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BoroBoro's Karma

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3/29/2013Thx for the bump- brado32003
3/28/2013Contribution to Planetary Alignment / Earthquake Watch 3/27-28th & Event Warning - April 2, 2013 Black Star Alignment thread. Alexander
2/22/20131 karma for replying in the Latvian meteorite Thread ^^ ~Snuffie
2/12/2013Mommy is calling you
2/4/2013Here you go pinapple boy here is something else you can take.
2/3/2013Boro--Here is your original green karma back--I pinned to shoecase Abhie's thread! hehe!
2/3/2013Thank you :)
2/2/2013From a NOLA Bayou Girl =}.
2/2/2013TY for pinning the Cauldron thread!....roadrunner​ray
2/2/2013For pinning the Cauldron of fire thread., Dutchguy.
2/2/2013Thank You BoroBoro for pinning the Cauldron thread-abhie
1/23/2013A Friend
1/14/2013Learn how to spell
12/3/2012Stay safe!! /calx
11/6/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
11/6/2012Fellow EQ watcher.
11/6/2012Thanks For The Info
9/28/2012Neat info on Faraday Homes>>>Muzzle
9/28/2012Haha i like your style - madajs
9/28/2012More lumpia, hold the balut please :-) Rising Son
9/28/2012Hi from Earth420

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