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1/29/2014Reported Abusive Post
1/29/2014Crazy lady alert, stay away, far away if you want any sanity in your life.
1/29/2014With love and thanks for being you and for being a friend, 141
1/28/2014Nice to meet you in the voice chat :) - Rabid Wolf
1/27/2014Since you kept deleting all my red (lord knows how many points you wasted) here's some green. maybe people will read how manipulative and draining you are. blames others but yourself. typical.
1/27/2014Thank you :) AnonymousGirl
1/27/2014Pooch +PENNY CANDY
1/26/2014Thank you Penny!! i love your name!! ibyte on 2
1/25/2014Big love doll. Nick@
1/25/2014Penny, you are a caring person and a sweetheart!God Bless you ~Cigar
1/25/2014Hi Penny :) Nice to meet you Love Angelseverywhere
1/25/2014Brief :)
1/25/2014From green_girl - thanks for the words of wisdom!
1/24/2014Hi from Earth420 :)
1/23/2014I am not very into the bible if you know what i mean but awesome thread. Perfect timing. And actually just right after i was thinking about him... :)
1/23/2014Happy thursday! :D calx
1/22/2014Back at ya-Evan
1/22/2014It was a pleasure chatting with you last night ~ your friend, Simple27 : )
1/21/2014Reported Abusive Post
1/21/2014You deserve it....
1/21/2014Love ~ M1
1/20/2014Any time!! much love :) eekers
1/20/2014Thank you! Paige :) Hope you are doing well <3
1/20/2014Hello darling! nah <3
1/19/2014New friend karma :) ~ LaniJane
1/15/2014LoveLightEnergy~*** ctruth333
1/15/2014Really Encouraging post! Thank You <3 SweetLilTT
1/15/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/14/2014For 'a word of encouragement' - I wish I'd been on when you posted. Hugs, Sloane
1/14/2014You are the best! :D calx
1/14/2014Hey matey for being so sugar and spice ~ gv
1/14/2014For always being there ~ OYE
1/13/2014Love ya too girl!! all the best :) eekers
1/13/2014Some green back at ya-Evan
1/13/2014She said a wonderful thing
1/13/2014Time to take your green medicine! nah <3
1/13/2014Thank you. :) Hope your sister feels better soon! AnonymousGirl
1/12/2014For being compassionate.
1/11/2014Great post. :)
1/11/2014Encouragement - Morpheus
1/11/2014Fun story thread ~Fret Wiz
1/9/2014Green for the win!!! KarinZa
1/5/2014All the best to you my friend! Love Ellusion :)
1/5/2014Back at ya!! DF
1/5/2014Be good and have fun. :D calx
1/4/2014Happy new year darling!! I was gonna join your vodka OJ thread but it was the next morning LOL aww :( I woulda had so much fun! :) eekers
1/4/2014Reported Abusive Post
1/4/2014The after New Years karma from..Be well
1/4/2014You wont remember me in the morning.. your underwear is in the car
1/4/2014You're the best ride! ~ Peter Driver
1/3/2014He doesn't make a difference in my life : ) Thank you my friend ~ you rock!! Simple27 : )
1/2/2014Love for you. -krystle ann
1/2/2014I dont think you got the joke, lol. Oyster
1/2/2014Thanks, I hate when douchebags hate on women in here! PB :)
1/1/2014Don't be down :/ tampaheather
12/31/2013Happy New Year, Monster
12/31/2013From green_girl! thanks!
12/30/2013Penny Candy is the best :D - Eireann~
12/30/2013No doubt! <melrox>
12/30/2013Tribal gangbangs
12/29/2013Merry XMas-LateSorry Had the Flu. Nick@
12/29/2013Thank you. :) Happy New Year. AnonymousGirl
12/25/2013Merry christmas! :D calx
12/24/2013Happy Holidays friend! nah <3
12/23/2013Found you! hahah the name change threw me off. have a very merry Christmas!! love, eekers
12/22/2013Merry Christmas!!! --KarinZa
12/21/2013Brief :)
12/21/2013Merry Xmas Nick@claus
12/18/2013Same to you , Beautiful! Love Ellusion :)
12/16/2013<3 nah :)
12/14/2013Merry Christmas to you and your dear ones, my dear friend:) I am so glad we crossed paths :) - Eireann~
12/14/2013Karma Sugar! :)- ~Christine~
12/12/2013Hey Hawk sweetie!!! Happiest of holiday cheer to you!!! I hope you're doing awesome and having good times this season!!! Best wishes, much love! MO
12/12/2013Have a very merry christmas! :) eekers
12/11/2013From your #1 Kiddo!
12/9/2013I'm on my time of the week! nah :)
12/7/2013So good to see you!!! Nick@
12/7/2013Reported Abusive Post
12/3/2013Hugs! Love Ellusion :)
12/2/2013Happy December! nah :)
11/30/2013For new friends :) Sloane
11/27/2013Thank you are a Sweetie, MONSTER
11/25/2013I hope things are going better. :) AnonymousGirl
11/24/2013Just watched the killing room and searched for it here and saw your thread from 2009. great post! eekers
11/23/2013Green for you too! -Iamaka
11/22/2013Hello buddy! nah :)
11/21/2013<3 nowheather
11/18/2013Hay there! :D calx
11/15/2013Thanks girl, I love you too!!! *Hugs* Keep tellin' it like it is!
11/15/2013Hey toots :) - Eireann~
11/13/2013Thanks. DF
11/13/2013Thank you! Love Ellusion :)
11/13/2013Happy day! nah :)
11/6/2013Thanks darling! hugs, eekers
11/5/2013Thanks for sharing a laugh. SkinnyChic
11/4/2013Great thread. thanks
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