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6/26/2015You are a closet pedophile
4/10/2015Nice Summary of generally unknown facts.
8/5/2013God is Love and We are made of Love
7/13/2013Green Greetings . . . George B
7/11/2013So glad to see you back:o)
7/3/2013Was just thinking 'bout you the other day. glad your back. salt
6/29/2013Glad to see you back! Carol B.
6/28/2013Best wishes . . . George B
6/28/2013Hello there ~ A Friend
5/31/2013Antichrist scumbag
5/26/2013The 'thought police' ahahaha! Sloane
5/9/2013For being a sad pathetic human
4/18/2013Hope you're still alright :)
3/2/2013Lack of understsanding the topic of discussion
2/27/2013Thinking about you...hope you and the family are well!...~Ducimus
2/21/2013You Rock!!!
11/20/2012For wasting everyones time, just because you have a huge ego, doesn't mean OUR time isn't important
11/6/2012Readings are bullshit and you know it.
10/30/2012Again for wasting everyones time on a thread you had no intention of coming back to-dumbass
10/29/2012On Point!! =d
10/14/2012Everyone wasted time on your stupid thread you abandoned.
10/5/2012Why start a thread you cannot handle? What a waste of everyones time.
9/30/2012Have some green! - msz
9/29/2012Get a room, get a life but please take ur bible shit with u.
9/24/2012Please ask Jesus Christ into your heart!!
9/11/2012Being Mindful
9/6/2012Beautiful human being, a credit to creation.
9/2/2012Love and Light to you Sandi....Being Mindful
9/1/2012Some women never quit being vicious little shits. Go pound a bucket of sand up your ass.
9/1/2012Thinking of you :) Jilly23
8/22/2012Great job
8/21/2012Good morning
8/17/2012Crazy..HUh? wow..gonviral
8/17/2012For all the love you give on the reading thread ~ Lady Jane Smith
8/15/2012You just don't get it, and you never will. give it up. you look more and more ignorant with every post
8/15/2012For all that you do :
8/12/2012Summer greetings from Martianprincess :)
8/10/2012You speak much of what you do not know
8/9/2012Reported Copyright Violation
8/8/2012Reported Copyright Violation
8/8/2012For helping to change my thinking to love. Thank you- Jaded
8/8/2012You are lovely
8/8/2012Good post - acid rain
8/7/2012Sandi is genuinely giving of her time and gifts.
8/7/2012Good threads! -theundead-
8/6/2012Much love!
8/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
8/5/2012Just cause
8/5/2012Are you posting drunk?
8/4/2012Idiotic, insane, kooky, lunatic, mad not enough room
8/4/2012Good post in Christian god thread
8/4/2012Intelligently reasoned argument
8/3/2012To a great lady! Jilly23
8/3/2012Just wanted to hook you up with some good karma -deltaseven
8/2/2012Because I can :-) ~Tandym
8/1/2012Interesting weather post. From Tiger1.
8/1/2012Overeacting to tree trimming. Relax, it's normal activity
8/1/2012For sharing your story... Imajicatus
7/31/2012Altruistic persuit of belivering her gifts.
7/30/2012For all good things to come your way ~ Truly
7/27/2012Thankyou for your story....Being mindful....You are an inspration..
7/26/2012U.P. Almora, crank's ridge x
7/24/2012God granted you a great gift, and you share it with all you can, MONSTER
7/24/2012Your 'moon' cracked me up :o))))
7/24/2012Thank you. xoxo ~SW~
7/23/2012Free karma day! mtn mang
7/21/2012The life-stories you are writing for people are quite beautiful. --sTTsTTT
7/19/2012Glp's resident witch
7/18/2012I believe you and I love you!
7/15/2012Really liked your post about the strength of gentle souls! - ANHEDONIC
7/14/2012Keeping you in my heart and in my prayers. <3
7/14/2012TY 4 Your Efforts - ITz A Dream
7/13/2012Big green hugs from tauranga
7/13/2012Excellent thread!
7/13/2012Gracious and humorous! well done.
7/13/2012Doing GLP a great service by reading everyone!
7/13/2012For being a wonderful being ;)
7/13/2012Your kindness if your perfection.
7/13/2012Thanks for your work in the past lives thread! PB
7/13/2012Just so you know -- you are loved & appreciated. Even in your imperfection :-P ~Tandym
7/13/2012Reported Abusive Post
7/13/2012For a great thread and gift you give to people....Always Looking
7/13/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/12/2012For sharing yourself, your gifts and your time with all of us THX! - msz
7/12/2012Thank you. ~Bent
7/12/2012Thank you!
7/12/2012Spark of Life karma from Bowman. <3
7/12/2012Awesome...inspiring..​..real.... thankyou
7/12/2012Amazing thread and even more amazing person! <3<3
7/11/2012Interesting thread. From Tiger1.
7/11/2012Delightfully deserved... Imajicatus
7/11/2012Lovely lady
7/11/2012For all the good you do Carol B.
7/11/2012Prophecy must be right 100 percent of the time are you pull your knowledge from evil, negative lying powerful beings that are using you to entrap humanity for their own evil intent. Good luck with all
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