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<<TIMEWATCHER>>'s Avatar<<TIMEWATCHER>>USA76 months, 16 days ago2 days ago3,223
<John 3:16>'s Avatar<John 3:16>Canada88 months, 20 days agoToday255
-Haun-'s Avatar-Haun-USA22 months, 24 days agoToday7,428
..11:11..'s Avatar..11:11..USA72 months, 10 days ago32 months, 0 days ago2,574
2012Portal's Avatar2012PortalUSA84 months, 7 days ago5 days ago11,207
 69O69ENKI69O69 69O69NINE69O69USA83 months, 29 days ago81 months, 20 days ago1,576
A Mery Can's AvatarA Mery CanUnited Arab Emirates64 months, 12 days ago23 months, 7 days ago17,264
A r c's AvatarA r cGermany70 months, 17 days ago29 months, 16 days ago9,472
Ahava's AvatarAhavaUSA32 months, 6 days agoToday600
An Enchanter's AvatarAn EnchanterUSA17 months, 16 days ago1 day ago9,315
 AnalyticalMindUSA77 months, 10 days ago37 months, 11 days ago894
Andraste's AvatarAndrasteUSA37 months, 10 days agoToday846
Anemone Reef AK's AvatarAnemone Reef AKUSA19 months, 13 days ago5 days ago4,130
anonimalle's AvataranonimalleUSA82 months, 7 days ago1 day ago8,283
 Apotheosis Rex KhristosUSA128 months, 26 days ago78 months, 21 days ago16,809
 ash ye ash yeUSA80 months, 17 days ago66 months, 9 days ago2,073
 AWherenessUSA144 months, 2 days ago78 months, 21 days ago4,450
B@Z's AvatarB@ZUSA21 months, 25 days ago6 days ago6,804
Balloons's AvatarBalloonsDenmark56 months, 20 days ago2 months, 20 days ago13,061
Base12's AvatarBase12USA37 months, 6 days agoToday2,529
 Bayarcher1USA62 months, 8 days ago57 months, 12 days ago11
bigD111's AvatarbigD111USA79 months, 29 days agoToday28,242
Bookwyrm's AvatarBookwyrmUSA35 months, 24 days agoToday3,093
BOWMAN's AvatarBOWMANUSA108 months, 13 days ago1 months, 15 days ago17,784
Chugiakian's AvatarChugiakianUSA55 months, 25 days ago1 day ago14,162
 Close_with&destroyUSA20 months, 25 days agoToday2
cremefraiche's AvatarcremefraicheUSA75 months, 2 days ago67 months, 2 days ago1,464
DARTH SILIOUS's AvatarDARTH SILIOUSUSA48 months, 8 days agoToday12,312
DenizenOfHell's AvatarDenizenOfHellUSA26 months, 26 days ago19 months, 9 days ago606
Deplorable Bodiless's AvatarDeplorable BodilessModeratorStarfleet36 months, 23 days agoUnknown19,567
Deplorable GLP Angel's AvatarDeplorable GLP AngelUSA86 months, 17 days ago1 months, 3 days ago2,177
Doom Master's AvatarDoom MasterNot specified41 months, 10 days ago7 days ago900
 draterTuvalu45 months, 28 days ago16 months, 2 days ago922
eekers's AvatareekersUSA50 months, 21 days ago1 day ago27,939
exlibris's AvatarexlibrisUSA40 months, 15 days ago1 day ago3,303
 EyeseeallUSA88 months, 12 days ago78 months, 21 days ago3,376
Fry The Brain's AvatarFry The BrainUSA19 months, 17 days ago14 months, 25 days ago1,544
 Girl GeniusUSA81 months, 19 days ago5 days ago6,753
Goofy for God's AvatarGoofy for GodUSA67 months, 3 days agoToday62,611
 gottagoUSA19 months, 19 days ago3 months, 12 days ago16
Hawk-02's AvatarHawk-02Serbia & Montenegro65 months, 23 days agoToday28,036
HolySpiritWind's AvatarHolySpiritWindUSA19 months, 2 days ago1 day ago4,305
 HonfireUSA36 months, 19 days ago7 months, 12 days ago293
 HumakavulaUSA95 months, 19 days ago82 months, 22 days ago295
 IMMANUELMexico82 months, 9 days ago81 months, 12 days ago1,338
izzybeth's AvatarizzybethUSA36 months, 16 days agoToday5,995
JanJan's AvatarJanJanUSA67 months, 13 days ago1 day ago2,511
Jwnlwplus4's AvatarJwnlwplus4USA52 months, 4 days agoToday2,228
 KaruUSA86 months, 3 days ago73 months, 0 days ago3,841
KimmieAnnaJones's AvatarKimmieAnnaJonesUSA99 months, 14 days ago9 months, 7 days ago12,614
KipKat's AvatarKipKatNetherlands56 months, 10 days agoToday19,153
Krystle|Ann's AvatarKrystle|AnnUSA54 months, 16 days ago42 months, 1 days ago8,995
Larry D. Croc's AvatarLarry D. CrocUSA21 months, 8 days agoToday6,135
last one's Avatarlast oneUSA93 months, 27 days agoToday15,333
lightchild_uk's Avatarlightchild_ukUnited Kingdom72 months, 29 days agoToday5,823
 LindaEUSA74 months, 22 days agoToday1,985
 loathingbutterflyUSA71 months, 15 days agoToday264
Lole Ibn Plutoon's AvatarLole Ibn PlutoonUSA60 months, 22 days ago2 months, 12 days ago2,299
Mabel Kuntzvurth's AvatarMabel KuntzvurthUSA103 months, 13 days agoToday983
MAGA !!!'s AvatarMAGA !!!USA70 months, 21 days agoToday9,013
Metalmann's AvatarMetalmannUSA27 months, 8 days ago4 days ago295
Mike Ehrmantraut's AvatarMike EhrmantrautUSA57 months, 19 days agoToday17,935
No Dhimmi's AvatarNo DhimmiUSA70 months, 18 days agoToday25,791
Noble Six's AvatarNoble SixUSA60 months, 3 days agoToday4,809
OKOathkeeper's AvatarOKOathkeeperUSA43 months, 21 days ago11 days ago413
Osmium76's AvatarOsmium76USA39 months, 11 days agoToday3,786
 OzarkUSA82 months, 8 days ago50 months, 23 days ago1,191
Person445's AvatarPerson445Canada60 months, 22 days ago3 months, 19 days ago8,079
Pilgrim001's AvatarPilgrim001USA40 months, 21 days agoToday17,805
 ProgrammerUSA95 months, 20 days ago74 months, 25 days ago991
 psilocybinaut111333United Kingdom68 months, 4 days ago37 months, 9 days ago20
Ralph--a house dog's AvatarRalph--a house dogUSA57 months, 16 days agoToday14,077
 RayeUSA35 months, 3 days ago1 day ago3,296
Reader.'s AvatarReader.USA92 months, 4 days agoToday2,377
 Requiemdream (ghost)USA59 months, 23 days ago40 months, 0 days ago1,353
 Rey RogersSpain81 months, 29 days ago21 months, 19 days ago1,727
Samson5728's AvatarSamson5728USA35 months, 22 days agoToday1,461
Seafarer's AvatarSeafarerUSA34 months, 9 days ago15 days ago3,055
SeekWisdom's AvatarSeekWisdomUSA70 months, 15 days ago6 days ago2,832
 Senhor WebBrazil76 months, 21 days ago38 months, 23 days ago21
 shadasonicUSA35 months, 16 days ago15 months, 29 days ago1,996
 Shut Up MegWales24 months, 13 days ago18 months, 18 days ago2,649
SkinnyChic's AvatarSkinnyChicUSA59 months, 23 days agoToday9,390
SLC's AvatarSLCUSA72 months, 11 days agoToday621
 Smilin' Irish EyesUSA97 months, 2 days ago78 months, 22 days ago6,388
 Star ShineUSA88 months, 19 days ago50 months, 2 days ago527
StillDeplorableSerenaSeesAll's AvatarStillDeplorableSerena​SeesAllUSA51 months, 17 days agoToday5,866
Surely You Jest's AvatarSurely You JestUSA33 months, 20 days ago3 months, 13 days ago498
Tell Me (NO) Lies's AvatarTell Me (NO) LiesUSA39 months, 18 days ago1 months, 21 days ago15,705
 The Cross of LorraineUSA87 months, 28 days ago75 months, 11 days ago1,373
The Deplorable ScarlettRedfern's AvatarThe Deplorable ScarlettRedfernUSA47 months, 25 days agoToday2,836
THE INQUISIDOR's AvatarTHE INQUISIDORUSA61 months, 3 days agoToday17,329
ThereRMeds4That's AvatarThereRMeds4ThatUSA51 months, 29 days agoToday5,905
Too old to care's AvatarToo old to careUSA43 months, 3 days ago17 days ago89
Trained Noticer's AvatarTrained NoticerUSA37 months, 14 days agoToday4,309
Uncle Fuck Stick's AvatarUncle Fuck StickUSA51 months, 20 days agoToday46,805
Ursabruin's AvatarUrsabruinUSA39 months, 25 days agoToday5,043
White Hat's AvatarWhite HatUSA97 months, 24 days ago25 months, 0 days ago926
WhiteAngel's AvatarWhiteAngelStarfleet65 months, 19 days ago4 days ago30,938
Wolf 1776's AvatarWolf 1776USA37 months, 9 days ago2 days ago5,437
Wookiee666's AvatarWookiee666Barbados84 months, 7 days agoToday5,876
Zero Point's AvatarZero PointAustralia72 months, 7 days ago47 months, 15 days ago6,444
~~sIcKaNdTwIsTeD~~'s Avatar~~sIcKaNdTwIsTeD~~USA17 months, 21 days ago14 months, 1 days ago2,921