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daisey's Karma

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4/28/2013Israel green
4/18/2013Probably means well
3/10/2013Dumbass bitch
12/27/2012Your notation talks of Christ, but your posts says your all talk and no walk.
12/27/2012Screw you from George Bush!
12/26/2012For being aware! (Lizards)
12/24/2012No doubt at all anymore
11/6/2012Christ IS our King! All Glory to God, Forever! Hugs ~ KoFFee_
9/12/2012Amen daisey! Susie...
7/18/2012Never stop preaching the Father's holy message
3/15/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/30/2011For consciousness shared. Pool
10/17/2011Putting info on genetically engineered produce on my barcode thread
9/7/2011For spouting Religous nonsense
9/5/2011Good info!
9/1/2011For identifying Boehner as Satan rather than Christ +100 if I could
8/21/2011My pleasure
8/16/2011So, you know God's remedy...lol I don't think so > Love is the remedy, even for religion Peace be with You

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