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theDtrain's Karma

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1/14/2016For You Conservative Open Mind MARsSPEED
12/23/2015Merry Christmas. Hope all is good in your world. -w_nb
11/3/2015Cheers! Hope all is good. -w_nb
9/9/2015All the best! -repatriated_one
4/7/2015Best avatar. pool
3/25/2015All the best from the Great White North. -repatriated_one
3/5/2015I'm enjoying the Moderator gig, thank you for all your help!
3/4/2015Totally! ~idiot savant
1/27/2015The Fox was here.
1/26/2015Green from Scrump
1/26/2015Teasing you :) Sloane
1/9/2015Best wishes for a great 2015. -repatriated_one
1/7/2015LOL that's pretty cute-- eekers
12/29/2014Coolest mod avatar, Diener und Herr zugleich
12/18/2014I miss beating you in fantasy football :) SG
12/10/2014Green from Scrump
10/22/2014Hope all's been good for you. -w_nb/repatriated_one​​
5/24/2014Nice avatar :-P LOL
5/13/2014Tuesday treats from Elemental :)
3/30/2014Green from Scrump
3/21/2014Phen wuz here ;)
2/24/2014From STT
1/6/2014Happy New Year - DoorBert
1/5/2014Emeril lagassi says BAHM !!~~ phenn
12/30/2013Best wishes for a happy and wonderful New Year!!! MO
12/29/2013Happy New Year!
12/18/2013Good kharma for theDtrain. I hope all is good in your world. Merry Christmas -w_nb
7/4/2013Independence Day kharma. ;-`) -w_nb
7/4/2013Emeril lagassi was here - BAHM !!!! - phen
6/11/2013Happytime Summer2013 kharma! ;-`) -w_nb PS: Congrats again!
5/21/2013You best be commish again! Don't want to put up with Nolte's BS anymore! ;-`) -w_nb
4/20/2013Drive by green! - STT
4/18/2013L&R - RoXY
4/17/2013Football soon? LoL. Hope all is good in your world! -w_nb
3/26/2013Hehe :)
3/20/2013For the time you spend to keep GLP up & going - RoXY
2/24/2013Quit pinning total BS threads asshat
2/4/2013Missed the lion. ;) ~~CF~~
2/3/2013Some green for you :) Isis7
1/14/2013Gotta love that avatar! geminilion
1/2/2013Wishing You a Happy, Healthy & Wealthy 2013 !!! - RoXY
12/24/2012Merry Christmas Commish!! Sleeping Giant (the champ) :)
12/20/2012Happy End o/t World! - RoXY
12/20/2012Merries to you & yours - phen
12/20/2012Merry Christmas Hugs from Lady Jane
12/19/2012Merry Christmas, DTtrain. From Stand!
12/19/2012Cool avatar >:D<
12/12/2012Kim Jong Un pic,MattieD
12/12/2012You look sooooo much better with that hat... - RoXY
12/8/2012Dr. Acula
11/25/2012Hi from Wisconsin! Hope all is good. ;-`)
11/14/2012LoL - I would like krusty the clown over my back button... - RoXY
11/7/2012Oooooohh shit obama care... goneviral
10/31/2012Here's some spooky green for Halloween...crazybud
10/25/2012It's on this week, Commish! SG
9/28/2012FF Commish karma
9/28/2012Thx for taking care :) -Face
9/4/2012Yep - Chrit
8/14/2012Two Must See 2012 Movies: SAFE HOUSE & CONTRABAND - Fast, smart, nerve wrecking action - RoXY
8/8/2012Commish kharma for theDtrain. ;-`)
8/7/2012Spider use a net to catch food. sonic doom
7/31/2012Hope the links worked - (Can't send GLP mail) - RoXY
7/26/2012Good Kharma for theDtrain from sunny and warm Wisconsin. ;-`)
7/19/2012Tklist.net/tklist/cat​33.html & this one: free-tv-video-online.​me/ Hope they pate right this time - RoXY
7/13/2012Whaddup D! - STT
7/12/2012You like this... Http: //tklist.net/tklist/c​​at33.html - Enjoy! - RoXY
7/12/2012For taking the beating :) SG
7/3/2012Happy Independence Day! - RoXY
6/23/2012Thank you!
6/16/2012D-Train! Enjoy the NBA!? - RoXY
6/7/2012Good kharma for my train-switching PA buddy! Mantle is fun. ;-`)
6/7/2012Merci was here.
6/4/20125 DT - phen
6/1/2012Dogs always sense things that we don't
5/31/2012You're cute and funny!
5/28/2012Green for my fav ballicker! - STT
5/22/2012Nice find. PS, sorry for the beatdown in baseball- SG
5/22/2012Thanks for thread. sonic doom
5/19/2012Thanks Man, I thought it was comic genius. LoL. ;-`)
5/7/2012For the supercool smiley. <3 Doomish
5/7/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here.
5/7/2012You are my underground mystery Windy
4/30/2012Karma bump
4/26/2012300 Atom Quantum Computers for AI Nano Goblins! 2342
4/18/2012Hey commish- sleeping giant
4/18/2012Karma bump ~~CF~~
4/16/2012It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open - RoXY
4/10/2012Karma bump! ~~CF~~
4/8/2012'TYPEWRITER' is the longest word that can be made using the letters on only one row of the keyboard - RoXY
4/1/2012The names of the continents all end with the same letter, with which they start - RoXY
3/29/2012Ha! I'm driving 6 hours North tomorrow morning to camp next to Lake Superior. Good kharma for you, for knowing who this is. LoL ;-`)
3/27/2012DTrain.. how about some green.... hey bro... 5 more months till FF
3/27/2012Karma bump! ~~CF~~
3/25/2012To BE & Not 2b, That's the Answer - RoXY
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