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DawaSatso's Karma

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1/25/2015It just is
1/24/2015Thank you : ) -- filth
1/24/2015You too! Climate change threads take a battering on GLP... but it's vital to wurzels everywhere! :)
1/23/2015X files aficionado? Fuck yeah! New season possibly in the works! - Kai
1/23/2015Green by Zod!
1/23/2015Thank, Dawa! Fret Wiz
1/23/2015Superduper green! Have a great weekend!
1/20/2015Sending love and warm thoughts your way 11-15
1/19/2015EleKtroN was here :)
1/19/2015Too funny - RD
1/18/2015For the "Merkelized" comment (Life and Love)
1/18/2015Fist McKraken
1/17/2015AnonymousGirl :)
1/17/2015I skipped this friday for potential furure realtionship :D matjaz
1/16/2015Some Friday Green :) ~ Mattie :D
1/16/2015Green Friday by Zod! :-)
1/16/2015Cow A. ;-)
1/15/2015Karma drop for buddy list! Stay warm!-TheEndIsNigh201​3 (and I think I love you!!)
1/14/2015"are any of you listening to this?" Thread....great comments on that thread, thanks! :) from AdHocBOHICA
1/14/2015How was your New years sweetie? Good I hope. Here we go for another year to speed by! <<HUGS>>.,.,.,.,.,M*w​alk
1/8/2015Green for you, my friend! Carol B.
1/8/2015Cow A. xx
1/8/2015You have a beautiful mind. - A MUSE
1/7/2015Great research! -Hats
1/7/2015Green by Zod!
1/6/2015Graffiti thread Em
1/6/2015For a different perspective brought to GFG's thread, I thank you - Aspamce
1/5/2015For handing that AC his ass on my 'Man on fire' thread. ~Fist McKraken
1/5/2015You are a beautiful soul 11-15
1/2/2015Happy new year green from frayed knot
1/1/2015For your beautiful words to Eleven ~TML
1/1/2015Happy new year, matjaz
1/1/2015Happy New Year darlin', I'm looking forward to some real cuddle time, dreams become reality.,,.,.,,<HUGS>​.,.,M*walk
12/31/2014All the Very Best for 2015~ Mattie:)
12/31/2014What a sharp mind - RD
12/31/2014Happy New Year! Ms.Superduper
12/31/2014Happy New Year, friend! Excited to see what the New Year will bring! katballoo
12/31/2014Happy New Year, Cow A. xx
12/30/2014Happy New Year - Chrit
12/28/2014New Year green from RTS!
12/27/2014Happy Holidays! ~ Myst_Wolfsong
12/25/2014Some green from <ySaul for your negative astrology "Not looking forward to this". Keep thinking positive thougths DawaSatso.
12/25/2014You have a most caring heart fullfaith
12/25/2014Big green Christmas babk to you, Dawa! love, ChiaPet
12/24/2014Breathe in. pool
12/24/2014Green Christmas gift by Zod! :-)
12/24/2014Merry X-mas :) xxxK
12/24/2014So smart - RD
12/23/2014Merry Christmas from Cow A. xx
12/22/2014Merry Christmas!!! (We'll get drunk)-TheEndIsNigh20​13
12/22/2014Reported Copyright Violation
12/22/2014For what you said to the Mom who lost her daughter Carol B.
12/20/2014Greetings from Germany - Weltenbrand
12/20/2014Thanks for my morning laugh on the hair comment. ROFL!!! katballoo
12/19/2014Hey Dawa :D Patty Happy Christmas to you and yours Xx msmc
12/19/2014Christmas hugs for ya sweetie,..,have a Merry one!.,.,.,.M*walk
12/18/2014Welcome back to UA thread :) Matjaz
12/17/2014Green by Zod!
12/17/2014Long time no chat- Bes Maat :)
12/16/2014The best - RD
12/16/2014Warm and happy December greetings xxxK
12/15/2014Cow A.
12/10/2014Thankyou for your lovely words MySaul
12/10/2014He's baaack!-TheEndIsNigh2​013
12/9/2014Some green for you my friend. Music Man
12/7/2014Thank you so much for all of your kind words in my thread. They truly touched me. :) AnonymousGirl
12/7/2014Green by Zod!
12/7/2014Sunday Green~ From Mattie:)
12/6/2014Back at you, Dawa. you are very encouraging. ChiaPet
12/4/2014Thanks for posting on my Hill thread.
12/4/2014Cow A.
12/4/2014Guga :)
11/30/2014Happy Sunday-greens xxxK
11/29/2014Its always a good to have a bit laughter and cheer in this crazy world ;) Mattie:)
11/28/2014Some green for you! MM
11/28/2014CoffeeT :)
11/27/2014Have a great Turkey day sweetie! XXXOOO,..,,,.M*walk
11/27/2014Cow A.
11/25/2014Green by Zod!
11/21/2014Truly brilliant - RD
11/21/2014Healing energy to you, Dawa. Lord knows we all need it. love, ChiaPet
11/21/2014Mornin Dawa <3
11/19/2014Hey Dawa:) ~ Mattie!
11/19/2014Beautiful post on the AG thread--lantern in cabin window...sweet. O'sCookie
11/19/2014Cow A. said so. Haha!
11/16/2014Thank you my dear friend! MM
11/16/2014Green by Zod! :-)
11/16/2014Droppping by with some XXX' & OOO's,.,.,.,.,.,.M*wa​lk
11/16/2014Barda thread! Have a great week! -auntiebeads
11/15/2014T~ for tauranga, where i live, maybe ~T~ for my initial too..xx
11/12/2014Patti, your posts make me smile, and when someone annoys you, your posts make me lol. Janet
11/12/2014I'm not doing so great, going through dark period. Thanks for your words!-TheEndIsNigh20​13
11/11/2014BardaKarma :) msmc x
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