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12/27/2012Why do you worship demons?
12/8/2012CIA plant
7/22/2012Just because
7/22/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/22/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/22/2012Go away.
7/20/2012Here's a little green to help counteract the red! Keep on rattling those cages, Candace, we may find that the doors were unlocked the whole time! from Eggcellent
7/20/2012I thought you were retiring this sock puppet when are you bringing OBE back?
7/19/2012If you log in again to check - thank you for everything.
7/19/2012Good riddance, your arrogance, evil black heart, and insanity wont be missed.
7/18/2012Looks like you're still logging in, you lying bitch. Checking on the onion people?
7/14/2012We are in a global jihad whether you realize it or not.
7/14/2012Going to miss you. Renaissance Woman
7/14/2012Bold text. Most annoying person on GLP
7/13/2012Yes you will be missed!!!! beso
7/13/2012You will be missed! Hope situation changes where you canl return soon - msz
7/13/2012I am the red thumb up your dumb ass
7/13/2012Please give me the same respect and stay off my threads or remove me from your foes list where I can post to yours as well. You just dont get it do you? Merci
7/13/2012Being a CUNT is going to cost you, especially a psychoCUNT.
7/13/2012From Lotus Flower xxx
7/12/2012You have to tattle on someone else to negate this one, bitch
7/12/2012" Can you READ, we, 2 or more of us have posted there is a CME" Attitude issues.
7/12/2012Shut up!
7/12/2012Freedom means death to your consciousness and no more life force for those that worship the many layers of your onion god
7/11/2012Karma from Gonviral
7/11/2012Some green for ya NIP....Blessings to you..LooK`n
7/10/2012Onion people. Onion people. Onion people. Boogity Boogity boo!
7/10/2012You must have a shit ton of sock puppets to be in the green. You are a demon.
7/10/2012For being a good person , from 12.21.12
7/9/2012AMAZING POST! Thanks NIP :) ~Orvontonian~
7/9/2012Reported Copyright Violation
7/9/2012Reported Abusive Post
7/9/2012Time for another green .. if I can ..
7/9/2012Love This Crazy ol Chick
7/7/2012Satanic newage deciever
7/6/2012Here is some karma love for you, for telling the truth....Being Mindful
7/6/2012Your bitterness, contempt, and hatred for everything good coupled with your break from reality give you the evil insanity award of the year! +1
7/6/2012Opinionated onion with a demon for every layer.
7/6/2012Love OP's attitude
7/5/2012For thinking your opinion is FACT ego much?
7/4/2012Red Alert
7/3/2012Truth hurt much?
7/3/2012For having to put up with people who dont want to know the truth - msz
7/2/2012Great Post Heres some Karma from Gonviral
7/2/2012Thanks!! - whatsitallabout
7/2/2012"You ones." really, there's something just not right about you. Sorry.
7/2/2012I would like to order a burger with onion people on it, and a side of onion people rings. Dear lord, where do you come up with this insane horse shit? I bet if I smelled your breath, it would smell
7/1/2012Sorry buddy - Archaic Mason
7/1/2012Love ya Candace you hot hot mess
7/1/2012Your bitterness, contempt, and hatred for everything good coupled with your break from reality give you the evil insanity award of the year!
7/1/2012Shut the fuck up!
6/30/2012I get so freeking of your bull-s**t. Your satan's minion. Please ask Jesus to reveal himself to you....Chop's
6/30/2012Insufferable Oaf
6/28/2012For all the BS you put up with in good heart and spirit love DOK/Bette
6/28/2012Evil, black hearted, angry, hates others that disagrees with her deluded BS. Seems to be detached from reality. Should be institutionalized immediately for the publics safety.
6/26/2012This nip person is just a total know it all, condemns everyone who does not agree with him/her
6/26/2012Thanks for your comment. D'Light
6/26/2012Love and Light to you Nip....Being MIndful
6/25/2012Stop visiting 7 Eleven in your pajamas
6/25/2012To put green back at the top of your Karma. ~Cyclona~
6/25/2012Lucy is female, and she's alive and well
6/25/2012U r nobody but a walking corpse
6/25/2012With Love, firmament....this is my last one, I "ran out of green"
6/24/2012Green for you - msz
6/24/2012I need someone to translate English to horse shit for me. Since nothing but horse shit comes out of your mouth, I figured you'd be the perfect person for the job. If you want it,it's yours
6/24/2012Right back at you satantard
6/23/2012Be Well
6/22/2012Reported Copyright Violation
6/22/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/22/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/22/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/22/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/22/2012I love NIP!!
6/21/2012Wall of I dont know in your sig
6/20/2012Fricken retard
6/20/2012Crazy onion person has to many crazy layers to count.
6/20/2012There's not enough room to type out the levels of crazy that you impart.
6/20/2012Keep your stupid nonsense to your own threads
6/19/2012Needed to be knocked down a notch
6/18/2012Great post karma from Gonviral for u!
6/18/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/18/2012Far too much red in this list at the moment..
6/17/2012Satanic newage deciever
6/16/2012You lost me at Hello
6/16/2012Reported Copyright Violation
6/15/2012A greenie for you - msz
6/15/2012Yepper - Chrit
6/15/2012Shut up And go Away!
6/15/2012Great posts on the 'start trib already' thread. <3 ~Sandi
6/15/2012Ignorance and delusions are your strong points!
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