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10/9/2015Hello :) Turtle
10/9/2015Well said
10/9/2015He/she is decent. They just don't argue to simply argue.
10/9/2015Avatar 76 was FAR from being "spot on"
10/7/2015Big Giant Huge Super Duper Spectacular Ginormous Hug ~ Missy
10/6/2015Hope all is great for you in the great Northwest! Ag47
10/6/2015Rolling green. -= Travis Bickle =-
10/4/2015Much love my friend! ~ Simple27 : )
10/3/2015Have a great weekend! Beercan :)
10/2/2015My thoughts too
9/29/2015Thanks! Sir_Kayle
9/28/2015Good thread, Appreciate the expose`. Long overdue on green for you -goldielucks
9/28/2015Hi ya!!
9/27/2015You are so faithful with your Karmas ~ Missy D <3
9/27/2015Hi UR,watching your serena/michael video,spot on! ~Lavender~
9/25/2015You Rock! ~ Chugiakian
9/25/2015Wishing you a wonderful weekend! ... Zuzu
9/24/2015LMFAO!! Alavulva
9/22/2015Thanks! Sir_Kayle
9/22/2015Hope you have a great week! ~ Simple27 : )
9/21/2015I know people who died on the planes
9/19/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/19/2015All is well, thanks -= Travis Bickle =-
9/19/2015Beercan :)
9/16/2015Superduper green!
9/15/2015Karma treats! Alpacalips
9/15/2015Michelle Obama and Serena a MEN!!!
9/15/2015IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Serena Williams IS A MAN
9/14/2015Have a good week! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/14/2015I Miss ur ~ Missy <3
9/14/2015Thanks! Sir_Kayle
9/10/2015For bringing truth to a world filled with lies, hope you're doing good! Ag47
9/10/2015Hi <3 Turtles
9/8/2015Karma roLL .C.C
9/8/2015Happy Labor Day UR! :) ~Lavender~
9/1/2015Rod of God tard. Wants ww3 and millions to die
8/31/2015Wishing you a wonderful week!!! ... Zuzu
8/31/2015CogiTAtECOgItaTecOGiT​AteCOgItaTeCogiTAte - aHEMagain
8/31/2015Your mom is an inside job muzz
8/30/2015Greeeeen11111 - TGM
8/30/2015Useless repeating
8/30/2015Have a great weekend UR,full moon out there! :) ~Lavender~
8/27/2015You do the same, stay safe up there buddy! Ag47
8/25/2015Karma Hug! ~ Simple27 : )
8/25/2015I hope you are weathering the storm, my friend. Take care of you and yours. katballoo
8/24/2015Thanks! Sir_Kayle
8/23/2015Thx EATER
8/23/2015Chocolate covered Reps for the Repeater! Alpacalips
8/22/2015We're both Leos? Happy Bday UR! ~Lavender~
8/11/2015Karma roLL .C.C
8/9/2015Hope you're having a lovely weekend! Zuzu
8/6/2015Big hugs! ~ Simple27 : )
8/5/2015Thanks bud, hope all is well up there! Ag47
8/5/2015Thanks! Sir_Kayle
8/1/2015I miss you tooooooooo ~ Gives giant hug ~ Missy :D
7/31/2015Trump card.... -snake
7/29/2015Great moon video post - Lionels Love
7/29/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/29/2015Thanks! Sir_Kayle
7/29/2015Superduper green!
7/24/2015Hi, my friend. Hope all is well with you and yours. I've done more lurking, then participating, these days. It's all quite overwhelming. Peace!
7/23/2015Useless Rep cookies! Alpacalips
7/21/2015Thinking about you ~ Guess what?! Rico played yesterday! LittleMissDIctator *smooches my friend
7/19/2015JH15 green back atcha! Hope you're good! Ag47
7/18/2015Karma roLL .C.C
7/17/2015Much respect! Big hugs! ~ Simple27 : )
7/16/2015Hello UR! i hope your having a good summer :) ~Lavender~
7/15/2015The killer awoke before dawn...he put his boots on -snake
7/10/2015Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
7/10/2015Good catch, and very interesting thread regarding Hoover Dam ammo buy. Ag47
7/10/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
7/8/2015Karma roLL ... Sgt. ( thats funny) thank you for the green ..CaptCarter
7/6/2015Green is Good, Arete11
7/5/2015Happy 4th! -snake
7/2/2015Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend! Ag47
6/29/2015Hugs! ~ Simple27 : )
6/29/2015Shoots green karma paintballs at UR~ MIssy :D
6/28/2015Sunday green from Superduper, Ms.
6/25/2015Hi there! Things are heating up....stay frosty! Scary times ahead....katballoo
6/24/2015Thanks buddy, hope all is well in the Pacific Northwest! Ag47
6/23/2015Hi!!!! It's been too long! thanks! morgan :-)
6/21/2015Ooooooh you've done and asked for it now! MissDictator :D
6/17/2015Oh Karma, Karma, Karma chameleon.... Alpacalips
6/15/2015Nice post :)
6/13/2015Have a great weekend UR. LittleMissDictator :D
6/3/2015Y0 br0ther -snake
5/31/2015Right,its Purple Haze season! :) ~Lavender~
5/31/2015Hope all is well. Have a nice week! ~ Simple27 : )
5/31/2015Karma time! Alpacalips
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