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1/26/2014From Jesus
1/24/2014Sexist- really sad ya know?
1/24/2014Bitchboy in mommahs basement, never got let out ... does not realize its cheaper to keep him alive and pay for utilities than it is to send swat team to kill him in his sleep
1/24/2014Thank you for the Angel post :) God bless <3 BDE
1/23/2014You are repulsive
1/23/2014Liar and deceiver
1/22/2014Aloha- seer
1/22/2014You constaly tempt people to sin.
1/22/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/22/2014Sicko Not Funny
1/21/2014Hahahahahahahahaha you aint God lol
1/21/2014Self obsessed retard
1/21/2014LMAO at the "Jazz hands"!
1/21/2014You're gonna off yourself eventually, you're of no use to society.
1/20/2014How are you so popular with those swampy balls?
1/20/2014For popping gv's cherry :cruise: -pi
1/19/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/19/2014Celebrity tard! nah <3
1/19/2014Eat a bag a dicks
1/19/2014For popping my cherry! ~ gv
1/18/2014"like George Clooney and Tom Cruise" gave me a good laugh. RayGun
1/18/201414? ravenous? are you insane?
1/18/2014Another hint i secretly hate fans i hate taking pictures funny you sound/seem like Me
1/18/2014Thatnks for stopping by my thread Paige:)
1/16/2014I don't mean to call you asshole, but sometimes you do deserve it.
1/16/2014Admitted homosexual with a nasty fetish
1/16/2014Open YOUR eyes
1/15/2014Quelle surprize! Long lost son returns? You are actually extremely predictable, is that why you try to make yourself look interesting with bs and hijacks ?
1/14/2014Yes, you are that important regardless of what others might say.
1/12/2014IMDB called they want you off their site.
1/11/2014Green karma from Gonviral
1/11/2014Friggin' annoying weirdo
1/11/2014From JESUS
1/11/2014Fuckin weirdo
1/11/2014You are not only retarded, but FUCKING retarded. With a capital FUCK!
1/11/2014Mentally ill
1/10/2014Eggs, LOL
1/10/2014You're an old joke gone wrong Bickle, told a seedy club where no one laughs and there's always someone vomiting behind the dumpster.
1/10/2014HAHAHAHA I'm in tears laughing over all the karma comments. Priceless. So true, so true... especially 1/6 "BEWARE GLP"
1/10/2014Fiji, but Chicago for now :) Integrity...what a wonderful trait.
1/10/2014Its time to stop posting
1/10/2014Self made loser
1/9/2014Hey Bickle, newsflash. You're a fucking loser and the only chicks who will slob over that knob are hundreds of miles away online and they wouldn't like you if they met you.
1/9/2014All Federal Reverse Notes are Loans
1/9/2014Lol -- super bowl dave
1/9/2014Green from ap girl !
1/9/2014Good info
1/8/2014Mentally ill narcissist
1/8/2014Some green because anhedonic was right, your karma comments are vey entertaining, orbs
1/8/2014Roll play enough and guess what happens....
1/7/2014Your german nazi/hitler jokes suck badly. and i like you (so yes you will also get a green karma next week to make up for this)
1/7/2014Karma drive by - Rev Woo-Woo
1/6/2014How you have a single green blows me away. Actually it doesn't, because this site is full of unGodly, deceitful, liars. Enjoy the fire you have set upon yourself. ~UAP
1/6/2014Fucking disloyal, lying ungrateful pc of shit who thinks he's God's gift to women! NOT!!!
1/6/2014BEWARE GLP!! Manipulates women with sex talk through PM's. Then becomes an obsessive online stalker. If you receive a PM from him delete it and tell a staff member.
1/6/2014Happy 2014!! :) ~ gv
1/6/2014Shit for brains
1/5/2014Constant thread hog w/ nothing of substance to offer - ego/nonsense
1/4/2014Nope, your trolling exercises on glp are not fun, educative, amuzing, informative or even moderately intelligent .. in fact .. its usually bulshit
1/2/2014I can't believe women actually fight over you. Wake up , ladies.
1/2/2014Oh, at least 6 ;) -Steady
1/2/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/2/2014WOS thinks you are a punk
1/1/2014You really think a lot more of yourself than you actually are.
12/31/2013You would f*ck a 15 year old? you're sick.
12/30/2013Delusions of grandeur
12/30/2013Happy New Year ....C.C
12/30/2013STFU, new age narcissist!
12/30/2013Sorry if I pissed you off
12/30/2013Your not a Christian. Please, stop talking as if you know Jesus.
12/28/2013Jeeztoo. much red alex what have u been saying? lol astral G
12/28/2013Fucking leave already dick muncher illuminati satanist IMDB wannabe
12/28/2013You, a leader? haha! fucking hardly!
12/28/2013You deserve what you have, a lonely miserable existance behind your little keyboard and remeniscing about glory you'll hever have
12/28/2013Happy New Year, Buddy karma, from Who is Blue Fairy
12/27/2013Over-sexed ignorant scumbag... delusional to boot! hopefully one day will get the psych attention that's much needed. WOMEN STAY AWAY!
12/27/2013"you also like to swallow" wow so profound! i'll remember that nextime I see you ranting in a nobody thread
12/27/2013I get a kick out of you good work - Mr Pasta's Magic Wishboat
12/27/2013Beacuse I think you need love in your life love GFG
12/27/2013Hijacking idiot
12/27/2013Ur an asshole
12/26/2013I thought you were leaving glp Bickle fag.
12/26/2013You're a fuckin tard
12/26/2013Fucking garbage.
12/26/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/25/2013You're the most annoying person on glp. go away
12/25/2013Merry Christmas - aqmah ^-^
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