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3/19/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/19/2012Pro First Amendment
3/19/2012For Truth and Honesty in the face of being constantly trolled. Thanks for being strong - Erieann~
3/19/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/18/2012Hi gal....Chop's
3/18/2012She's good looking
3/18/2012Karma airdrop! ~~CF~~
3/18/2012Real dumb avatar pic. Self absorbed twit.
3/15/2012''not peace but a sword'' jesus was not of peace and the verse proves that
3/15/2012People give you thumbs down for being good looking. I know the feeling. -Guns n' God
3/13/2012Great thread on the drones ;) thanks for sharing.
3/13/2012Green colossus karma from xen <3
3/13/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/12/2012Some green for you from lost in alaska
3/12/2012Bwahaha that fucking avatar is win, sis bitch! <3
3/12/2012Interesting post. Elaine Brown. ~ Keats
3/12/2012Some jealous fucks with small dicks and/or ugly bitches ..don't mind them...peace....dettr​o99
3/12/2012I see a strong resemblance between you and muslims.
3/12/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/12/2012Peace. Baldrick
3/11/2012Buddy Karma drive by... hope you are well... *from CrissCross :)
3/11/2012Thank you for the translation and information.
3/10/2012Photoshop doesnt cover up middle age fool
3/10/2012Weekly Dose of Green- -BlackLight
3/9/2012Passing over some green from the South Pacific. -Badlands Radio-
3/7/2012Thx for sharing!
3/7/2012A Karma Smile from Lady Jane Smith
3/7/2012U r a ghastly looking woman. which u know, hence the makeup and cleavage shot. desperately tryin to be young and pretty, so sad
3/5/2012Thanks...nice vid...Reader
3/5/2012Stupid avatar pic. Is that all you got? Is that all you are?
3/5/2012Que linda! :) Martianprincess
3/3/2012Derp derp!!!!
3/3/2012Some green because you matter to me :) (Dad)
3/3/2012Your avatar makes you look like a man 200%. either way, you're still a cum dumpster.
3/3/2012Driveby karma bomb - BG
3/2/2012For keeping Breitbart's torch burning.
3/2/2012Random karma from Modeselektor
3/2/2012From ~iNTuiTioN~
3/2/2012Fuck you. straight up fuck you for supporting Andrew Breitbart and his no-moral bullshit, fact-twisting ways.
3/2/2012For being gorgeous
3/2/2012Pin it!
3/2/2012Vanity is not only unattractive, its also a mortal sin. Chew on that a while before you spit it out.
3/1/2012Thursday karma :) - Debauchery
3/1/2012TXGAL4TRUTH -- Happy March 2012 -- BlacKLight
2/29/2012Obama wins!!!! Can you make a cake for the party?
2/29/2012Hi Friend...Fubarman
2/26/2012Thanks for the support-Olea
2/26/2012Been a while....Chop's
2/25/2012Karma Greetings from Lady Jane Smith
2/25/2012A little Green passed right back at ya from the future. - Cptn Jack -
2/24/2012Green back from dad :)
2/24/2012LOL, Brief ;)
2/23/2012Double decker dog. LOL. Thanks!
2/23/2012Because you are a shill
2/21/2012Weekly Karma :) ClappaGuy
2/21/2012Act selfless ~ you will be infinite =^..^= Girl Genius
2/18/2012Hi girl friend, hope all is good, love from Desert Fox
2/18/2012Thaks, from Cen
2/18/2012Grow old with some grace for gods sake...you look like mutton dressed as lamb. i think you have gods curse on you, well it looks from your face like you do...
2/14/2012Triple derp derp derp!!!!
2/14/2012Lover of goats :)
2/14/2012Much love from DoorBert
2/14/2012Because you deserve it, and you're beautiful! :):) Thanks for the awesome posts! ~TeChNoXiC
2/13/2012Racist cunt
2/12/2012Moar Green..fubarman!
2/11/2012LOVE TXGal4Truth...wee see eye-to-eye on many issues!
2/11/2012From PB!
2/11/2012You look 45
2/11/2012Great Samuel Jackson thread - BG
2/11/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/10/2012Wing-ed Karma
2/10/2012Weekly Karma ClappaGuy
2/9/2012Am so sorry there are ignoramous' all over the place! Your threads are interesting, intriguing and I love them! BIG HUGS!! ~ Jujubees
2/8/2012K.O.B- here is some karma beautiful. ;)
2/8/2012Reported Abusive Post
2/8/2012Good thread on Iranian forces entering Syria! Bluebird
2/8/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/8/2012You've got a hell of a news nose. Not hard to look at either. ;-> Nickadeemus®
2/8/2012I like your posts. -Hitokiri
2/8/2012Paid shill
2/8/2012For the shock threat thread ~ Jane Smith
2/8/2012Green Karma to brighten your day! -Freckles
2/8/2012Smart poster ****Butterfly girl
2/8/2012Great post on contraceptives
2/8/2012I like porn
2/8/2012Although we disagree politically, that was a damn good yet completely disturbing thread. WTH is going on in this country.
2/7/2012Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
2/7/2012Fake as ever how is that botox holding up?
2/7/2012You have too much good karma for a zionist
2/7/2012For posting a link to the Blaze website that didn't work
2/7/2012Thanks for the infos
2/7/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/7/2012For your thread on 13 yr. old girls being given contraceptive inserts @ school. As a mom this outrages me. Thanx for the info!~ TitianWaves
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