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Open Your Eyes's Karma

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12/21/2013Youre an ass. But at the same time funny. ~thetruthmonger
12/20/2013Aw, shut up.
12/19/2013Hopefully its you going back in the future but unable to come back. Great stay there and become TREX poo (rather a violent diarrhea in your case.)
12/18/2013For always being there, thank you. Godfrequency
12/18/2013Go away, scumbag
12/18/2013Get over yourself
12/18/2013Full of yourself much?? being groomed to be president, yet spends every waking minute on GLP.
12/18/2013Just some red before I put you on ignore list
12/17/2013Joking about being demon possed. Not something to take lightly.
12/17/2013Humility would be something to look up.
12/17/2013Delusions of grandeur
12/17/2013Christmas greetings to Satin...er, I mean Satan. ~ LaniJane
12/16/2013Music lover?
12/16/2013Just stay away
12/16/2013Go suck Kanye's dirty dick asshole
12/15/2013Hoover 2013
12/15/2013STFU, narcissist!
12/15/2013Good Post Karma from Gonviral
12/15/2013Took me a minute i got it ..lol green from ap girl for making me think ... love your posts !
12/14/2013Necrophiliac with gay men and swampy balls
12/14/2013You call fail an effort?
12/14/2013Cunt flap obama supporter
12/13/2013I Love You ~ M1
12/13/2013Hi from trailingedge :-)
12/12/2013Stuffit Commie
12/12/2013Thought you left
12/11/2013Here's some love for you,hun. hawk8414
12/11/2013Too bad you didn't leave for good
12/11/2013LOL "get your own heroin"-- eekers
12/11/2013What up! geminilion
12/10/2013Stop spreading your BS lies... no one cares!
12/10/2013What a disgrace you are. Like a shit wearing human skin.. even in a cat litter you wouldnt find your place, you are just THAT disgusting.
12/10/2013People literally hate what you're doing here.
12/9/2013Thanks for posting the vid -krystle ann
12/9/2013Still here yay -Astral G
12/8/2013You should have left when you did, your just an asshole now
12/7/2013You're satan's little fanboy, aren't you?
12/7/2013We are your only friends
12/7/2013The worlds enemy :)
12/6/2013You are such a pathetic joke..not even funny anymore.
12/6/2013Karma RoLL ....c.c
12/5/2013Shut The Fuck up You Fucking Cunt
12/5/2013Believe deep down in your heart that you have returned to do great things. Much love! ..11:11..
12/4/2013Some Christmas green for you :) WeAreOne.
12/3/2013Oxx :)
12/3/2013For an "inteligent" guy you put more shit in threads than anyone in GLP history
12/1/2013Your back!- Mr Pasta's Magic Wishboat
11/30/2013For saying you were leaving which we all knew wasnt going to happen. guess someone wanted attention. heres some red attention.
11/30/2013I thought you retired?
11/29/2013You need your momma to wash your mouth with soap, fool.
11/28/2013Happy Thanksgiving :D - KarinZa
11/28/2013Alex, The Catholic Church spends more than half their yearly budget running hospitals for public good. Come on! Francis is good!
11/28/2013Funny man. -Dm
11/28/2013Happy Thanksgiving ....C.C
11/27/2013Happy Thanksgiving and LOVE! Sloane
11/27/2013Pretentious and cocky
11/27/2013You can find yourself in an old shoe
11/27/2013Early Happy Thanksgiving from UselessRepEATER
11/27/2013Bad karma offset lol!
11/26/2013Good to see you! :) Vic-chick13
11/26/2013And i approve :)
11/26/2013Go away
11/26/2013Stfo, Gtfo & fu
11/26/2013Go away alex. demon be gone
11/26/2013Stay gone you fag loving liberal
11/25/2013Get off the Internet already and live up to what you said - we'll hopefully be reading about you in the papers someday (about the 20 year sentence you will have received more than likely)
11/25/2013Learn to follow your true calling, Alex. you know you can.
11/24/2013I hope all is well...always thinking of you... Love Ellusion :)
11/24/2013You are too prideful, a wannabe powerful spiritual guru, but actually you have no power except that which comes from your father Satan
11/19/2013Lady B
11/17/2013Disembodied :-}
11/17/2013Finally !!!!
11/9/2013Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. Much love! ..11:11..
11/9/2013Karma RoLL ....C.C
11/8/2013I think of you like I think of a real life Eric Cartman
11/6/2013Lol, You're gonna be so surpised when you get your presents! HAWK8414
11/4/2013Go ahead for 70001, you're logging in anyway:)
11/4/2013Hello you! nah :)
11/2/2013Nice knowing you Alex.. Profane
11/1/2013Godspeed My Friend. ~ Knowbody Special
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