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Geos's Karma

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7/7/2016Hi there Geos - green for you! - mehitable adams
7/2/2016Trump! ~ A Friend
6/26/2016For BREXIT MySaul
6/13/2016I can't wait for Trump to take over. - Kraut
6/8/2016Green for you and Trump!!! - mehitable
6/6/2016Great post... Robbiew
6/1/2016Cuz you love Trump ---trumpsupporter
5/25/2016From Ralph--a house dog
5/25/2016Washington victory green --trumpsupporter
5/24/2016Blueridge Doom
5/17/2016Wishing me great dreams , thanks Tiredgrannie
5/16/2016Great cartoon!
5/12/2016"I'm a little despot, short & stout". Too funny! from Eggcellent PS. Happy Friday the 13th! TRUMP 2016
5/10/2016Trump victory!!! --trumpsupporter
5/10/2016Honest Commentary... Rare and appretiated.
5/10/2016For the brilliant cartoon 3am phonecall 2017 true and made me laugh s.d.
5/10/2016Thanks for the link - Darth
5/10/2016Hi...just because it's TUESDAY - mehitable adams
5/10/2016Sickandtwisted was here
5/6/2016Trump green - Kraut
5/3/2016Nominee green! lionhound
5/1/2016Your zeal for Trump --trumpsupporter
4/30/2016Lol, furry pete
4/29/2016Thanks ~Tangy :)
4/29/2016Thanks for keeping on it all so well!
4/27/2016Stone inforwars heads up thank you ~Luna~
4/26/2016Amazing! Brokered Back Mountain
4/26/2016LOL - QClu.
4/25/2016Unsinkable green
4/24/2016Truly appreciate your information. Thank you. OceanEyes
4/21/2016In case i didnt do this slready
4/20/2016From a fellow Trumpster :)) DizzyMissLizzy
4/20/2016For the funny twitter links in the trump thread, thanks! -auntiebeads
4/19/2016Triumphantly totaling crowd numbers --trumpsupporter
4/18/2016For the terrific Trump meme 'think I can't get Mexico to fund the wall" ~interested_1
4/18/2016Always excellent - The Comedian
4/16/2016Green from nofake
4/16/2016Trump 2016 - Kraut
4/15/2016Thanks Geos - Gaelic
4/14/2016BREAKING: Ohio sued for purging 2 million --- please return the favor :) Thanks buddy
4/13/2016Courts trump what you "think"----Cruz is eligible, get over it.
4/11/2016Your great comments on trump ---trumpsupporter
4/11/2016Thread support thanks and green back atcha! - abeliever
4/8/2016Great map post! Giftedest
4/8/2016Way to go
4/8/2016For the Republican primary map Carol B.
4/8/2016Good info :~exlibris
4/8/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
4/7/2016Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
4/7/2016Good info , thank you Geos ~Luna~ :)
4/6/2016Yar! -PirateMonkey
4/5/2016Thank you...davvi
4/4/2016Sorcha FAIL. Never use fake news to quote real news.
4/4/2016Your positive report ---from trumpsupporter
4/2/2016You don't understand Wisconsin politics at all. What else are you ignorant about? Pinheaded shitstain, grow up.
4/2/2016Good Post !!
4/1/2016Howdy from -= Travis Bickle =-
3/30/2016Thank you for your support of this thread - great stuff! - Mehitable
3/27/2016±±± The Scientist ±±±
3/27/2016Ted thread...good discussion
3/26/2016Cruzsexscandal! esoterica
3/26/2016NE story
9/9/2013Good points
9/4/2013Thanks for the summary. -lucius
9/23/2011Good answer! :D
9/7/2011Thanks for a good post ~catgirl
8/25/2011Very important info!
8/20/2011Good karma for you. :)

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