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12/27/2011Green room karma for you....indiandave
12/27/2011Karma Karma Karma.... notinfallible
12/26/2011To My Precious Hissy Spiral ~ Muse
12/26/2011Ghost Rider
12/25/2011Merry Christmas from Philligan
12/25/2011MERRY CHRISTMAS <3 OneEyedWoman
12/25/2011Merry Christmas -Hammertime-
12/25/2011GR - Balthuuu
12/25/2011John445 green room :)
12/25/2011Enjoy some green from Stocking Eats Cake.
12/25/2011Merry Christmas to you ! ~RebeccaLove
12/24/2011Have a lovely Christmas Spiral - Lotus Flower
12/24/2011GR karma - Eddjah
12/24/2011Merry Christmas and a Happy Green Year - Psych
12/24/2011Christmas cheer - truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
12/24/2011Christmas karma hugs and lots of blessings and warm wishes for a very Merry Christmas <3 Trix
12/24/2011Merry Xmas! ~Kinect~
12/24/2011Christmas Karma! From fubarman
12/24/2011Love and Huge Blessings to you Lovely and Dear Friend thru the Holidays and this Next Year. Thank you for being in my life =) Fringe
12/23/2011Merry Christmas ~ Abram
12/23/2011Have a merry Christmas Spiral :) Love Angels
12/23/2011For having an austin powers xmas tree - M
12/23/2011Merry Christmas GR - Chrit
12/23/2011Xmas cheers <3 miffed_33
12/22/2011Ho, ho, ho! Faith
12/22/2011Merry Christmas, Desert Fox
12/22/2011Merry xmas and happy holidays. 3Degree
12/22/2011Hi Spiral! It's 'that' time o/t week again... - RoXY
12/22/2011Green Room -Trample
12/22/2011Green room....Tango
12/21/2011Thank you for the kind words and support!!
12/21/2011Merry Christmas --- (GOGO)
12/20/2011Merry Green Karma 4u GR ~KirtSpiracy~
12/19/2011Back at ya, john Goz
12/19/2011Merry Christmas love Blue Skies
12/19/2011Returning the green! =) PsycoCandy
12/18/2011Plus one, my friend. Missouri Foxtrotter from the green room.
12/18/2011Green karma to you...Carol B.
12/18/2011Returning the green karma now that it's charged! :) - Laura Bow
12/17/2011Merry Christmas and many blessings and joy to you and yours! Karma hugs ~ GG
12/17/2011Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Here is Some Green for Your Tummy - Psych
12/16/2011From frognuts
12/16/2011Karma from KingDingaLing and Green Room
12/16/2011Good things karma around. ~Daikirai
12/16/2011Sprinkles of Green Room love back to you. Thank you! - *Kelly* :)
12/15/2011Found you -pathfinder-
12/15/2011Krma to the cobra..fubarman
12/15/2011<3 OneEyedWoman
12/15/2011Hugs and Love to you dear friend =) Fringe
12/15/2011Karma for you.. party on... > PEACE! EvilMoney
12/14/2011Good karma from the green room! ~Roentgen
12/14/2011Some green for you - truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
12/14/2011Enjoy the green! Don't spend it all in one place. :) Tawandaaaaa
12/14/2011Good karma 4 you+++Eimaj
12/14/2011Time 4 some green - RoXY
12/14/2011Back to you my Karma friend, Philligan in the Green Room
12/14/2011Desert fox
12/13/2011Awe shiettt ~ Rockarchy
12/13/2011A little Green for ya - Lyttlmiss
12/13/2011Dropping some green...dettro99
12/13/2011Be Well GR - Chrit
12/13/2011Karma, greenlove from Eddjah
12/13/2011Waves to Spiral* - Lotus Flower
12/13/2011Green Karma provided by Face Palmer
12/13/2011Spreading green around the world. <3 Doomish
12/12/2011GOOD GREEN KARMA FOR YOU! --Freckles
12/12/2011Free green room karma from samanthasunflower
12/12/2011Green Room Karma (c2c)
12/12/2011Green room karma, Azila
12/12/2011Green room hugs ....Tango
12/12/2011Great smiley for coffee! LOL ... My2centsworth
12/12/2011Thanks....back to you...chas
12/12/2011Thanks SC <3 miffed_33 :)
12/12/2011Back on the green fund distribution <3 Jhoevz
12/11/2011From Marax!
12/11/2011Green lovin payback ; ) -Stealth
12/11/2011From Brian8888: merry x mas
12/11/2011Green back at you! Keep it coming. -withoutatrace
12/10/2011Karma hugs always and many thanks for your support, prayers and for keeping the green room going <3 Trix
12/10/20111 from SEVAK_MUNI
12/10/2011Spreading the Green Love :) ~GG
12/9/2011From the green room with Peace & Love ~ RebeccaLove
12/9/2011Have a great weekend! Faith
12/9/2011Love Angels :)
12/9/2011From JFav - Happy Friday
12/9/2011Plus one from Missouri Foxtrotter - Green Room
12/9/2011Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns. ---- xoxo from VoraciousHoney
12/9/2011Thanks Back at ya Nutramac
12/8/2011Green for you! Enjoy your day! Flycat
12/8/2011Some green room love :) Christine
12/7/2011More Green for you GR ~KirtSpiracy~
12/7/2011Good Karma from Cpl. Tunnel
12/7/2011Green Room Karma....Thanks! AdHocBOHICA
12/7/2011Cause I can -Hammertime-
12/7/2011<3 OneEyedWoman
12/7/2011Peace of Mind and Heart to you Dear Sister and Woman... May you be wrapped in a Spiral of Love =) Fringe
12/7/2011Blue sends love
12/6/2011Barky loves
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