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5/25/2015For Truth
5/21/20159/11 truther - MisfitToy
5/20/2015Loving you - Turtles
5/20/2015Excellent comment in the Rand Paul/Patriot act thread! ~Bodhi
5/20/2015Post in the filibuster thread = fire! - 1sSol1d
5/19/2015"Nero of our time...." green from davvi
5/19/2015Green for you. Munsoned
5/19/2015You trust in nothing, and it makes you dangerous.
5/18/2015No Dhimmi Greenery
5/12/2015Thanks, GLP is not what is used to be. -FBHO
5/12/2015Jade helm walmart -NWO
5/9/2015A saturday green for you friend~sickandtwisted​~
5/9/2015God bless you! Wishin'
5/8/2015Best comment ever! The second amendment is America's original and still the best security plan. KimmieAnnaJones
5/8/2015Happy Friday!!--Bodiless
5/6/2015Gohmert thread...petitroche
5/4/2015Always rock solid! Fret Wiz
5/4/2015Hey buddy. -Rev
5/3/2015Good analysis of govt....from Ralph--a house dog
4/29/2015Excellent answer
4/29/2015Green for you! Carol B.
4/29/2015Thanks for the post~sickandtwisted~
4/27/2015Thanks Jeff Blkberry
4/24/2015Thanks, bro! Have a great weekend! SG
4/23/2015Good posts. ~Tell Me Lies
4/23/2015Thanks for the bump, bud. Agree completely. -Rev
4/22/2015Thanks for the links ~~~ Raye
4/20/2015No Dhimmi Greenery
4/15/2015Good poster. GodSaveAmerica
4/14/2015Your a good one - it is time - hold on until the end - Ice
4/13/2015Luv, MW
4/10/2015Thanks, Resister...you are good people too...davvi
4/10/2015Excellent post in the Obama thread. -Rev
4/9/2015No Dhimmi Greenery
4/8/2015Bear creek was here :-)
4/8/2015You're right - Vanzetti :-)
4/8/2015Love it!
4/6/2015Outrageous! beeches
4/3/2015More green! Yay! ~Fist McKraken
4/1/2015Brother in Christ
4/1/2015April Green, friend! T.Noticer
3/31/2015Handled an annoyance with grace ~ Calin
3/30/2015Happy Holy week! SG
3/29/2015Thank you for your get well wishes for me! I appreciate you! ~ With Love, Goddess of the Sea 1
3/28/2015No Dhimmi Greenery
3/25/2015Good simple analogy ! spot on also.. from a trader since 76...
3/23/2015Thank you for the prayers <3,.,.,.,M*walk
3/22/2015Thank you green and hugs to you...davvi
3/21/2015UN blows -NWO
3/20/2015It sounds like a spectacularly bad idea. -Revbo
3/20/2015You're right ya know. Ag47
3/20/2015My idea too
3/20/2015Dumbassary. lol. Munsoned
3/19/2015Green from Wash.
3/19/2015Thanks for commenting -Blueridge
3/18/2015Mountain Woman
3/15/2015"Putin is Fine" thread.... AdHocBOHICA
3/15/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
3/15/2015Good post! Smart poster! GodSaveAmerica
3/14/2015For the video.
3/14/2015Troll blocking extroidinare!
3/12/2015Hey buddy. -Revbo
3/9/2015Thanks for your insight on Presidential Rug thread! *Watcher
3/9/2015Thanks for your posts - cheyenne
3/8/2015Weekly green. ~Fist McKraken
3/6/2015Nice post. To the point.
3/3/2015Agree but this times it fulfills prophecy. Endtimes
3/3/2015Lex was here
3/3/2015Thanks, Philligan
3/2/2015Green for "in God I trust"...God bless you
3/2/2015Truth about spotting shills and agendas - Tesla
3/2/2015March Green! T.Noticer
2/25/2015Goneviral Green
2/24/2015Seems we agree on a variety of topics Resister. Green from Wash.
2/23/2015What goes around comes around. ~Fist McKraken
2/22/2015Patriot! AdHocBOHICA
2/22/2015Very well said -- filth
2/21/2015Saturday Green, Res... T.Noticer
2/20/2015Back at ya, friend. -Rev
2/19/2015Keep resisting. Munsoned
2/19/2015You got this for liking big old crazy hairy bushes on your women. Weirdo.
2/15/2015Fist McKraken
2/15/2015Ready for them
2/15/2015And right back at ya...green thanks to you...davvi
2/15/2015Hey there! - Daughteroftheking
2/15/2015Too much zionist love
2/14/2015Great points! Ag47
2/12/2015Green Happy's for you, Ahava.
2/11/2015Truth be told
2/11/2015Bahahahahahaha lol
2/9/2015For the nuke plants thread ! From Tiger1.
2/9/2015Long time Love GFG
2/9/2015Why is this news today - Elena.C
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