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Kulkulcan's Karma

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8/30/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/13/2014Leech, turd.
7/25/2013Hell ya
2/9/2013I hope I didn't come across as a jerk to you, I didn't mean to, you made me laugh out loud :) LaniJane
1/28/2013Racist doesnt know shit. Go back and look how/what ghettos started
8/5/2012"I was shitting in my pants" - lmao, thanks - mistersplinter
8/5/2012Funny video! made my night! Junie
1/18/2012Pit bulls kill children! Fuck'em! Dumb ugly muts need to be gathered up and destroyed. ~Chip
9/29/2011For flattering me :) :
8/24/2011Karma for being such an encouraging voice among the scoffers! ^Watcher^

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