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libertine's Karma

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9/14/2014Green by Zod!
9/14/2014EleKtroN was here :)
9/8/2014Karma RoLL ....C.C
8/26/2014Green by Zod!
8/16/2014Green by Zod!
8/16/2014No green from me?! How did I missed you... ;)
8/14/2014"Ukraine has had enough time to paint some vehicles" - Excellent point! ~ RTS
8/8/2014FRIDAY karma from THE INQUISIDOR
8/6/2014Appreciation from a Dutchie xxxK
8/6/2014Green by Zod!
8/4/2014Star fhisp
8/3/2014For being you
7/28/2014Green by Zod!
7/20/2014Green by Zod!
7/8/2014Green by Zod!
7/5/2014Green from star fhispp
7/4/2014Thxs for link to Graham Phillips blog! ~ RTS
5/17/2014Larouche spam
5/17/2014Good contributions - Ukraine thread. KarinZa
5/9/2014Great gig in the sky lol (Doobie)
3/12/2014Good Karma to you for posting on the thread...again!!! Thanks, Strangela
1/22/2014Supporting Raw Feed Live
1/12/2014Thank you , GT500
12/27/2013Love Kate
12/19/2013Reported Abusive Post
12/11/2013For being the only one to respond to my Tesla thread thx
10/30/2013Happy Halloween - Chrit
10/27/2013Love your pumpkin!
10/26/2013Excellent pumpkin carving! :-) J. A. L.
10/25/2013Green for the pumpkin carving!
10/25/2013Great pumpkin! eekers :)
10/25/2013Green from pi / Az :)
10/23/2013Awesome pumpkin!!!! -Acula
10/23/2013Love ya, Libertine!!! MO
10/22/2013Smile. pool
10/18/2013You're fucking insane.
10/17/2013Can't wait to see what ya come up with - Chrit
10/15/2013Just a "hello there" karma :) - Rabid Wolf
9/23/2013Karma just because. -- EK
9/6/2013Karma Huggzzzz!! Peace WildFlower
8/18/2013I fucking believe in you, Libertine!!!
8/2/2013I always accidentally almost call you "Livertine" every single time ROFLROFL, fuckin' love you! - MO
8/1/2013For chatting up my poetry thread. -- EK
7/30/2013For 'Mad props!' :) Sloane
7/23/2013Very good listener!
7/18/2013Dr. Acula was here!
6/17/2013For the Smallville video - abhie
6/14/2013Supporting assad
6/12/2013Karma Roll ....C.C Hey
6/9/2013Hugs, for support always! - Indysmindy
4/24/2013Much love and good Karma to you for posting on the first page of the thread!!! THANKS SOOOO MUCH!!! xoxo, Strangela
4/21/2013Agree the channels on glp need cleared
3/24/2013For The Rub thread LOL
3/13/2013Libertine is a good chick.
2/8/2013From the Capt ....C.C
1/16/2013For comment re. coffee thread. We need more coffee threads! Doobie
12/8/2012Much love, Bea :)
12/1/2012Philligan, thanks for the 5 stars have a good weekend
11/25/2012"Happydancey" haha. Sloane
11/25/2012Thank you- seer
10/27/2012Libertine hawt
10/16/2012Person445: AKA Russell Scott - THANKS FOR POSTING!
10/16/2012U are nice! gonviral
10/16/2012Come on over. very pretty pic. < Medic>
10/16/2012She is a nice women
10/12/2012Thanks - Turtles
10/12/2012Thanks for the bump. pool
10/10/2012Well liked mod in VC-BDQ
10/5/2012Because you are wonderful in chat : ) Doobie
10/5/2012Reported Abusive Post
9/26/2012Thank you, Love Canada. BB
9/15/2012Awesome avatar.warriorsbond
9/14/2012What a lady! -woden
8/22/2012'Helpless' gave me goosebumps - ask yourself! ~ Sloane
8/21/2012Lovely tune anotherone
7/24/2012Music was very nice -Starlit
7/10/2012That Joplin/Jones video really was fun - didnt know Janis was such a great dancer! ~ Truly
7/9/2012Enjoyed your comment. D'Light
6/12/2012For Lolipop Chainsaw! - Six Six Six
5/29/2012Its been a while. Ive missed your posts! Hope you are well! xoxo, Strangela
5/19/2012Cool avatar lol-marketselloff
5/18/2012You're a Dragoon sockpuppet
5/1/2012For being a great mod and for loving stars. Doobie
3/15/2012Haha Ur an a damn agent ;) Amentality
2/6/2012Fellow Canadian, Thank you! ~ Kate
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