
4/7/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here :)
4/7/2012Thanks For The 2012 Compilation Vid - g3
4/7/2012Well done--thread. Thanks.
4/7/2012Good job on the pole shift post...crazybud
4/7/2012Nice post ))BAPHOMET((
4/7/2012For compelling video's about whats going on
4/7/2012For your thread, "Signs of Magnetic Pole Shift Happening Now 2012". Thank you!!!~Vesper33~
4/7/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/7/2012Nice post
4/1/2012XoXo love from GLP Angel :))))
4/1/2012Some green kisses~Natasha
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