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11/7/2012From No Dhimmi
11/7/2012Fucking idiot
10/30/2012Sing it then, my brother from another mother!
11/30/2011Smiles~Jane Smith
11/21/2011Green love from tinygreen.
11/16/2011So very gay
11/16/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/15/2011One sided opinionated get an open mind
11/12/2011Right on
11/12/2011Good Karma 4 you+++Eimaj
11/12/2011Thanks for the warning on the graphic video. Storm
11/11/2011Thanks for remembering--train
11/11/2011Mornin', bud. Here's to a doomy weekend. -Rev
10/23/2011Random green
10/23/2011Very true i agree mate
10/20/2011Nice legal checkoint info... -dilke
10/14/2011Cain is the ONE! For all the RIGHT reasons!
10/14/2011Amen brother on consolidating around Cain. But Paulites are so rabid, they'd never change their minds
10/14/2011The Herman Cain/Ron Paul thread - WalkersEverywhere
10/14/2011FUCK HERMAN CAIN!!!! asshole
10/14/2011Herman cain is a lying ass hat!
10/13/2011For taking the time to tell me how to embed. Thanks :) Azila
10/11/2011Thanks for keeping us up to date
10/11/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/11/2011No reason
10/11/2011Avatary/name combo. Thanks much. Thug Cat.
10/11/2011For El Hierro info
10/10/2011LOL Sorcha Fal comment. Sick of seeing this crap on GLP.
10/6/2011I think u nailed it!
10/5/2011Thanks for the info about NiN! PsycoCandy
10/5/2011Thanks for the 5 stars on the Fast and Furios thread! - WalkersEverywhere
9/29/2011Burn! -Rev
9/28/2011Petro dollars
9/24/2011Thanks for your support ~iNTuiTioN~
9/13/2011For your contribution to my 911 thread
9/9/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/2/2011Made me chuckle! :)
8/24/2011Helping the advancement of the site
8/22/2011Excellent glossary thread.
8/19/2011Like a good neighbor.... :)
8/19/2011So i focus harder ... cibrell
8/19/2011Self promosion for books sales.
8/19/2011Not jealous, but disliking blatant advertising
8/19/2011Always interesting topics and has the chops and intelligence to back up what is presented. tinygreen.
8/19/2011To a fellow writer
8/18/2011Great thread dude.
8/18/2011The Glossary rocks, and I haven't laughed so hard in a while. We have some unique GLP only terms here :D
8/18/2011Fur die glossiere
8/18/2011Cool! Thanx for the GLP glossary!
8/18/2011Thanks! Really clears some things up for some of us noobs.
8/18/2011Karma-ing the shit out of you for the glossary
8/18/2011Good idea on the GLP Glossary
8/18/2011Great post that took some work to put togther
8/18/2011Asweomse gloassary man, should help the NEWBS that come here!
8/18/2011So good post about glp glossary
8/18/2011Excellent glossary list - should become a GLP classic
8/18/2011Productive member
8/18/2011Very informative
8/18/2011Great job on the glossary. Hope to add to it.
8/18/2011Absolutely Needed!
8/18/2011Great thread, wish i saw this when I joined. Permathread?
8/18/2011Good job!!!
8/18/2011Good Job
8/18/2011Good & smart humour about GLP & ourselves
8/18/2011I enjoyed the glossary!
8/18/2011This is a great summary of common GLP terms and useful - you should make a link for it.
8/18/2011Useful !
8/18/2011E for extreme effort
8/18/2011Great Post
8/18/2011Ka-Like a wheel. Glossary Brilliance!!!!
8/18/2011For starting the GLP glossary.
8/18/2011For Giving us a Clue!
8/18/2011Useful info
8/18/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/18/2011GLP Glossary: Revguard
8/18/2011One of the most original and interesting topics in the last few days
8/18/2011Great glp glossary..Carol B. likes!
8/18/2011It helps
8/17/2011For potentially using my name in a book.
8/16/2011Trying to make RP look bad
8/15/2011Anyone who postes Dutch vids gets my vote. Chop's
8/15/2011Good follow-up on this event posted earlier when Dutch put out the Ca/NV advisory
8/15/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/15/2011For yoga
8/15/2011Good head on his shoulders

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