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10/23/2016You've swallowed more strangers jizz than Madonna
10/12/2016A whore that pretends to be a Xtian bibletard, jew wannabe
10/4/2016Texan Wetback Jewish Shill
8/16/2016Hi!! Good to see you back!! Maguyver
7/18/2016Zionest Shill
6/30/2016Been a long time since I gave you red....da da, da da, da da, da da, da, da. Only thing your worth is giving head....da da, da da, da da, da da, da, da.
2/15/2016Smells like tuna
1/18/2016Been deported yet?
1/10/2016You got da AIDS
12/31/2015Happy New Year Jew
12/6/2015Need more red to equal out the green
11/28/2015Jew wannabe
11/20/2015Zionist shill
11/10/2015Need more red
11/2/2015Attention lover
10/16/2015Zionazi NOT a true Christian
10/11/2015Just keep away
9/28/2015Dark soul
9/21/2015Biggest Narcissist on GLP
9/14/2015Miss your input! Hope you are well. Cheers! Maguyver
9/7/2015Zionist shill
8/29/2015Greenade to my tx gal friend...saved
8/13/2015Big Daddy D
8/6/2015HEY!!! You don't know me but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!--Bodiless(t​hank Scrump!)
6/3/2015Have a great day! Maguyver
5/30/2015It's been a while. ~ Debauchery
5/29/2015For posting the 6000th thread on Texas. We get it. Put it on the pinned thread.
5/28/2015Smile from Lady Jane Smith :)
5/27/2015Damn nice hot looking hoe in your pic
5/11/2015Tits Mcgee
5/11/2015So beautiful!!! ~CigarTigher
5/11/2015Good to see you again, TxGal! Been worried for your safety cuz of Border issues. from Eggcellent
5/2/2015Green Karma_GeoStorm
4/30/2015Much love - Hardened Christian
4/30/2015Oh yeah! It's green karma! ~Fist McKraken
4/30/2015Glad to see you! Maguyver
4/30/2015Glad to see your back on GLP...-VonAmoR-
4/30/2015I'd tounge fuck your holes.
4/30/2015Love it! You're an awesome posted // Narcissistic
4/30/2015Nice on
4/30/2015For that Nazarene tattoo on your wrist. -neocide
4/30/2015Great post great pic
4/30/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
4/30/2015Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
4/29/2015Sheriff Clarke thread, Ag47
4/29/2015Great question for the Baltimorons! Boog Cancer
4/28/2015Good to see you post again :) rammsteinregeln
4/28/2015Love all things Texan--Bodiless
4/28/2015Green From ItsMaKa2
4/28/2015Good to see you posting! Bluebird
4/28/2015For truth
4/28/2015Missed ya! KimmieAnnaJones
4/28/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
4/28/2015God bless you for standing for what's right! Missed you! bigD111
4/28/2015Hugs.... Cyn
4/28/2015Welcome back! ~ Madigan
2/21/2015Drive by karma. :) 28m
12/21/2014For coming back : )
12/19/2014Merry Merry Christmas to You My Friend.... Hugs Cyn
8/26/2014Just because :) Sybaelle
8/26/2014Hugs.... Cyndexia
8/25/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/25/2014U R sickening
7/24/2014Ms. Superduper
2/25/2014Good to see you posting Bluebird
2/13/2014Happy Valentines! maguyver
1/19/2014It is so GOOD to see you again! Welcome back!! from Eggcellent
1/19/2014Too many lies
1/11/2014Lets get this party srarted !!
1/10/2014Happy New year! Kate :-)
1/10/20145*s for Putin Mecca thread fishingnut
1/10/2014Karma Hug... Cyndexia
1/9/2014WAZZZAPPP..green thats what!! -Relativity
1/1/2014Happy New Year (USMC0369)
12/31/2013Thanks, it's good to be back! - TGMII
12/28/2013No butt sex
12/28/2013Attention seeking
12/28/2013Happy New Year - Chriton
12/27/2013Happy New Year Karma Hug... Cyndexia
12/23/2013Hi TXGal ! Glad your back (Big Irish)
12/23/2013Merry Christmas!! Maguyver
12/22/2013Merry Christmas! Bluebird
12/21/2013Nice to see you back sister- Lisa :)
12/21/2013Ugly inside and out
12/21/2013No-one is forcing you to think about anal sex
12/21/2013Well said ..some people dont like to hear the truth
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