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Russell's Karma

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12/18/2013Omg. stop spam your stupid fucking calander
12/17/2013Pretty cool calendar dude! Hawk02
12/16/2013Youre my favorite poster
12/16/2013I bought one of your calenders but the dates are all wrong! What kind of bullshit is this? I want a refund!
12/15/2013Looks like more red for you.
12/15/2013Go away cunt
12/15/2013Good luck russ!!!!
12/15/2013You really need to step up your game. I'll give you green next week.
12/14/2013Peace, Love, and Light~~WFTMission
12/11/2013Hang in there
12/11/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/8/2013I think the calendar you sent me is off a little.
12/5/2013Red bc your ideas are ga ga gaaaaay
12/5/2013Cunt go away
12/5/2013Up 1 for the King Kalendar Kook. Reality420
12/3/2013Mercury11 I am beginning to understand the real calendar!
12/2/2013Man with a mission. I respect that.
12/1/2013For being so damn stubborn!
12/1/2013Please Stop Stalking Me In The Calendar Section Of The Book Store
11/29/2013I thought you were gone! You are the son of Satan, not God!
11/29/2013Calender tard
11/28/2013Fo with the calender shit
11/28/2013I know you got your own date for it... But Happy Thanksgiving anyways!
11/27/2013Off topic, and generally annoying.
11/26/2013You're werid.
11/26/2013Because you try ~KimmieAnnaJones
11/26/2013ANNOYING! not sure if your an actual person or a robot...
11/25/2013God Bless RAGIII
11/25/2013Good point on the Generals Russ,,,Michman
11/25/2013Fuck, I HATE you! SiC
11/25/2013Better read your Bible, Jesus will rule with an Iron fist during the 1000 year reign.
11/23/2013I want to cum one star in your hungry mouth!
11/23/2013Son of the devil New Jerusalem Russ
11/23/2013Up 1. Keep 'em on date Russ. Fri Nov 9/8/13NJC : 11/23/13GC : 2456620.083333JD : 56619.583333MJD Reality420
11/23/2013Green for you
11/21/2013The lord spoke to me, said you are gay, and like to give little boys reach arounds in the shower because your also a pedo!!
11/20/2013Eeew, you are the guy that goes around giving reach arounds! you're all over the place!
11/16/2013For your niceness and perseverence! hugs, eekers
11/14/2013Where have you been i lost my calendar-Mr Pasta's Magic Wishboat
11/14/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/14/2013Green for perseverance buddy
11/14/2013You are still a bufoon....
11/14/2013Happy Red For You
11/9/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/9/2013Couldn't care LESS about your ridiculous calendar. Stop spamming threads just to promote your insanity.
11/8/2013Up 1. For driving the fundies nuts. Thur Oct 8/24/13NJC : 11/08/13GC Reality420
11/8/2013Karma to help you reach 100%
11/7/2013Dicks and balls
11/6/2013Weekly red for a shill and a retard.
11/5/2013Sorry dude, wrong methods
11/2/2013Anti Christ
11/2/2013Your crazy but you make me laugh
11/1/2013Hello Idiot
10/31/2013We both secretly know you are God in the flesh
10/29/2013Up 1. Mon Oct 8/14/13NJC : Tues 10/29/13GC : 2456594.715278JD Reality420
10/23/2013It's Wednesday... time to rape your fake god and shitty calendar again
10/19/2013You get stupider by the day! We owe the Federal Reserve for every dollar they issue dumbass!
10/19/2013Nice try asshole
10/19/2013Total NUTBAR! Stuff your "calendar" sideways
10/19/2013Pope Russ for PREZ!
10/19/2013Your a sick fucking religitard, get help at a mental facility.
10/17/2013You always make me smile Eliana
10/16/2013Quit with the calendar already
10/16/2013Please go Away!
10/16/2013Hi Russ!!!
10/15/2013What?! LOL
10/15/2013Calendar shill / spammer.
10/15/2013Fight the good fight for New Jerusalem - Battlestar Valkyrie
10/15/2013Fuck Offffffffffffffffffff​fffffffffffffffffffff​
10/14/2013Yes we do hate your calendar
10/14/2013God Hates Your Pagan Calender
10/14/2013Hey Russ. Thanks for all the calendar updates!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.
10/14/2013God Bless!....Exemplar
10/14/2013The cum dripping from your shill ass left a trace leading to your zionist master.
10/13/2013Up 1. Have you considered a NJ Girlie Calendar? Sat Sept 7/28/13NJC : 10/13/13GC : 2456578.965278JD : 56578.465278MJD. Reality420
10/13/2013Explain why should we adopt a calendar with the zionist purim, the pagan halloween and the secular american thanksgiving for example while omitting significant orthodox/catholic feasts.
10/10/2013Your weekly red Jesus raping.
10/9/2013"On the New Jerusalem calendar or the Gregorian calendar?" LOL RayGun
10/7/2013Hey Russ
10/6/2013You deserve it Russ :) eekers
10/6/2013God hates your pagan calender. Repent!
10/6/2013Just for the hell of it! - PumpkinReaper
10/6/2013Wake,coffee give Rus red perfect start to the day
10/6/2013Keep up the good work Russ
10/4/2013So when you reach full red do you get banned ?
10/4/2013The little horn
10/3/2013Enough is enough
10/3/2013You need to get off the interwebs and go make some real life friend.
10/3/2013For trying to save the world - lightchild_uk
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