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Sigyn's Karma

Total: 7 (7  User Votes) and 14

1/16/2012For both being a bigot and supporting ron paul
11/10/2011Unanimous karma for you!!
11/6/2011Bitch, please
10/19/2011Gwarnin I and I
10/19/2011Because I can
10/18/2011Sad & bitter. Stop bashing other women.
10/16/2011You really are a bitch. - Debauchery
10/16/2011Mouthy bitch. maybe that's why you're a single mom...i could hear the naggy bitch voice as i read your post in the ows fb thread.
10/16/2011Mean troublemaker!
10/13/2011You better stand for something or you will fall THE anything goes theory
10/12/2011For the peanut head up!
10/2/2011Try have something constructive to say.
9/26/2011Someone with a heart and good common sense!
9/24/2011I like your avatar
9/22/2011For knowing the difference between your and you're
9/9/2011Don't be such a puss about everything all the damn time!! It's annoying!!
9/1/2011LOL touche, touche....
8/31/2011Ignorant troll
8/16/2011Most helpful poster :)
8/16/2011Helpful thread contributor!

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