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R&y's Karma

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2/3/2015Oil doom in ca - tripleh
11/11/2014Green for intelligence - Baroness
10/14/2014I agree
9/21/2014Sober view
9/5/2014Green from Ag47
6/25/2014For paying attention ~norml85~
2/9/2014I'm a fuckin paranoid fuck who thinks an obvious maniac must not be, just because i heard it on the devil box
12/11/2013Tweet, tweet, Happy Holidays! Ancha.
11/17/2013Well said. ;)
10/23/2013I Hate it When They Call Nut Cases Retards, Retarded Kids Dont Hurt Anyone
9/23/2013Shill armor
9/16/2013Solar Guardian here. May I have some green karma points? :)
7/27/2013Green time - msz
7/20/2013Great post thanks -SteamrolledGobias
6/19/2013Ty for posting icyman
5/14/2013Thanks for post, hope all is well, take care! - insertfunnyusername :)
5/6/2013Good point
4/28/2013Have some green! - msz
4/10/2013Not really
4/7/2013You need more green! - msz
3/8/2013Thats a good one
3/7/2013Green time again - msz
1/21/2013Thank you for the info. Dah
1/15/2013More green - msz
1/11/2013Yep I like em all & the blood of union members bought them
9/30/2012Greenie for you - msz
9/19/2012Drive by green time again! - msz
9/13/2012Karma Clunk
9/9/2012Green time again!
9/2/2012More green for you! - msz
8/16/2012You seriously need some green! - msz
8/3/2012Need some green!
5/30/2012Hell-bound Pedophile!
5/30/2012Poor taste,keep it classy
5/30/2012Your a total idiot.
11/11/2011Good assessment-DoubleHeli​x
11/7/2011Like your pov.

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