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¤ Itz A DreaM ¤'s Avatar¤ Itz A DreaM ¤USA63 months, 1 days ago20 months, 17 days ago916
< DL >'s Avatar< DL >ModeratorUSA31 months, 24 days agoUnknown31,009
 * Dawn *USA67 months, 1 days ago13 months, 16 days ago905
*H2O Bro's Avatar*H2O BroUSA21 months, 17 days agoToday3,215
..11:11..'s Avatar..11:11..USA62 months, 12 days ago22 months, 2 days ago2,574
2342's Avatar2342USA73 months, 7 days ago42 months, 27 days ago8,104
A Friend's AvatarA FriendUSA64 months, 18 days agoToday18,503
ADEND's AvatarADENDUSA86 months, 15 days ago13 days ago1,139
 AmiliusUSA88 months, 23 days ago4 days ago1,786
Annihilation's AvatarAnnihilationUSA24 months, 18 days ago11 months, 1 days ago2,202
 BlackLightUSA75 months, 9 days ago26 months, 12 days ago208
 BloodyEggUSA62 months, 24 days ago43 months, 20 days ago86
 C-dubUSA61 months, 8 days ago51 months, 16 days ago5
 CaliigirlUSA76 months, 10 days ago27 months, 1 days ago525
CatBTX's AvatarCatBTXUSA79 months, 29 days ago1 day ago4,871
 CeeLiteSweden61 months, 4 days ago10 months, 8 days ago6,651
 CuP a DooMUSA56 months, 21 days ago41 months, 28 days ago70
Dark Zen's AvatarDark ZenSweden67 months, 18 days ago59 months, 19 days ago6,555
Deplorable Alpacalips's AvatarDeplorable AlpacalipsUSA47 months, 6 days agoToday5,412
Deplorable Bodiless's AvatarDeplorable BodilessModeratorStarfleet26 months, 25 days agoUnknown18,763
Deplorable jwnlwplus4's AvatarDeplorable jwnlwplus4USA42 months, 6 days agoToday1,670
Deplorable Revbo™'s AvatarDeplorable Revbo™USA82 months, 29 days agoToday26,522
Deplorable Sleeping Giant's AvatarDeplorable Sleeping GiantUSA73 months, 15 days agoToday16,772
Deplorable WhiteLight's AvatarDeplorable WhiteLightUSA62 months, 6 days agoToday1,568
DiXie's AvatarDiXieUSA112 months, 19 days ago33 months, 20 days ago433
El Penguino's AvatarEl PenguinoUSA15 months, 21 days ago5 days ago3,404
ELric's AvatarELricUSA68 months, 17 days ago30 months, 5 days ago429
eV3y's AvatareV3yUSA51 months, 20 days ago3 months, 12 days ago3,754
 FaerieUSA64 months, 24 days ago12 months, 10 days ago31
 Fire WatchUSA3 months, 2 days ago2 months, 13 days ago134
Founders Fan's AvatarFounders FanUSA59 months, 18 days ago1 months, 11 days ago11,974
Frater Deplorable's AvatarFrater DeplorableUSA132 months, 12 days agoToday5,385
Fret Wiz's AvatarFret WizUSA42 months, 5 days agoToday14,561
geminilion's AvatargeminilionUSA78 months, 12 days ago27 months, 20 days ago10,265
GLP Angel's AvatarGLP AngelUSA76 months, 19 days ago15 days ago2,174
Goofy for God's AvatarGoofy for GodUSA57 months, 5 days agoToday50,743
 Head4050USA66 months, 4 days ago2 days ago261
Heretic_333's AvatarHeretic_333USA87 months, 20 days ago6 days ago3,451
 human beingUSA64 months, 21 days ago63 months, 25 days ago88
 I AM ami 432USA56 months, 9 days ago15 months, 3 days ago2,316
I Love Panda Bears's AvatarI Love Panda BearsUSA32 months, 26 days agoToday4,682
 imnotaschillPhillipines75 months, 19 days ago60 months, 7 days ago214
izzybeth da deplorable's Avatarizzybeth da deplorableUSA26 months, 18 days agoToday4,989
 jamppeFinland66 months, 28 days ago57 months, 17 days ago5
Janey's AvatarJaneyUnited Kingdom70 months, 10 days agoToday16,824
 Jilly23Starfleet61 months, 26 days ago13 months, 14 days ago1,234
 JJonahJamesonUSA59 months, 11 days ago54 months, 16 days ago37
Joe Boxer's AvatarJoe BoxerUSA62 months, 6 days ago40 months, 7 days ago995
 John GozUSA61 months, 1 days ago34 months, 9 days ago1,623
JustBea's AvatarJustBeaUSA66 months, 20 days agoToday7,067
 KanandaaCanada114 months, 17 days ago45 months, 29 days ago970
Laura Bow's AvatarLaura BowUSA59 months, 19 days ago3 months, 8 days ago9,351
Mabel Deplorable Kuntzvurth's AvatarMabel Deplorable KuntzvurthUSA93 months, 15 days agoToday927
 marius_dRomania25 months, 20 days ago19 months, 11 days ago5
 Mark VUSA74 months, 11 days ago50 months, 22 days ago196
 Mia41USA61 months, 25 days ago23 months, 22 days ago2,047
 Michael Anthony RadognaUSA75 months, 18 days ago75 months, 2 days ago32
 Michael.USA58 months, 0 days agoToday3,321
MONSTER's AvatarMONSTERUSA84 months, 7 days agoToday12,662
Moongoddessss's AvatarMoongoddessssUSA68 months, 3 days ago55 months, 4 days ago54
MsMc's AvatarMsMcUnited Kingdom53 months, 18 days agoToday2,653
nah-t's Avatarnah-tUSA49 months, 17 days ago9 months, 6 days ago15,214
Noble Six's AvatarNoble SixModeratorUSA50 months, 5 days agoUnknown3,638
 onaGoodNoteUSA66 months, 21 days ago62 months, 29 days ago42
OneHeart's AvatarOneHeartUSA74 months, 1 days ago14 months, 11 days ago49
 Open Your EyesUSA80 months, 11 days ago32 months, 10 days ago77,735
 Open Your Eyes OYEUSA22 months, 24 days ago21 months, 11 days ago4,910
 OzarkUSA72 months, 10 days ago40 months, 25 days ago1,191
 Paper BagUSA63 months, 2 days ago52 months, 28 days ago106
 Patrick BatemanUSA85 months, 2 days ago32 months, 6 days ago10,662
Pharista's AvatarPharistaUnited Kingdom68 months, 20 days ago9 months, 12 days ago949
PHX57's AvatarPHX57USA63 months, 8 days agoToday786
 primus889USA63 months, 1 days ago1 months, 2 days ago261
 R4LUSA75 months, 6 days ago44 months, 29 days ago67
 RenaUSA78 months, 11 days ago18 months, 18 days ago304
Scrodiddles's AvatarScrodiddlesUSA79 months, 27 days ago22 months, 2 days ago1,122
 seeker2USA60 months, 20 days ago15 months, 21 days ago1,949
 Seeker99USA124 months, 16 days ago13 months, 14 days ago129
 ShingenUSA104 months, 26 days ago8 months, 2 days ago6,458
siniXster's AvatarsiniXsterUSA59 months, 26 days ago6 days ago2,209
SouthernLight's AvatarSouthernLightUSA104 months, 23 days ago26 days ago2,023
Tatetopawin's AvatarTatetopawinUSA9 months, 15 days agoToday2,007
The deplorable Carol B.'s AvatarThe deplorable Carol B.USA71 months, 24 days agoToday8,752
The Irredeemable Doc Savage's AvatarThe Irredeemable Doc SavageModeratorUSA121 months, 16 days agoUnknown6,160
 TorchbearerUSA87 months, 9 days ago37 months, 0 days ago3,411
Unsung's AvatarUnsungUSA73 months, 18 days agoToday1,224
Wolf 1776's AvatarWolf 1776USA27 months, 11 days ago2 days ago5,390
 ~MeCanada66 months, 28 days ago30 months, 17 days ago508