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8/27/2013Hope you are well- acegotflows
8/11/2013Hi Sky--UselessRepeater
5/26/2013Don't let them get to you!....>>>>Settle4It​<<<<
5/26/2013Big poop?
5/24/2013Great catch on earthquake - Indysmindy
5/17/2013Drink PEPSI! - nah
5/14/2013For telling your children is is right to kill and eat turtles ! Barbarian !
5/13/2013Happy Karma Monday!....>>>>Settle​4it<<<<
5/9/2013Good to see you!
5/5/2013Sky!getintouchwithme jchashtagATgmailDOTCO​M
5/5/2013<3- acegotflows
4/23/2013Had to create a new profile....Orion's Wisdom....(KeeperOfTh​âÄčeCode)
4/22/2013For being a follower sheep
4/20/2013Lonely too
4/19/2013You get it... -DILKe
4/19/2013Woo-Woo!!! -SteveWutabi
4/19/2013Very interesting dream :)
4/17/2013For being informed with regards to circumcision ~ p.borealis
4/7/2013Green for you Holy_Diver
3/28/2013Greetings from trailingedge
3/26/2013Nice thread ~ A Friend
3/21/2013Thanks for your posting. Wishing you all the best in the future.
3/21/2013I'm with ya : ) You are spreading good, thank you
3/21/2013Stupid bible bullshit - i am soooo sure, god is going to kill the first born "again".
3/21/2013Peace be with your spirit! -The Sonic Dreamer
3/20/2013It is like talking to chickens...some need to find out the hard way...waitn4end.
3/20/2013Probably means well
3/20/2013You are such a beautiful women.
3/20/2013Nice post on the plagues. Well thought out and convincing. ~ Gigolo Jesus
3/11/2013Thanks for posting about earthquakes....indian​dave
3/9/2013You're welcome :)
3/8/2013Check in thread.... :-) -- Travis Bickle
3/5/2013For posing a very interesting and thought-provoking question. thank you! morgan
3/4/2013Awesome posts today! ~ Gigolo Jesus
3/4/2013Don't look behind you.... LOL from azaxo ;P
3/3/2013Love ur signature -- super bowl dave
3/3/2013Space dust dream
3/3/2013Hi SKY--UselessRepeater
2/27/2013Oscar Dress Comment... El Tiburon
2/26/2013Peace, Love and Happiness. ..11:11.. <3
2/25/2013Cool avatar :D -Dr. Acula
2/23/2013HI! -CeeLite:)
2/22/2013Thanks - notta
2/21/2013Good vibrations indeed ~ Quantum Anomaly
2/18/2013For contributing to the "Similar Quakes" thread. Thank you .. Zuzu
2/15/2013Wise and Descriptive epitaph! It yields positive results for many. ~TastyThoughts
2/6/2013Thanks so much for the reading-->KungPowMeow​Meow
2/5/2013Tuesday Karma!....>>>>Settle4​it<<<<
2/5/2013REALLY good job, fellow miner...cosmic
2/3/2013I like the way you think--UselessRepeate​r
2/2/2013Great insight. Amy A
2/2/2013Stay on that soap box...people will listen...Mr2
2/1/2013For awesomeness-holldoll
2/1/2013Kind person....lekker:)
1/31/2013Thank you for your card reading? =)
1/31/2013Great thread - thanks for helping those in need of a little guidance!
1/31/2013Wow so accurate. Green Hug. Finley...
1/30/2013Thanks- Etta
1/26/2013Sharing your dream
1/23/2013Good post worthy of karma vote
1/16/2013<3 to you from me- acegotflows
1/15/2013Ohhh what a wonderful reply. Yes spread the good . . . Sloane
1/5/2013Thank you for the suggestions!
12/28/2012Starting a great thread.. Mia
12/28/2012For starting a 'supportive' thread - Good! Sloane
12/27/2012From Artaius
12/27/2012Beso :)
12/27/2012For honesty!
12/24/2012Nice read anotherone
12/24/2012Cool dream thread - Half Past Midnight
12/24/2012Interesting dream - Turtles Voice
12/24/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/19/2012Like-minded thinker - dr. lecter
12/15/2012Hey- h0pe you are well- acegotflows
12/13/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/12/2012Wow!!! your interdimensional dream was a trip to read omg! -luckyophelia
12/11/2012Karma ((((HUGS)))....>>>>Se​ttle4it<<<<
12/11/2012Cheers for the dream share
12/11/2012Good to know someone out there shares the same experiences and isn't afraid to share
12/11/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/8/2012For my red
11/29/2012So sorry for your loss, sending much love...
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