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2/13/2013Nuthin but Love .... great job ....C.C
2/12/2013Y not...lol
2/12/2013For giving us a few more tid bits
2/11/2013Green for the red.
2/7/2013Hey John! Miss the birdie thread :( from: Wait....What?
2/6/2013To a great friend
2/5/2013Red since you have too much green
2/5/2013Just cuzz.
2/5/2013Bouncing elephant :)
2/4/2013Some Green for you - Whiteangel
2/4/2013Back in the uk so here is my green. WeAreOne.
2/4/2013To help counteract some of that red stuff. regards lee
2/3/2013Gomez was here.
2/3/2013Here's one to help out--- train
2/3/2013So what
2/3/2013Have another one! Rhombus
2/3/2013Lol@ wall of red :)
2/1/2013Jesus loves you! - Lisa :)
1/29/2013Anytime buddy! BK
1/29/2013Thanks for all you wrote. Best wishes for all those you hold dear. (tag)
1/29/2013Man who fight with wife all day get no peace at night. Keep smiling! ..11:11..
1/29/2013A Watchman needs a little fuel from time to time.... GOD BLESS! ....C.C
1/29/2013Excellent much better witnessing! Don'tBeAfraid
1/27/2013Thanks for what you've brought to the table. It will help. - Gomez
1/27/2013For all the research and hard work put into this thread, regards Lee
1/25/2013Buzzing with it! Positive thoughts for you! DMTHC
1/24/2013Ty for the green..back at ya abi~
1/22/2013Yes, if they "archonic controllers" repeat it enough, we come to believe
1/20/2013Not brandon
1/19/2013Green for you friend!....Ray
1/18/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
1/18/2013Thanks for the green. BK
1/18/2013It's time! ..11:11.. zoom, zoom, zoom!
1/16/2013WeAreOne drifting through...
1/15/2013Douche tard on the wall. Filthy muzzie lover
1/13/2013I am spreading the love..
1/12/2013Thanks John
1/12/2013Inner strength xx MzTreeChick
1/10/2013Thanks Angelfriend, Tell them I could use some watching-over too. Walt B.
1/7/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
1/4/2013Best wishes for the New Year. ..11:11.. Much love!
1/3/2013Happy New Year! Rhombus
12/31/2012Always enjoy your posts. Happy New Year! jw
12/30/2012Happy New Year to you , Watchman ....C.C
12/30/2012Hang in ther bro! BK
12/30/2012I didnt do that and I am a one man show LOL.. Brogan
12/29/2012Have a Blessed New Year ! From Tiger1.
12/27/2012Happy Holidays - Alpacalips
12/26/2012Thanks brother - °Bill°
12/26/2012Enjoy the thread :D Dmthc
12/24/2012Merry Christmas and all the best to your family xx MzTreeChick
12/24/2012For misquoting you about fish oil & naked-ism....wow.... still friends? lol -ladyannie :)
12/23/2012For telling it how it is. good on ya mate.
12/23/2012Sweet. pool
12/22/2012To your health and happiness~einsteinsfl​y
12/20/2012ñ ñðºð°ð·ð°ð» ð±ð»ñññ
12/19/2012Merry Christmas to you to! BK
12/18/2012Merry Christmas ! From Tiger1.
12/17/2012Thanks Watchmen. Merry Christmas. (Tag)
12/17/2012Thank you Watchman for all of your research. Mia41
12/17/2012Paranoid moron
12/17/2012A Very Merry Christmas to you - Whiteangel
12/16/2012Dropped by to say - Much love! ..11:11.. Best wishes!
12/16/2012Merry Christmas Watchmen!!! ****daddysgirl
12/13/2012Interesting times! WeAreOne.
12/12/2012For speaking his truth continually.
12/12/2012Good postings on holistic health :) betty189
12/10/2012More green for you my friend.
12/10/2012Gomez sends green !
12/10/2012HArrrrrrrrr.. Brogan lol
12/10/2012Mercy amber
12/10/2012For all of your outstanding efforts on the Birdie threads....RRRay
12/10/2012To help fight off the red plauge! BK
12/9/2012Because you are complete bullshit
12/9/2012For your posts ! From Tiger1.
12/9/2012Howdy! Rhombus
12/9/2012Peace&love! ..11:11..
12/8/2012You deserve some green today{waterman}
12/4/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
11/30/2012Thanks for all your efforts John, they will not be for naught....Ray
11/29/2012For being a watchman - Resister
11/29/2012It would be the end of most posting because they won't be able to believe it. WeAreOne.
11/29/2012Your friend - DoorBert
11/28/2012Jamie Foxx is nuts ! From Tiger1.
11/28/2012What we think, we become. I am love. ..11:11..
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