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*Evan's Avatar*EvanUSA56 months, 12 days ago37 months, 4 days ago24,488
 566Serbia & Montenegro82 months, 0 days ago82 months, 0 days ago0
 82ndAirborneSniperUSA83 months, 9 days ago22 days ago1,134
A Friend's AvatarA FriendUSA69 months, 19 days agoToday20,060
Astral Goat's AvatarAstral GoatSomalia51 months, 1 days agoToday112,452
 AtheistUnited Kingdom90 months, 13 days ago73 months, 14 days ago10,648
 aVianUSA100 months, 5 days ago73 months, 10 days ago12,332
Boris the Cat's AvatarBoris the CatNot specified46 months, 22 days agoToday22,327
 BS FLAGNetherlands89 months, 17 days ago2 months, 3 days ago353
 caduceiUnited Kingdom99 months, 29 days ago81 months, 23 days ago1,909
calin's AvatarcalinStarfleet83 months, 2 days ago3 months, 20 days ago26,131
Carbon Boy's AvatarCarbon BoyUSA105 months, 6 days ago13 months, 4 days ago701
 cmndr spcmtrlUSA82 months, 6 days ago71 months, 15 days ago545
 CowgirlKStarfleet66 months, 22 days ago22 months, 12 days ago10,300
 CrowmedianUSA67 months, 19 days ago63 months, 11 days ago13,322
Deplorable Ralph--a house dog's AvatarDeplorable Ralph--a house dogUSA52 months, 19 days agoToday12,642
 domesticangelUSA86 months, 17 days ago26 months, 23 days ago3,646
 Emerald IsleChile83 months, 11 days ago75 months, 21 days ago11,185
FatalW1shes's AvatarFatalW1shesUSA69 months, 27 days ago39 months, 9 days ago6,067
 Frigg StuyvesantUSA110 months, 16 days ago73 months, 25 days ago9,995
 GameOver2usCanada82 months, 23 days ago82 months, 23 days ago9
GeekOfTheWeek's AvatarGeekOfTheWeekUSA70 months, 14 days ago58 months, 24 days ago9,259
Hawk-02's AvatarHawk-02Serbia & Montenegro60 months, 26 days agoToday27,100
 HumakavulaUSA90 months, 22 days ago77 months, 25 days ago295
 HypnoSlaveDollUSA68 months, 13 days ago9 months, 13 days ago698
 In Shadows Growing WingsUSA82 months, 5 days ago54 months, 3 days ago339
 IssueXUSA52 months, 12 days ago48 months, 17 days ago1,706
 Jami CatUSA120 months, 15 days ago73 months, 25 days ago829
 JenkinsCanada102 months, 17 days ago81 months, 1 days ago3,263
Johnny Ringo's AvatarJohnny RingoUSA83 months, 19 days ago67 months, 22 days ago657
 JUST HEREUSA51 months, 23 days ago45 months, 10 days ago7,162
 KeroseneUSA54 months, 15 days ago54 months, 12 days ago57
 KhimUSA84 months, 16 days ago58 months, 14 days ago3,588
 limUSA83 months, 17 days ago6 months, 2 days ago331
 M R XSomalia52 months, 13 days ago51 months, 26 days ago23
M*walk's AvatarM*walkStarfleet56 months, 7 days agoToday16,885
 Mehitable AdamsUSA11 months, 6 days ago7 months, 16 days ago5,445
 MusomanUnited Kingdom67 months, 6 days ago5 months, 5 days ago61
nexuseditor's AvatarnexuseditorAustralia83 months, 9 days ago51 months, 15 days ago5,169
 ObeWayneKenobeUSA91 months, 26 days ago56 months, 21 days ago17,464
 OTOCUnited Kingdom84 months, 29 days ago73 months, 21 days ago7,005
 PrankCallRadioUSA81 months, 3 days ago80 months, 28 days ago101
 Professor XavierUSA49 months, 27 days ago48 months, 27 days ago5,783
RDprofessor's AvatarRDprofessorUSA71 months, 4 days ago2 months, 3 days ago1,756
Replicate Truth's AvatarReplicate TruthUSA87 months, 14 days ago5 months, 22 days ago1,067
ScrumpTheTexan's AvatarScrumpTheTexanModeratorUSA94 months, 15 days agoUnknown58,407
 SelfDestroyaUSA71 months, 18 days ago64 months, 8 days ago148
 STARLINGUSA67 months, 16 days ago30 months, 2 days ago1,722
Strangela's AvatarStrangelaUSA69 months, 15 days ago2 months, 5 days ago7,014
Sun Spot's AvatarSun SpotUSA84 months, 27 days ago1 months, 27 days ago255
Technological Supremacy's AvatarTechnological SupremacyStarfleet89 months, 26 days ago2 days ago5,886
 The ComedianUSA48 months, 8 days ago38 months, 19 days ago23,156
The Comedian :D's AvatarThe Comedian :DUSA14 months, 20 days agoToday59,496
 TheHighCommandUSA83 months, 2 days ago2 months, 9 days ago1,925
 uhftxUSA64 months, 14 days agoToday161
 Vipper1USA82 months, 16 days ago80 months, 7 days ago10
WeaponX2's AvatarWeaponX2USA17 months, 15 days ago14 months, 21 days ago5,678