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The Deplorable Astromut's Karma

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6/2/2016Just cuz you're awesome, man!
6/2/2016Just some free green for ya!....411
6/2/2016Green for you! From Goneviral
6/2/2016You comet finder, congrats....grumpier
6/2/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
6/2/2016Debunked B.S thread with solid evidence
6/2/2016Green for the "comet master"...God love ya...the old timer
6/2/2016Astro Comet!!! YanceyDoodleDandy
6/2/2016Congrats! (Dikkie)
6/2/2016Congrats frum Dace =-)
6/2/2016Congrats, Astro! That's quite an accomplishment. -Revbo
6/2/2016Congratulations Love GFG
5/31/2016Hugs, eekers
5/30/2016Remember the vets - thetoolman
5/27/2016Pretty cool about the comet -- filth(bot)
5/27/2016After the "bot kerfuffle", I find your new handle quote perfect!
5/26/2016Just because, G. House
5/25/2016Enjoying watching you out yourself as the little bitch you are. Ag47
5/24/2016For giving me a good laugh on House's TPTB disclosure thread! TrustNoOneKS
5/19/2016Thank you for the V-2 rocket link. Horrifying indeed.
5/19/2016Astro to the rescue! - tard01
5/19/2016Absolutely love your posts, keep on keeping on -Haun-
5/16/2016Paul Cox mail, you handeld that great....grumpier
5/15/2016Good gif. pool
5/15/2016Love your work, enjoy your day. sacred energy :)
5/10/2016Thanks for the Pin Astro -- gmigriff
5/9/2016Good show Astro!
5/9/2016Close Formation
5/9/2016Nice thread
5/9/2016Great work *link
5/6/2016Love, eekers
5/6/2016Holy Shit, SpaceX Did It Again! SPACEX LANDS THE FIRST STAGE OF JCSAT-14 | The_Master
5/6/2016As usual.... "You Da Man" (scimitar)
5/5/2016I like you Sir Knight
5/4/2016According to this webcam in Australia, Nibiru has already hit earth!
5/3/2016Love GFG
5/3/2016Sorry Astro I was rong. Forgive me? serenaseesall
5/3/2016Right back at ya!!
5/3/2016Thanks for the truth.
5/3/2016For pointing out weak-minded 'Niburu-tards' & their craziness. -Veritas_A.
5/2/2016Nice math.
5/2/2016No one believes in personal responsibility anymore...true....gru​mpier
4/29/2016Up 1. R420
4/28/2016Quit....my sides are killing with laughter!!! Loewin
4/28/2016Neil DeGrasse Tyson meme war - The Comedian
4/28/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
4/27/2016". Great guys, so when are you going to start building the ridiculously large ion thruster to re-direct an asteroid? " your new thread is my favorite yet. thanks....morgan
4/26/2016Doc I can imagine you banging your head against a wall, they just won't listen ( sperm/egg thread )
4/26/2016Thank you for the green- jdfearl
4/26/2016Astro for prez~~sickandtwisted~​~
4/25/2016Hugs from eekers
4/21/2016Up 1. R420
4/20/2016" As she goes , full speed ahead" Karma roLL .C.C
4/20/2016Name change! Cheers! maguyver
4/19/2016Thanks Dr! YanceyDoodleDandy
4/18/2016Thx toolman
4/14/2016Why don't you have a girlfriend/wife, you looser.
4/14/2016Green for using the word "suicide burn". ~Snuffie.
4/13/2016LMAO you picked right up on it -Haun-
4/13/2016Brains are powerful things, the trick is using them - Setheory
4/13/2016You strike me as somone who uses Kerbal Space Program.
4/13/2016He is the best
4/13/2016Smart person. great threads---djfxw
4/12/2016Actual Space History - 74444
4/11/2016CRS-8 vid. serkok
4/7/2016For being a mid 20 year old imbecile
4/7/2016Up1. Reality420
4/6/2016From Earth420
4/6/2016Brains and batteries....LOL! - Setheory
4/6/2016Cheers! maguyver
4/6/2016Greenie for you, Dr. A.--You are brave to post about NASA. Wow! O'sCookie
4/6/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
4/5/2016For putting up with dumb mother fuckers
4/5/2016Appreciate your work : ) ~ <3 NT
4/5/2016Ty for updates!!
4/5/2016Thank you brother ...
4/1/2016Well said!
4/1/2016Mod punch BAHM! - phen
3/31/2016Some of those assholes never learn>>>MarPep
3/31/2016You have great patience Dr.~sickandtwisted~
3/30/2016Gill Broussard's end of the world date has already come and gone. He's now in the same class of date-pusher as Nancy Lieder. That is a fact.
3/30/2016Congrats on NASA behind the scenes! And thank you for so generously sharing ur experience w/us ~~ Pingle
3/30/2016Happy For You Love GFG
3/30/2016Goody, please get a real job with nasa while your there.
3/30/2016Good for you on NASA! eekers
3/30/2016Footage rocks
3/30/2016Congrats!-Dace =-)
3/30/2016Congrats on another invite to the NASA thing. Enjoy. ~Silversurfer
3/30/2016When you're a jerk, it comes back. guess who? ;) IT WAS AN EASY GUESS.I sign my karma W2W
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