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Mango Positive's Karma

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6/21/2017Dumb ass
6/20/2017Fuck you dude. youre on the wrong side of history.
5/31/2017Fuck off shill... deserve the red.
5/25/2017Socialist retard.
5/18/2017Cuck fucking cuntface
5/12/2017Great post
5/4/2017Atheist Fuck! You Think You Know Evrything Don't You? Well You Don't
3/15/2017Who is the real fool here ?
2/25/2017< worships a plant !!!
2/10/2017This red was delivered from the otherside of the universe. How is that for quantum physics, fuckface?
2/9/2017To stupid of a comment
2/9/2017You won't be lasting too long around here, judging by the red. Ha ha
1/25/2017Abortion happy racist lib
1/9/2017"Democrats are traditionally better for workers" yeah sure... Bwahahaha
1/9/2017Eat less mangos...
1/9/2017No, bad dog.
12/22/2016< queer
12/21/2016Merry Christmas - and grow up.
12/21/2016F student, merry red-mas! When is Darwin-mas? Or just dum-as
12/21/2016For your demonistic attitude
12/3/2016Fuck you too!
11/28/2016Always being contrary, even when you know it's false.
10/27/2016PC Retard, Hillary groupie
7/26/2016Poopy dummy
3/1/2016Fucking liberal moron. kill yourself. do us all a favor.
9/14/2015Thank you for being logical and standing up against the idiots.
7/14/2015Atheist puke.
6/26/2015God does not like ugly
6/26/2015Tsk tsk
6/4/2015No...just no
4/23/2015Fuck off, nagger loving scum. I hope you expire soon
4/23/2015Wow! How stupid are you? I mean, like, WHOA! Do mommy and daddy know you found a computer at preschool?
4/1/2015Just stfu
3/27/2015Solar Guardian here. May I have one green karma point? Thanks :)
2/24/2015You are the useful idiot, FAG.
2/24/2015You are soooooo lost. I hope that you soon can find the truth and shrug off the programming that you've endured. sad, so sad.
2/24/2015You are one dumb stupid liberal son of a bitch
2/24/2015Clueless fucktard
1/23/2015Jesus HATES you.
12/2/2014Lack of faith, and insulting those that believe :(
11/4/2014Here here
9/9/2014I agree with your thoughts on religion.
6/30/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/10/2014Ignorance masquerading as righteousness
6/10/2014You will find out just how real God is.
1/12/2014Atheist retard.
11/28/2013Guess your looking forward to be nothing when you die just like your nothing now in life
11/28/2013Blessed day? How do you have that, with no God? Strange terminology you use!
11/28/2013Happy Thanksgiving - Chopinrocks
11/28/2013Happy thanksgiving
11/28/2013Shitstain Supreme, Esquire
11/28/2013If you wouldn't have children, that would be great! Thaaaaanks!
10/14/2013For believing in "genetic racial memory"
10/14/2013Stop blaming failure on non-existent racism, dumbass!
10/14/2013Keep fighting the good fight brother and speeking the truth!
10/14/2013You are correct about the Red states and Food Stamps.
9/20/20131 for the rabid atheist.
8/13/2013Low IQ
5/24/2013Btw, stfu
5/1/2013Your ego is your worst enemy.
5/1/2013Ignorant bigot
4/25/2013But we do know YOU're stupid!
12/12/2012A sad lost little boy
11/9/2012Doesn't have the slightest clue about economics.
11/9/2012Clueless libtard
10/19/2012Pole smoker
10/9/2012Shut up!
10/9/2012You are absurd. It's people like you that make me wish I could punch a bitch through my computer. Fuck your mother
10/8/2012Because you don't belong here!
10/4/2012Godless dumbass.
9/24/2012Right back atcha there buddy :-)
9/22/2012Obama Supporter. Occupy tard and a muslim
7/31/2012For Guff - ET
7/26/2012Gay lover
7/26/2012Dumb reasoning
7/26/2012Good post
7/19/2012Too much hate--get a grip!
7/19/2012Dick face shill
7/18/2012Homo you're disgusting shame on you filthy fag
7/18/2012There is a God
3/10/2012Fuck bibletards
2/17/2012You strut about belittling the belief of others while you want rights to foist your hate upon others ask yourself why you are so frightened by what you claim you do not believe.
2/17/2012Bingo, right on
2/11/2012You can type something up. I'd read it! :D ~Sandi
12/30/2011Butt fucks pets
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