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Russell's Karma

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11/5/2013Sorry dude, wrong methods
11/2/2013Anti Christ
11/2/2013Your crazy but you make me laugh
11/1/2013Hello Idiot
10/31/2013We both secretly know you are God in the flesh
10/29/2013Up 1. Mon Oct 8/14/13NJC : Tues 10/29/13GC : 2456594.715278JD Reality420
10/23/2013It's Wednesday... time to rape your fake god and shitty calendar again
10/19/2013You get stupider by the day! We owe the Federal Reserve for every dollar they issue dumbass!
10/19/2013Nice try asshole
10/19/2013Total NUTBAR! Stuff your "calendar" sideways
10/19/2013Pope Russ for PREZ!
10/19/2013Your a sick fucking religitard, get help at a mental facility.
10/17/2013You always make me smile Eliana
10/16/2013Quit with the calendar already
10/16/2013Please go Away!
10/16/2013Hi Russ!!!
10/15/2013What?! LOL
10/15/2013Calendar shill / spammer.
10/15/2013Fight the good fight for New Jerusalem - Battlestar Valkyrie
10/15/2013Fuck Offffffffffffffffffff​fffffffffffffffffffff​
10/14/2013Yes we do hate your calendar
10/14/2013God Hates Your Pagan Calender
10/14/2013Hey Russ. Thanks for all the calendar updates!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.
10/14/2013God Bless!....Exemplar
10/14/2013The cum dripping from your shill ass left a trace leading to your zionist master.
10/13/2013Up 1. Have you considered a NJ Girlie Calendar? Sat Sept 7/28/13NJC : 10/13/13GC : 2456578.965278JD : 56578.465278MJD. Reality420
10/13/2013Explain why should we adopt a calendar with the zionist purim, the pagan halloween and the secular american thanksgiving for example while omitting significant orthodox/catholic feasts.
10/10/2013Your weekly red Jesus raping.
10/9/2013"On the New Jerusalem calendar or the Gregorian calendar?" LOL RayGun
10/7/2013Hey Russ
10/6/2013You deserve it Russ :) eekers
10/6/2013God hates your pagan calender. Repent!
10/6/2013Just for the hell of it! - PumpkinReaper
10/6/2013Wake,coffee give Rus red perfect start to the day
10/6/2013Keep up the good work Russ
10/4/2013So when you reach full red do you get banned ?
10/4/2013The little horn
10/3/2013Enough is enough
10/3/2013You need to get off the interwebs and go make some real life friend.
10/3/2013For trying to save the world - lightchild_uk
10/2/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/2/2013My dick in your mouth!!!!
10/2/2013Shilling for his crazy calendar as always.
10/2/2013Keep up the calendar updates Russ!
10/2/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/1/2013Your weekly dose of red
9/30/2013Up 1 for driving the Fundies nuts. Sun Sept 7/15/13NJC : Mon 09/30/13GC : 2456565.802083JD : 56565.302083MJD - Reality420
9/28/2013You need som green. Stand up for what you beleive in.
9/23/2013Hi spawn of Satan
9/23/2013Fuck off
9/23/2013You suck
9/23/2013Satan loves your calendar, perhaps you should mail him of your full frontal.
9/23/2013Weekly dose of red medicine.
9/22/2013Up1. Sat Sept 7/7/13NJ, 09/22/2013GC, 2456557.854167JD, 56557.354167MJD Reality420
9/20/2013This guy isn't stupid.
9/16/2013From Jesus Christ
9/15/2013Fuck off!!
9/13/2013Happy Sabbath!
9/13/2013Stop it! Just stop these posts!
9/13/2013Lame shill, illuminati doesnt care about you. get wise.
9/13/2013You love Jesus and God
9/10/2013Fandango Rangers Salute you!
9/10/2013Keep on keepin' on, Russ- Molon Labe 2013
9/10/2013Do what you do, man.
9/10/2013Calandar Tard
9/9/2013You are committed, focused, and unstoppable. NJC 6/24/13 ADSR
9/9/2013You rock!
9/9/2013Up1. Keep driving the Fundies nuts. Sun Aug 6/24/13NJ : Mon Sept 9/9/13GC : 2456544.732639JD : 56544.232639MJD Reality420
9/9/2013No one should have more red than NAM!
9/8/2013For being you
9/8/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/7/2013You crack me up!
9/7/2013Blaspheming asshole - fuck off Russ
9/7/2013Green for you Russ.
9/7/2013More red for the idiot, keep it to yourself you stupid troll
9/6/2013A good man fights for his belief, regardless of others.
9/5/2013Using war for promoting youe bullshit calendar
9/5/2013Ain't nobody got time for that
9/5/2013You invoke me into gay lust with your avatar, and I am only 16. WOOHOO DADDY! <3
9/5/2013Not relevant to post
9/5/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/2/2013Enough with the spamming BS!!!
9/2/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/1/2013Praize Jayzus, pray for me, and send calendar now. ADSR
9/1/2013Here is another red to persecute your efforts. Go AWAY dip shit
9/1/2013Give it a fuckin break dude!
8/31/2013Jesus loves you but wants you to repent from your support of the papal beast system lest your name be blottted out of the Lambs book of life
8/31/2013I admire your passion Russ. God bless
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