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de38always's Karma

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12/3/2016S. A. T. U. R. D. A. Y SATURDAY NIGHT GREEN THUMB!! Hawk02
3/1/2016Great answer for life in the 50's - same here. JanJan
2/12/2015Why should this be a surprise?
8/17/2014Typical eluded right-wing shitstain
6/5/2014Scanner feed thanks for helping on the thread. seattle pac u shooting---Xray J
5/27/2014Clearwater help
3/12/2014No, it DOESN'T belong to Israel and Jesus believed in being good to others, NOT bulldozing their homes!!! Get it right!!!
3/11/2014Thanks for the link automaton
9/16/2013For your goof
9/12/2013Thinkin feller
8/17/2013Karma Love :)
5/2/2013Thanks for acknowledging I am 'absolutely right'. LoL Good kharma for you de38always. -w_nb
12/11/2012Link to scanner to hear situation developing
9/17/2012Low IQ
9/2/2012Cop hating cunt
9/1/2012For being a quiter,at smoking(waterman)
9/1/2012Some green for you! Cpl. Tunnel
7/23/2012For the hate you spew.
7/21/2012Some green from Cpl. Tunnel
7/13/2012I care, asshat
6/5/2012Low IQ
4/2/2012Nice work and 5 stars. from sonic doom
4/2/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/2/2012Shooting thread -- DRAGOON
3/14/2012Live scanner feed
12/11/2011Thansk for TSA support. God bless you! - Dease
12/10/2011Amen! for Lowes comment

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