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Whalin Rift's Karma

Total: 19 (19  User Votes) and 7

4/3/2015Back at ya ~sickandtwisted~
3/30/2015Fuck you, too
2/20/2015Awesome!! mudda fugga
2/14/2015Bacon ~SN7
2/13/2015Thank you for the help...* JUST trina
1/13/2015Don't Look Back!
10/31/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/30/2014Thanks - Thereturn
10/29/2014Poo kiss on your big fat lips
10/26/2014Beeches karma
10/18/2014Thanks for the bump~kpm~
9/26/2014Lmfao goat sim = rad islam fav game
10/7/2013Walking dead fan! ...sookie girl
4/17/2013Spot on
3/2/2013Spot on about fags. Thanks for being honest.
1/8/2013I wondered if this might change things. Thanks for letting us know.:)
6/6/2012Ignorant chemtard
1/16/2012Good post on jobs situation in America
12/22/2011Helping other GLP Members
12/22/2011Because its almost christmas. (dikkie)
10/2/2011For being a Trinity shill keep sucking his cock.

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