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12/16/2012Trying to make some sense in this crazy fucked up forum
10/27/2012Romney. thnx. warriorsbond
10/22/2012Fucked up
10/16/2012Bullshit post. Just like the Irish. Dumb
10/16/2012Saw the light. Not so bright.
10/16/2012Wish more people in the U.S. were this smart
10/16/2012Lame. grow up libtard.
10/2/2012Good karma for you my friend!
10/2/2012Fuck you with a cock sideways up your brown shit stained asshole
9/21/2012Just because
9/21/2012Jon Stewart and bullshit mountain. Frangas
9/21/2012Great job with the facts but most of GLP can't handle that.
9/21/2012You are cool man
9/21/2012Never laughed so hard in all my life! Thanks!
9/21/2012For jon stewart, even if he does believe in the left-right paradigm
9/21/2012For the john stewart video!!!
9/21/2012Good thread, watch them repubtards squirm ahahahaha
9/21/2012Jon Stewart video - ANHEDONIC
9/21/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/21/2012For truth!
9/21/2012You are proof that the brain dead are roaming our streets
9/21/2012Shut up you fkn idiot
9/17/2012Your poor husband
9/13/2012About twenty-five
9/13/2012Ww3, ww4, ww5 failure
9/5/2012Nibirutards are the tardest - how true - Hydra
9/4/2012Suck a fat dick loser
8/22/2012You are of the extreme fringe
8/13/2012Back atcha, seethedark
8/13/2012For being an idiot
7/29/2012G'day from a friend....MR2
7/8/2012Fagasaurus Rex. Piece of shit loser.
7/1/2012I don't know you, but it looks like you need this. Here Ya Go!
7/1/2012Gotta love the Karma comments - TexasGirl
7/1/2012Teabags with benny hinn
7/1/2012I love Ireland!
7/1/2012Thanks again for the blowjob!
7/1/2012Bitch, Bitch, Bitch. STFU Paddy.
7/1/2012For What it's worth, I like you...From Stand!
7/1/2012Time to put on your "Big Boy Pants" and quit making whiney Karma threads.
7/1/2012Because you say please.here you go.peace
7/1/2012Nice thread.
7/1/2012Dealing fairly with that which cannot be Fair..ever.. kudos
7/1/2012I think he was right about the posters and the comments
7/1/2012It's Cool
7/1/2012I like your thread...return the favor, please? :-)
7/1/2012Step in irish dog shit ya sick bastard
7/1/2012NEVER start a thread about your karma....this is what happens!
7/1/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/1/2012Licks Irish dog shit. What's it like to walk around and have farts come out of your ears? Why do farts come out of your ears? Because you have shit for brains. Good day sir.
7/1/2012You little baby waaa did your mommie breastfeed you some spoiled milk last week? Stop hiding in her basement and go interact with real people. you have poor self esteem
7/1/2012Good karma because you asked for bad karma :P enjoy (dutchguy)
7/1/2012Violated Posting Rules (for being an ass)
7/1/2012After much thought I have concluded that you are an idiot.
7/1/2012Reported Copyright Violation
7/1/2012Obot sellout
7/1/2012Good research STL on the doctor B/S...thanks MR2
6/29/2012Stay in your socialist hell ignorant fool
6/29/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/29/2012Cry baby
6/29/2012Excellent comebacks OP - have a great weekend ~ Truly
6/29/2012Per your request.
6/29/2012Lol I couldn't resist. It's like you put a sign on your back that said "kick me"
6/29/2012I dont wanna hear any fucking shit, and I dont give a shit.
6/29/2012You don't lick enough Boogers man how fucking GHEY!
6/29/2012Cos you smell
6/29/2012Caring about votes anytime. And especially on a site run by control freaks. May Ian Paisley ectoshit your bed.
6/29/2012Hi! From Earth420 :)
6/29/2012Will someone PUHLLEEEAZE give me negative Karma, do to my "bitching" about karma already given to me?
6/29/2012Karma fix - Xerces
6/29/2012Don't let the negative nancys get you down. From Mortal Epiphany
6/29/2012Karma bitching is highly disapproved of. You asked for this.
6/28/2012Mind your own business you Irish bastard!
6/28/2012One dumb piece of shit. How do you like the boot of statism shoved up your ass?
6/28/2012Fuck you. Complete fuck you.
6/28/2012Hi im seethelight and i come to conspiracy forums so i can be a dipshit, since i live in Moms basement!
6/28/2012Libtard fuck
6/28/2012You smell
6/25/2012Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
6/24/2012Libtard spreading lies. Fuck off.
6/24/2012Silly mittens
6/20/2012Go suck on some balls
6/20/2012Lying about Dick Cheney, you asshole. Saddam was in violation of trems of previous cease fire was #1 reason for war, you ignaornt scum!
6/20/2012Mind your own business.
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