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2/1/2016Cruz Shill
12/28/2015At least pays attention!
12/17/2015Magnus!!!! Loewin :) (KarinZa)
12/16/2015Sleepin on it
12/6/2015WOW! YOu are on spot. Centurion.
12/2/2015Here's one for the road, bub.
3/10/2015The Cross of Lorraine! Love Ellusion :)
2/2/2015I-man is coming- we are both the man and beast. - A MUSE
2/1/2015Black History Month
6/20/2014Good comment
6/16/2014Glp parent
6/11/2014For posting that bullshit propaganda thread about Rand Paul - you earned this - Cookie
6/4/2014Helping me find a movie. Bart23
6/1/2014Thank you fullfaith
5/27/2014Very sweet :) ~tampaheather
5/26/2014Fuck off loser
5/19/2014Hey man, thanks!!! KarinZa
5/16/2014God Bless~Bambi2U
11/9/2013Hello!!! --KarinZa
8/6/2013You will find out the hard way asshole. won't you feel like a fool.
7/28/2013Thank you :)ag
7/4/2013Hi there!!! Happy 4th :D -KarinZa
6/22/2013Kind Regards from Prakil.
6/22/2013Back at ya! -No More Lies
6/20/2013GREEN IS CLEAN!! ibyte on 2
6/18/2013Poor chap
6/13/2013God bless America
6/13/2013Thanks, man :D -KarinZa
6/13/2013Good thread thank you -SteamrolledGobias
6/7/2013U r a good shill caller-outer
5/31/2013Thanks bro. salt
5/27/2013Dumbass, there is no magic man in the sky, grow up FFS
5/23/2013From kitkat123 ban annoying people from society LOL
5/21/2013Eat shit
5/15/2013Thanks 4 the green karma peace and love <3 SerenaSeesAll
5/9/2013Dude, the fact that you even say your not "Gay".... means you are "Gay"
5/8/2013For your comment on my thread, thank you! xo Zephyr
4/11/2012Interesting mole post...Thanks...Cowgi​rlK
3/26/2012HiMmagnus, I see you were loged on recently. Looking forward to see ya again..:D....tomasgod​1

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