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zennith's Karma

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8/20/2012Hi Zennith, you have mail, havent heard from you for a bit, hopw all is ok, from arkay
8/6/2012Hope you are well, havent heard from you for a while, and really do miss you. cheers arkay
6/8/2012Captainarkay at gmail dot com is a new address just for us, password is rdk00111just leave drafts never send
5/18/2012Funny sweet charming sophisticated insightful intelligent delicate perfect
4/25/2012And an even sweeter and geniunely truexand very switched on lady, robandmaz@gmail dot com....arkay
4/23/2012For giving valuable information for the sake of the H5N1 post. :) Well done to you!
4/12/2012Diddo to what Arkay said below, much thanks - - - MzTreeChick
4/10/2012For excellent and persistant works of excellence, greatfully appreciated. Arkay

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