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2/16/2015Rev Woo-Woo
5/11/2014Hello, star light :) That was a lovely story. - Eireann~
5/11/2014Stars aren't little, tard.
5/11/2014Awesome thread!
5/11/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/6/2013Hello old friend, green from Pharista just because :)
8/7/2012For your wisdom, thanks for sharing <3 illusion
7/25/2012But, you!: Revguard
7/9/2012From SS - aka SoS
6/1/2012One of the rare people on GLP that check reality (thread: no one is...)
6/1/2012Wonderful message, taking responsibility for ones own Soul. Thank you!
5/31/2012For your Christ Consciousness
5/31/2012Thank you for those words friend.
5/27/2012Hi! Earth420 :)
4/24/2012Go safely brother. <Path>
4/15/2012TV thread -Alcor
4/15/2012Tv thread
4/14/2012Great insight about TV. Amy A
4/11/2012For love and because it will all be perfect... 141
4/8/2012Thanks for the "Manual", Isis One
4/8/2012For sharing a great book with others ~Magik~
4/8/2012Liked your thread
4/8/2012For sharing a wonderful gem of a book
4/8/2012Good one
4/6/2012For the truth.
4/6/2012I appreciate your thoughts...thank you!
4/5/2012This IS what we all need to aim for - Jool
4/5/2012Great insight. Amy A
4/5/2012You're lovely! Thanks for posting, I love reading them! ^_^ -CuriousSoul
4/5/2012Wow just wow.. well done! WhiteLight all around you!
4/5/2012With love, brother!
4/5/2012345589144 - lightchild_uk
4/5/2012Needed those encouraging words, perfect timing!
4/5/2012SS says hello! - Swinging on Spirals
4/4/2012Keep questioning and sooner or later all will resonate in dueness =)
4/4/2012One of the rare people in the forum who know what it is about
4/3/2012I love your view! WeAreOne.
4/3/2012Nice thread. scuba7
3/19/2012Great to see you are keeping up the good work of helping to raise spiritual awareness. :) Pharista.
12/31/2011Great stuff OP...chas
12/31/2011Great post on breaking out from the matrix!
12/31/2011For the beautiful comments inre to my sister's passing, thank u ~in5d
12/30/2011Ask and you shall not receive
12/22/2011Great post! DPC
12/22/2011Terrific post on REAL TRUTH. -BuzzKill
12/20/2011Nice post, good content concerning spirituality
12/20/2011Good post thank you - Jack73
12/20/2011No reason
12/13/2011Fibonacci rocks
12/12/2011The truth
11/30/2011For the Peace Pilgrim.... namaste
11/27/2011Excellent post on peace pilgrim..She definitly had God inside her..
11/27/2011Great post! kona
11/27/2011Thank you for sharing this site. this woman was amazing. linda
11/27/2011For sharing about Peace Pilgrim
11/27/2011Great post! ~ Silent Wind
11/27/2011You brought to everyone's attention a wonderful topic (Peace Pilgrim) and one I had never heard of before! Thanks!
11/25/2011Fasting fool
11/25/20111 nice thread on prophets from SEVAK_MUNI
11/24/2011Amazing thank you
11/24/2011Fasting on turkey day...mad props! Good man!
11/24/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/24/2011Having a tender heart
11/24/2011Peace and love indeed... Path
11/24/2011Fasting good for you ! Wing-ed
11/24/2011Just because
11/24/2011Ive been waiting for a thread like this..had to be you..you are a special soul..wildhoney
11/24/2011For your day of fasting and thanksgiving :)
11/20/2011Impeccability and originality
11/19/2011Talks About The Predators
11/19/2011Thanks for your comment---moot
11/17/2011You are very wise. From SK-RECLUSE
11/17/2011Agree freedom is piritual - Ohwell
11/15/2011Good post!
11/15/2011I agree with your post!Thanks
11/15/2011GREAT THREAd,
11/15/2011Thank you for a very thoughful, and, important thread. xx morgan
11/15/2011Your solitary journey thread is lovely and gave me something to think about, thanks!
11/14/2011<3 so true!
11/14/2011Lake Xeno, great post about solitary journey
11/13/2011Thank you for your Parable :)
11/13/2011Enjoy your story. Madame X
11/12/2011Great threads..wildhoney
11/12/2011And also suggested pin!
11/12/20111 for truth
11/10/2011Nice thanks, dragu
11/4/2011Peace and love, always ~Rockarchy
11/4/2011Really awesome post.
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