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9/16/2012Ahahaha history
9/14/2012Hiya neighbor - chrit
8/21/2012Look at the poor little brainwashed sheep. BAA
8/6/2012Hey neighbor! Sleeping GIant
7/22/2012One day the victim will be you so speak up now - spot on friend! ~Psychedelicat
7/17/2012She is living proof that Africans really did fuck antelope. HAHAHAHAHA Nice One :)
7/10/2012Amen! GR
7/9/2012He knows and is but reminders are good from time to time -sammie
7/9/2012Low IQ
6/8/2012For being pro gun....indiandave
5/23/2012Hey fellow Ohioan- Sleeping Giant
12/2/2011To be revised back upward by this time next month as usual.... Indeed!.... *from CrissCross
11/22/2011Fly shit in salt shaker LMAO dude...good one from YaRight
11/21/2011Karma for you! ~Bent
11/21/2011Good karma 4 you+++Eimaj
11/21/2011God bless you and keep you....Arnie
11/21/2011Brief :)
11/4/2011Perfect answers
11/4/2011I am investing heavily in lead. In the near future it will be the most valuable metal.â LOL!!! ~ExpertOfSound
11/2/2011Karma for democrats being scared - hit me back N34444
11/2/2011AHAHAHHA fucking halarious comment in the "mass alien abductino experiment in los angeles UCLA" thread. props! peace.
11/1/2011Rude. Arrogant.
11/1/2011What was the message? That terrorists have taken over the white house? That's old news... good one!... *from CrissCross
11/1/20111. See you next month. AFx
11/1/2011Great sources for ackers of OWS! -dilke
10/27/2011Thx for your support....Chop's
10/23/2011You're a sick fuck..how bout we drop a nuke on your family asshole
10/21/2011Quick, try the back door....Classic
10/20/2011For proof of killed "terrorists"--Hawgzil​la
10/20/2011Thanks for trying to help this lady, it will all come back to you in multiples....Dr. know.
10/20/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/19/2011I agree with you
10/18/2011For being kind. TG4T...Peace. :)
10/18/2011Teleprompter redistribution line is great! -- from goodmockingbird
10/17/2011Nice find- Sleeping Giant
10/15/2011How does Trinity's nuts taste?
10/14/2011Well said.... Good 2 cents worth.... =8o)
9/9/2011Ur first green thumb for makin me laugh bra...LOST_ONE

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