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8/29/2011At first I thought you were interesting, now I know you're a self-riteous snob who thinks you're superior because in your deluded mind you visit aliens and they tell you things... and even i
8/29/2011Lights are on but Nobody is Home
8/29/2011Annoying... PERIOD....
8/29/2011Does not make sense!!
8/29/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/29/2011Always makes bold statements without ever providing any proof, or even a link.
8/29/2011Deeez nuuutz in your mouth!!!
8/29/2011Much love to you friend
8/29/2011You Are Fuckin Annoying Know-It-All dude, chill out.
8/28/2011NiP, with that amount of neg karma votes, YOU MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!!!!
8/28/2011Always gives good info.
8/28/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/28/2011Poor comprehension.
8/28/2011Good post.
8/28/2011Spreading misinformtaion, whether it is roleplay or not is spiritually damaging to younger people how may be reading this site.
8/28/2011Dead je
8/28/2011Why are you here?
8/28/2011Positive karma for you Candace - regards 40 degrees South
8/28/2011The delusional need love too
8/27/2011VERY uneducated and naive, thinks their new-age philosiphy holds all the answers, but is sadly misled by satan
8/27/2011Way to much neg!
8/27/2011Quit criticizing everybody. How do you like it when its directed towards you? Huh?
8/27/2011Cause youre a goody two shoes
8/27/2011Layoff the pipe for a while, nobody is in the know
8/27/2011I dont agree with anything you ever have to say but youve never been mean to ppl who are mean to you
8/27/2011Because I actually like you ! - Cambrensis
8/27/2011Paranoid loser
8/27/2011I dont agree with you often, but appreciate your posts and you dont deserve so much bad karma.
8/26/20111 because I would have never known that the martians had a harp machine
8/26/2011Good info
8/26/2011You think you know it all... but your belief in h.a.a.r.p totally puts you down imo... You are SOOO wrong on this one... really... just believe what i say... sorry for that and the thumb DOWN... no fu
8/26/2011Give up the Acid and go to rehab
8/26/2011NIP needs some good Karma from her Kansas buddy...LTY
8/26/2011For your service....:-) DZ
8/26/2011Constant babble with nothing to back it up
8/26/2011Good post
8/25/2011You Suck Boooooooo
8/25/2011Repetative and already debunked
8/25/2011Looks like you cold use some. What the hell happened? Simultaneous_Final
8/25/2011Sometimes even the world's enemy needs a friend. i read your site - i don't believe in all of them, but i keep an open mind. i especially like true us history and political information...
8/25/2011Just cause
8/25/2011You spoke from the heart on the dog/soldier thread
8/25/2011Because of your feelings on the dog thread... from Carol B.
8/24/2011Becuase your a hippy
8/24/2011I think you mean well (Forge)
8/24/2011Every post is like a turd in a punch bowl
8/24/2011For being a wanna be cult leader -SWT
8/24/2011For spreading NEW AGE LIES
8/24/2011You are I.N.S.A.N.E.
8/24/2011You need it.
8/24/2011Karma for the test tube angelic alien
8/23/2011A complete friggin' moron
8/23/2011You looked like you needed some karma...nice alien interview post
8/23/2011Does not deserve the abuse she receives
8/23/2011Just plain dumb.
8/23/2011Quit whining about other people's posts.
8/22/2011I love what you have to say even though it may be hard to grasp! I am stepping out of my box though! Thank you for being you!
8/22/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/22/2011You might post some of the woowooest stuff ever. but you are kind and respectful. good Karma is deserved
8/22/2011Limp Wristed Liberal Obama Knee Boy!
8/22/2011New Age Religion agent
8/22/2011NiP is a tyrant.
8/21/2011Thinks she is a know it all. What a putts
8/21/2011For removing detractors in his thread :(
8/21/2011Mean manner
8/21/2011I don't think there's enough red in here, let me help you out NIP :)
8/21/2011Mean disperited post.
8/21/2011Dipshit, don't ask me a question, thanks
8/21/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/21/2011Balance. waterbug
8/21/2011Should be banned for providing fairytales as real explinations. Constant contradicitng, no proof, only the fairytales of a government leach!
8/21/2011Candance is a filthy fucking bitch.
8/21/2011She knows truth and wants to share it
8/21/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/21/2011Like u
8/21/2011Has it been a week yet?
8/21/2011Annoying, arrogant know it all.
8/21/2011Pushing the Matrix and unfounded argumentation
8/21/2011We often disagree but I appreciate the points from another view. The negatives are not deserved!
8/21/2011Hugs my friend! Thank you for helping <3 Trix
8/21/2011For honesty and integrity - SilverPatriot
8/20/2011For courage of your convictions
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