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The Deplorable Astromut's Karma

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4/7/2016Up1. Reality420
4/6/2016From Earth420
4/6/2016Brains and batteries....LOL! - Setheory
4/6/2016Cheers! maguyver
4/6/2016Greenie for you, Dr. A.--You are brave to post about NASA. Wow! O'sCookie
4/6/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
4/5/2016For putting up with dumb mother fuckers
4/5/2016Appreciate your work : ) ~ <3 NT
4/5/2016Ty for updates!!
4/5/2016Thank you brother ...
4/1/2016Well said!
4/1/2016Mod punch BAHM! - phen
3/31/2016Some of those assholes never learn>>>MarPep
3/31/2016You have great patience Dr.~sickandtwisted~
3/30/2016Gill Broussard's end of the world date has already come and gone. He's now in the same class of date-pusher as Nancy Lieder. That is a fact.
3/30/2016Congrats on NASA behind the scenes! And thank you for so generously sharing ur experience w/us ~~ Pingle
3/30/2016Happy For You Love GFG
3/30/2016Goody, please get a real job with nasa while your there.
3/30/2016Good for you on NASA! eekers
3/30/2016Footage rocks
3/30/2016Congrats!-Dace =-)
3/30/2016Congrats on another invite to the NASA thing. Enjoy. ~Silversurfer
3/30/2016When you're a jerk, it comes back. guess who? ;) IT WAS AN EASY GUESS.I sign my karma W2W
3/29/2016Great find, Doc! TheOracle'sCookie
3/29/2016Always has good stuff and good replys. ---djfxw
3/29/2016POS ~Skepticus
3/28/2016So cool....I have a friend working in the field who would love this, Check your PM.
3/26/2016Happy Easter Astro~kpm~
3/23/2016Great minds stink alike. strgzr
3/23/2016Cygnus launch video - Coming Soon
3/23/2016Thanks for the vid - B@Z
3/23/2016New software...great job....grumpier
3/22/2016Apparently im only allowed to give green. so here it is. mr anti-pc
3/21/2016Floppy disk lens filter rofl
3/21/2016You are a very bad boy, lol
3/17/2016SHWING! Hey Doc! Spreadin' the greenage! Korg
3/16/2016Thx for the red
3/15/2016Just a JA, aren't ya, sparky? MB
3/14/2016Green greetings from Ceylon
3/12/2016Green for your telescope software thread. ~Snuffie.
3/12/2016That is wild!! thx for sharing-astral goat
3/11/2016Astro "shillkiller" for Prez~sickandtwisted~
3/11/2016I'm glad you have the intellectual patience to try to explain the fallacies of some of these posts. Jedi.
3/11/2016You are undoubtedly, a paid shill.
3/10/2016Look into space all you want, you cannot hide whats inside
3/9/2016Faithless astronomers are pretty stubborn too. I still appreciate your "facts" tho. Salt
3/9/2016Green for remarkable patience with the idiots in the ISS thread. Sum Ting Wong
3/8/2016Thank you for your astronomy input on something I can't see. lol - IamSawyer
3/8/2016Thanks for co0mmenting on my Red Object thread! TrustNoOneKS
3/8/2016For being a douche
3/8/2016I like your truth and tireless promotion of it. Added you as friend. IamMewhoAreyou
3/8/2016I dont forget
3/5/2016Very smart person who deserves more credibility
3/2/2016Not a true story
3/2/2016Thanks for the Terra info - Wordsworth
2/29/2016Thumbs DOWN- You know why
2/26/2016Green for your Planet Nein thread! ~Snuffie.
2/26/2016Thanks it was fun Michael.
2/26/2016Hahahahaa thanks for playing along, you ARE a great person.~~sickandtwist​ed~~
2/24/2016Insane chat LOL eek
2/23/2016Though your humor is dry, I dig it. :) -eyedr3
2/22/2016Keep up the good fight - Wordsworth
2/22/2016For destroying flat_earth_tardardede​rs 100% of the time.
2/22/2016You would ruin a trip to see a sci-fi movie. It's one thing to be educated, but it is another thing to continuously be a stick in the mud.
2/22/2016Up 1. Reality420
2/19/2016Great thread man, you educated us not only on the moon but human psyche as well! 7th
2/19/2016Thanks for your contributions! JimBomB
2/19/2016Welcome back :) Beso
2/18/2016Good science on NASA thread - B@Z
2/18/2016Thanks for helping- AquaBrat
2/17/2016Locked the final lol much respect to you for keeping your cool for that long <ib6xmb>
2/17/2016Asshat Shill Supreme
2/17/2016Welcome home, Dr. Astro! Look forward to your next telescope vid-cast. Peace.- Helios Maximus
2/13/2016Loved the Safari Pictures! Deafening Silence
2/13/2016Great pics.. shallowgravy
2/13/2016Safe travels - sum ting wong
2/13/2016Thanks for coming back safely, the nibtards have been rampant!
2/13/2016Cool pics, rhx for sharing! - Indysmindy
2/13/2016Enjoyed the pictures, thanks & glad you are back. Januarywolves
2/13/2016Welcome back! Great pics!!
2/13/2016Welcome back - athesh
2/13/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
2/13/2016Gorgeous safari pics! eekers
1/30/2016Have a fun Southern Hemisphere trip! Catch us some comets. ~Snuffie.
1/29/2016Have a safe trip! :) eV3y
1/29/2016Good post
1/29/2016Have a nice trip....grumpier
1/29/2016I'll keep an eye on things! -astral goat
1/29/2016Southern Sky Green for a great trip. Have Fun! Sloane
1/29/2016Have a good time on your jollies! VioletR
1/29/2016Safe travels, eekers
1/29/2016Have fun in SA ; ) S.a.
1/27/2016Beso :)
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