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6/20/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/19/2013UR compassion for dogs & use of electrical tape = Karma from TastyThoughts
6/18/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/18/2013Karma for my gemini brother....geminilion​
6/18/2013Fun thread, Wisc! Good to see ya - J Lily
6/18/20131 for contact
6/18/2013Happy Birthday
6/17/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/17/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/17/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/17/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/17/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/17/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/17/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/16/2013Have a great week man! :D calx
6/16/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/16/2013Thank you for reminding me about the Bio part of Biometric :D - Eireann~
6/16/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/16/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/15/2013How are things, my friend? From Tiger1.
6/15/2013All is well, as it can, for now..thanks for asking! -hope you have a great weekend, and all is well on that side...~e1
6/14/2013Karma 4 you!....>>>>Settle4It​<<<<
6/14/2013Nice pic. MX
6/14/2013Yes it is still a damn fine place to live - thumbs up - and best weekend :) Sloane
6/14/2013Drive by thumbing, :) LP
6/13/2013Thank you. :) Here's some for you, too! AG
6/13/2013Happy June! - Vision Thing
6/12/2013'Near-By', Wind and Fire for us both today... keep safe. - Imajicatus
6/12/2013Stay Groovy Man - GA2S
6/12/2013Happy summer back at'cha. :) xoxo new & improved. :)
6/11/2013I'm blocked from sending messages. :( -ExorciseThis aka Suzy
6/11/2013Happy Summer to you, friend! Is that a canoe I see in ur pic?
6/9/2013Reading Pauls bio now, great thread
6/9/2013Beatles - Chrit
6/7/2013No worries, my friend ! From Tiger1.
6/6/2013Great message. Integrity101
6/5/2013Thanks for the GREEN :-) Vision Thing
6/5/2013Septenary Man
6/4/2013Calendrical Praise... Imajicatus :-)
6/4/2013What the fuck is a moslom
6/4/2013In agreement.... of your proposed Karma rules AnotherOne
6/3/2013FLIRT! <3 LaniJane
6/3/2013LMAO you're such a butt! :) MP
6/3/2013Your calendar pics - omg hahaha! Have a good week :) Sloane
6/3/2013You will have to give me a ride on the drunkcycle sometime - GA2S
6/2/2013Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me & be my friend. ~Christine~ :)-
6/1/2013Here's to canoes, flirting, and cheese! -KarinZa
6/1/2013Man that was funny, thanks for the laugh~Zander Crews
5/30/2013Mysterious Pictures - A++++ - Morpheus
5/30/2013As always the wisc man on the money gaggleoffriends@hotma​il to get in touch wisc no more email since no updated account
5/30/2013A more common sense nibiru thread,don't let them get you
5/30/2013Fearmonger... Use some common sense and tact, asshole
5/30/2013Good post karma from Gonviral
5/30/2013Nibiru - Indysmindy
5/30/2013Good find-Beachbums
5/30/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/30/2013Planet X
5/29/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
5/28/2013Calendar karma! Cheers! Maguyver
5/28/2013Strawberry ice cream, yum, thanks! - Vision thing
5/27/2013Even after doggin me for being an Ohioan you're still a tolerable fella hahaa -Stealth#521
5/27/2013Because you are funny :P - Ailithe
5/27/2013Are you - web? - SpiderJones
5/26/2013Wisconsin pics - just beautiful. Yes take them paddling ;) Good for the soul. Sloane
5/26/2013Precious pups :) Crickets
5/26/2013Quality of life reply :-) SirFrance'sBeercan
5/25/2013Very nice, heh ~Jolago
5/25/2013Good post - Lamplite
5/24/2013Back at You! Cheers. - Imajicatus
5/24/2013Have a great weekend! SG
5/24/2013One day at a time, one breath at a time.. :)- ~Christine~
5/24/2013Give me your Gurnsey, your Jersey, your Texas Longhorn yearning to breath free. -Moo!
5/24/2013Wisc is good peeps! A real ballscratcher....yes.​..that's a compliment! ~Chip
5/23/2013Just passing through....EM
5/23/2013Count down to Tibet. pool
5/23/2013I'm giving it away today. lol ~AnB
5/23/2013Martian karma ;)
5/22/2013Because I finally figured out who WN-b was geeze I am slow LOL silvervega!
5/22/2013Buddy karma :) ~PENG
5/22/2013That's one green bar you've got there! from Boeing777.. :)
5/22/2013You and your affinity towards these polls not
5/22/2013Kinect! :-)
5/22/2013Cake and Chess! - Knowbody Special
5/22/2013Down with the greys! (hair and aliens) :D calx
5/20/2013For your posts ! from Tiger1.
5/20/2013Just stopping by to say hello - NothingFancy
5/20/2013Thinking of you :) ~ LJ
5/18/2013Have a great weekend! Doomalicious
5/17/2013For brightening my quiet evening :) -- Pure of Heart
5/17/2013Good to see ya, hope you are doin well! - J Lily
5/16/2013Good post - Lamplite
5/15/2013Is it spring yet? :-) Vision Thing
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