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7/29/2012Well put! The science is what we are here for. Keep up the great work!!
7/29/2012To help with the spellin and grarham cracker!
7/29/2012From Sol1d - thanks for all the hard work!
7/29/2012Great work -- mistersplinter
7/28/2012For you my solar queen- Nerd
7/27/2012Thanks for all the updates solarbabe :)
7/25/2012Thank you for all you do! ~ Trink
7/24/2012Thanks for the karma pt. Nin- bavk at ya!- SpiderJones
7/24/2012Karma for all you do here ****Butterfly girl
7/24/2012Thank you for the solar thread-Marketselloff
7/23/2012Free karma day! mtn mang
7/21/2012Mo green...LooK`n
7/19/2012KME for You Also : ) - 'Cesium.
7/19/2012Deserved green - mistersplinter
7/19/2012Thank you for your answers. Parvati.
7/19/2012Thank you for being the beautiful person that you are, and handeling the situation on your solar thread as you did. Very much appreciated! ~Vesper33~
7/18/2012Just because
7/18/2012YOUR attitude keeps me coming to SolarWatch, TY for being you Nin!
7/18/2012Thank you your thread rocks esp without all the drama
7/17/20121000 page celebration karma! - madajs
7/15/2012Solar thread karma! mtn mang
7/15/2012I always enjoy your posts! WeAreOne.
7/15/2012Solar love - whiteangel
7/14/2012Foor sun fun! -belay
7/14/2012Great work during a Sun event!!!
7/14/2012For being so patient with us laymens
7/13/2012Because of your hard work and time spent on the sun thread. You always answer my questions. Thank You Shenue
7/13/2012Happy friday 13...old guard
7/13/2012NIN you're the best, so patient putting up with our ?- shadasonic
7/12/2012Green Luv Infinitum :) - 'Cesium.
7/10/2012For baning and deleting asshole w/ horrid vids, Hooray for WONDER NIN!!!-SJ
7/10/2012You are awesome -- mistersplinter
7/10/2012Sucks that some people are derailing your thread. Sending you happy thoughts! :) - madajs
7/10/2012For keeping noble watch over your solar watch thread. -Nyte
7/9/2012Sunqueen karmadrop :) IWTB76
7/9/2012Extremely Informative, Well Manored< Amazing
7/8/2012Thank you, NiN!
7/8/2012Thank you for the solar watch thread!
7/8/2012Updates for us, the suntards!-Much love..Starry eyes
7/8/2012EleKtroN :)
7/8/2012With Much Love 2 U <3
7/6/2012Good to see you Nin- Nerd
7/6/2012Soooo good to have you back ~TS66
7/6/2012Thanks for the kp, and your wonderful thread! - mtn mang
7/6/2012Friends list karma!!! - Doommincus Maximus
7/4/2012Thx for efforts TheTruthWorker
7/4/2012Happy Independence Day! :) tg1
7/4/2012Nice coverage (and sexy) - Terviseks !
7/4/2012Yay for taking time to find and link that vid for OP!
7/4/2012Karma for a good find , 12.21.12
7/3/2012Lady got 'tude
7/3/2012Congrats on one of the best threads on GLP! <3 MAMA
7/3/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/3/2012Green for the sun queen....LooK`n
7/3/2012For your sun flare thread :)
7/3/2012For being cool!!!~Vesper33~
7/2/2012Solar Karma CME : ) - 'Cesium.
7/2/2012Thanks for all the solar work. D'Light
7/2/2012Some solar watch green -- mistersplinter
6/30/2012Green from SpiderJones for you to use.
6/29/2012I appreciate your thread and your work a lot, and I mean no disrespect with the pole flip conversation :) - madajs
6/29/2012Happy Summer, SunQueen!-hugh
6/29/2012Have missed your imput greatly ~ TS66
6/24/2012You're efforts are appreciated... TheTruthWorker
6/22/2012Have a great weekend--- train
6/20/2012Green for the Sun Goddess ~ LaniJane
6/19/2012You are bad ass - thanks for the information.
6/18/2012Thank you :-) shenue
6/15/2012Solar Baby,Massive Respect for the Thread NiNz : ) - 'Cesium.
6/15/2012U so pretty :)
6/15/2012Hard Worker
6/14/2012Love the solar watch thread
6/14/2012Green for Nin...LooK`n
6/14/2012Thanks for the solar watchin'!~Luna
6/14/2012I upgraded you NIN!...need you back when possible- Nerdrage
6/7/2012Happy birthday with love,GLP Angel!
6/7/2012Happy birthday! hope its a good one - mtn mang
6/7/2012Birthday Karma +100 ~ TS66
6/6/2012Birthday green - whiteangel
6/3/2012Green for solao watch- spiderjones
5/26/2012For all that you do! Thank you...cowgirlk
5/25/2012Re: The Reason Unbelievers cannot understand GOD. and why *JESUS* spoke in parables. From Matthew ch 7: 21. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but h
5/17/2012Whiteangel was here
5/16/2012Same to you
5/10/2012Good Morning NiN....X..tg1
5/10/2012Nice to hear from you. Good nite Nin. Fin.
5/10/2012Thanks NIN for the updates! OA
5/8/2012Staying faithful to post(GFG
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