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Open Your Eyes's Karma

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10/3/2013Do you hate your parents because they grow old? Your day will come when you start finding grey hairs upon your head. What will you feel then?
10/3/2013Red for the Grays!!
10/3/2013Fuck Off!
10/3/2013You're a trip, Mr. Bickle! :) eekers
10/3/2013Not anyone important
10/3/2013Don't mind the haters, I wish you th ebest of luck. But stay away from secret societies, lol. PB
10/2/2013Ease up on the adverbs as well. It's further proof you're an idiot. Jedi
10/2/2013Good Question love GFG
10/2/2013Lmao - TreeBudZ
9/30/2013Nah :)
9/30/2013Buddy karma Fr Who is Blue Fairy
9/29/2013I feel you had a wonderful revelation
9/29/2013It's one thing to think you're superior, but, quite another to treat people like dirt. For shame, Alex.
9/29/2013Delete the negatives all you want, Alex, it doesn't change the truth and the truth is that you're a douche.
9/29/2013Mop comment. :) ~ Paige.
9/29/2013Red for those that bump nobody threads
9/29/2013Interesting thread alex...karma from gonviral
9/29/2013Rock on
9/29/2013Buddy karma
9/29/2013You smelly.
9/28/2013Because I can! >:(
9/27/2013Delusional wanker
9/27/2013Green for you.-TheEndIsNigh2013​
9/27/2013Friend karma Oxx
9/27/2013Shut your cock hole!
9/26/2013Spreading truth.
9/26/2013Thanks for partcipating in my thread - Holy_Diver
9/25/2013NBA is fucking stupid.
9/24/2013Fuck you Satan. I never really liked you.
9/24/2013Making love threads cause otherwise you'd have to do without your butkissers
9/24/2013What's up "Profit"
9/23/2013LeosOfTheUniverse was here
9/23/2013Elemental :)
9/23/2013Haha -- sbd
9/23/2013You're a fucken dingbat! xen
9/23/2013Relativity : )
9/22/2013Punished with good karma. Corner
9/22/2013Urethra & Uterus tend to get pissed
9/21/2013Shut your mouth
9/21/2013Buddy List Karma :) - Too Dark Park
9/20/2013Ag lol
9/19/2013Because i love you! and you deserve it!
9/19/2013Karma Kiss ~ Knowbody Special
9/19/2013I dont know if your trolling - Patches
9/19/2013Turd head
9/18/2013Angel ~ ILYJ
9/18/2013Lol, for the walk ¬ TP .. ah crap i just realised what my initials are
9/18/2013This guy is an empty shell made of crap, a worthless disgusting hated attention whore! If he didnt remove them, he would have more than 10000 reds.
9/18/2013Apollo Illuminati disciple. You are a follower
9/17/2013LOL you're a trip-- eekers
9/17/2013OYE hey sweetheart-Rochelle
9/17/2013One of the oldest still active GLPers thinks you're a flaming douchebag and should go away
9/16/2013You just talk down to more valuable posters. Go away, you have no friends here. You don't have friends in the real world either.
9/15/201312200 Thread Reports
9/15/2013Nick@ stopped by.
9/14/2013And red for you, God hating, NWO loving luciferian.
9/12/2013Satan worshipping mastubation fantasies of being an Alpha male. Fap fag.
9/11/2013That's my baby!
9/11/2013Just giving you shit , cloud hidden
9/11/2013Beetlejuice :-)))
9/10/2013I see your true color's shining through....I see your true colours, thats what I see
9/10/2013Chronic Masturbator
9/9/2013You're pretty funny sometimes guy :) ichi
9/8/2013You're nuts. I mean, seriously certifiable. Check your ego at the door.
9/8/2013Karma RoLL ....C.C very nice "GODziLLA"
9/8/2013You're a dickhead
9/7/2013Green for the rascal on my buddy list :) LaniJane
9/7/2013That is what I say right before I slip her panties off
9/7/2013Bad Ego
9/7/2013"I have no clue why this guy is still sticking around" - Probably because of the same reason you 'have no clue' about almost everything else - I am he
9/7/2013My first green to you...that I've signed anyway. :) AnonymousGirl
9/7/2013Love to you Oxx
9/6/2013I love that smiley :) ag
9/5/2013O is not a Genius.. thank you.. 4thhorseman
9/5/2013Nah :)
9/5/2013Keep up the good contributions - Xerces
9/4/2013I'll close my eyes to your inane logic!
9/4/2013I Love your Kisses! Love Ellusion :)
9/3/2013Apollo Illuminati disciple. You are a follower
9/3/2013Yur a badass, no lie. ~rubin
9/3/2013Xxx Krispy71
9/3/2013You are nothing but an idiot with too much time on his hands
9/2/2013You're the biggest lying douche bag ever.
9/2/2013You are so funny! Karma hugs, Sloane
8/31/2013Secretly loving you '~~~~~<3!
8/30/2013Praise God! From Molon Labe 2013
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