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Madigan's Karma

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10/21/2014For being a kind soul.
10/18/2014Weekend green. ~PENG.
10/18/2014Great book review, Madigan! BC
10/18/2014Like your avatar - ANHEDONIC
10/17/2014Hope all's been good for you. -w_nb/repatriated_one​
10/16/2014Great Quip! VesperT
10/16/2014Cheers, but seriously, don't die. :P -Faf
10/16/2014Thanks for your posts cheyenne
10/11/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
10/9/2014Love ya! Hawk02
10/8/2014Perfect use of sarcasm to fool the stupid ones. Cheers!
10/7/2014Pyramid lake! ... PRCPTN
10/6/2014Hope all is Well with You... Cyndexia
10/6/2014Hallo! :D calx
10/2/2014Hello to you too pretty eyes - CalmShock
7/26/2014Hugs, thank you ~Tangy
7/10/2014Paranoia will destroy ya.
7/5/2014Good to see you again - CalmShock
7/3/2014Golden Aliens! TastyThoughts
6/11/2014Nice to see ya again finley
4/11/2014Glad you're not on my side.
4/10/2014You are not very funny, mofo.
4/10/2014From ~ The Black Rose Witch ---<---<@
4/9/2014Sweet soul
4/8/2014Thank You! ibyte on 2
4/8/2014Sane post! Corndog
4/7/2014Great link!
4/4/2014Vala :-)
4/2/2014Lol. - Pole Cat
3/30/2014From Scrump
3/6/2014Mad again?
12/8/2013Mad again?
10/11/2013Mad again?
10/10/2013Some green 4 you... TheStreetProphet
9/11/2013Back @ you from TheStreetProphet (-:
9/2/2013Hugs: emerald_glow
8/21/2013Good to see you! L. :)
8/4/2013Hiya Maddie! Where ya been? Great to see ya again. Do you have adventures to tell about? ;-`) -w_nb
6/22/2013Mad again?
5/25/2013Kerchow ~TheSol
5/24/2013Hiya Sweetie! Here's to an awesome Memorial Day Weekend! -w_nb Canoe seat is being kept warm. ;-`)
5/16/2013Mad again?
4/27/2013Mad again? KRF2000!
4/27/2013You win! Random Kharma! Bing, bing, bing, whoopah,whoopha, whoopa. Jackpot. You win a tript to fucking Wisconsin. LoL.
4/12/2013I see your green karma and raise you another green.... ;P (I figured I'd throw a vegas theme in here for ya.) You gotta know when to hold'em... CalmShock
4/11/2013Hey! Kharma for you from Wisconsin. ;-`)
3/29/2013Nature is still waiting for ya. ;) CS
3/25/2013Bertha is waiting for your sweet ass. ;-`) -w_nb
3/24/2013Just saying hello- Etta
3/24/2013Just for being my Vegas neighbor! DaKine :)
3/14/2013EleKtroN was here :)
3/13/2013More kharma so you can upgrade, and we can arrange your canoe trip via pm's. ;-`)
3/12/2013Thanks from Kitkat
3/12/2013For Your Sign Thread ...peace...dettro
3/11/2013Hey pretty eyes ;) CalmShock
2/26/2013Thank you <3 You're clearly a very kind soul :) -- Pure of Heart
2/24/2013Good kharma for Madigan. ;-`) Hope all is good.
2/19/2013Reported Abusive Post
2/17/2013Thanks for the karma, neighbors gotta watch out for eachother
2/14/2013Hey there! Etta
2/14/2013Tandym :-)
2/14/2013Valentine's Day kharma for you, Madigan. Hope it's an awesome day for you! -w_nb
2/14/2013Happy Valentine pretty eyes ;) CalmShock
2/14/2013Love your term quaketard ! - Morpheus
2/13/2013From a fellow quaketard---Kristina
2/12/2013Thanks! Sleeping Giant
2/6/2013For supporting the post
1/31/2013For link on mexico explosion. thnx. Notagain
1/30/2013Thank you Madigan!!! Appreciate your comment very much. Sloane
1/30/2013Cool Thread... Gone Viral
1/23/2013Hey hey. Oyster
1/22/2013Good kharma for Madigan. Just do it. Get your ass in my canoe this Summer! ;-`)
1/21/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/20/2013I do not know how they blew the lead. I cried. Sorry, I love my Falcons!
1/20/2013Maddy! - STT
1/19/2013Thanks- Etta
1/18/2013Don't be a stranger, Madigan!-hugh m eye
1/18/2013For being mysterious and cagey!
1/11/2013Been meaning to drop off some good green for you :) Sloane
1/10/2013Wish I could pass you some green other than kharma and pix. ;-`)
1/10/2013Top of da Mornin Gov'ner lol -Dr. Acula
1/10/2013Hugs Emerald Glow:-)
1/9/2013Karma for me, karma for you... scotch though, I'll pass... ;) CS
1/9/2013I will continue to do so, thanks. Desert Fox
1/8/2013To scotch in the morning!
12/31/2012Lubba Madi! You're one of my favorite glp ladies...thanks for being you!
12/29/2012You're back!!!! - Eireann~
12/21/2012For thread on nevada eq swarm. thanks for the summaries! -ladyannie :)
12/6/2012I will not forget your name
11/21/2012Enjoyed sharing the drama with ya! LM
11/19/2012Green karma for Red flames - sunspotkiller
5/18/2012Good job
5/15/2012Glad to see ya around again Maddy! - STT
5/1/2012Just because - Resister
5/1/2012Good to see you karma from Bowman. : )
5/1/2012Brief :)
4/22/2012Green Day,...not red. ~Z
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