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5/11/2016Green for ya~kpm~
4/6/2016Your PayPal post telling that pervert like it is! ~thinking...
4/3/2016Some old time green....thank you for your input....God love ya
2/22/2016For the harvard law review link on the cruz lawsuit thread. I'm a Trunp guy but maybe we can let this go, at least. ~27fletcher
2/19/2016OMG Greetings ~ A r k
1/28/2016<3 OM (Only Me)
1/24/2016Lead astray
1/21/2016Right on ~Tell Me Lies
1/18/2016Karma Bump (Wolf 1776)
1/10/2016Watch closely at how threads roll around here. <3 KimmieAnnaJones
1/5/2016They do need to be imprisoned for Treason my good man. BunBun
1/1/2016Nope that would be you.
12/29/2015Have a great new year! Ag47
12/28/2015Thanks (Wolf 1776)
12/23/2015Down with Statism! - B@Z
12/23/2015Statist thread.... AdHocBOHICA
12/22/2015Merrry Christmas from beeches
12/21/2015And that's why it matters! bluebonnet
12/21/2015Yes it DOES matter! from Ralph--a house dog
12/17/2015Well said. -Revbo
11/17/2015Positive input
11/14/2015Ms. Superduper
11/14/2015I don't patron buisness where I can't exercise my 2nd ammendment rights - Resister
11/14/20152nd amendment green...pilgrim
11/14/2015Great thread, beeches
11/14/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
11/11/2015Fine by me. -Revbo
11/5/2015Quoted a novel-length post to reply with one word... Dick. Edit your quotes
10/1/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
9/21/2015LoL good catch---- besides the sentence the argument doesn't fly
9/18/2015Damn straight. -Revbo
9/10/2015Stay safe! :D calx
9/3/2015ISIS = CIA proxy army/Frankenstein's Monster
9/2/2015Complete and utter bullshit liar
9/2/2015Doom bad, info good - Kraut
9/2/2015Hump Day Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/2/2015SOmeone in the know? What a load of old tosh! How many in the know threads have we seen here with 0 results?
9/2/2015Nice thread from Cowgirl
9/2/2015Thanks for the inside intel! TrustNoOneKS
9/2/2015Thank you
9/2/2015Thanks for your excellent threads! GodSaveAmerica
9/2/2015Thank you - lightchild_uk
9/2/2015From Ralph--a house dog
9/2/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
9/2/2015Eq thread KimmieAnnaJones
9/2/2015Good doom post - exlibris ;)
8/29/2015She is telling the truth on the victim/whistleblower thread
8/27/2015Down the rabbit hole, we go....yippee yi yoh! Peace! katballoo
8/26/2015Thetoolman 😀
8/19/2015This. Every single one of these people should be locked away for the rest of their miserable lives.
8/2/2015Translation: stymied by a (growing) bunch of patriotic supporters of liberty! - Tesla
7/30/2015Well said. -Revbo
7/29/2015Fucking piece of shit TROLL
7/14/2015For you - Into The Mystic
7/7/2015LOL!!! -Wordsworth
6/24/2015Green goodies - thetoolman
6/24/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
6/10/2015Got that right. -Revbo
6/3/2015Great username!
5/30/2015Love GFG
5/20/2015Great posts -Lionels Love
5/14/2015Great input! -FBHO
5/13/2015Great comment, thank you!
5/12/2015Good information
4/27/2015I believe this...great post.
4/14/2015For speaking up for what is right without apology - Resister
4/13/2015You are an idiot.
4/13/2015I welcome it's return!!! Through Christ, may you be blessed.
4/12/2015Aussie Vaccination - Sir Griffo Green
2/27/2015Pine this, putz
12/31/2014Win against opiates (me too) from Lionels Love
12/30/2014For blaming a victim. I'm sure you saw this coming.
12/24/2014Helpful post
12/24/2014Thank you for your positive thoughts and sorry too for the loss of your father. 11-15
12/22/2014Great response on the naacp thread-shadahooche
12/20/2014EleKtroN was here :)
12/20/2014Have a great weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
12/20/2014Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones - Aspamce
12/20/2014Socialist agenda thread. It's up to us to DO something. ~Ouiser~
12/8/2014USA is doomed, fool
12/2/2014Full of shit
11/10/2014Green for you fullfaith
11/7/2014Karma Hugs... Cyndexia
11/4/2014Poser & Politician Worshipper.
10/30/2014Thank you for the compliment on the vote thread, it is appreciated...davvi
10/23/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/23/2014Thank you for your input on the "schools close due to meningitis" thread ... Zuzu
9/12/2014The planned illegal amnesty -- Elena.C
9/12/2014Inform the sheeple :) Isis7
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