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9/1/2011Cool thread
9/1/2011For a good thread of doom.
9/1/2011Good job putting all predictions for the month together in one thread
9/1/2011Because you are annoying
9/1/2011Very interesting list... good post!
9/1/2011Very sincere posts
9/1/2011Good informative thread on upcoming events
9/1/2011Thanks from Arnie, love in Christ, and WAITING !!!~~~
9/1/2011Very good post
9/1/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/1/2011Great post for Sept 2011
9/1/2011Thank you for list of September predictions
9/1/2011For being a good person :)
8/31/2011The biggest hoax in all of history!
8/31/2011Have respect for others' beliefs. We view yours as pretty demented.
8/30/2011Jesus Groupie...hehe +1...tg1
8/30/2011Jesus' groupie
8/30/2011Princess of Bitchlandia
8/30/2011Beutiful post
8/30/2011Much Love :) LFY
8/29/2011Thanks for being supportive :)
8/29/2011For u -ttowngirl
8/28/2011Makes good sense
8/27/2011For living your words. waterbug.
8/26/2011Nice comments on my thread
8/25/2011Because your post rock (Forge)
8/25/2011Willingness to help others
8/25/2011For going out of your way to +1 karma me. ^_^ ~moondust
8/25/2011For being an idjit
8/25/2011For a gesture of goodness which is unfathomable to those with evil in their hearts.
8/25/2011We need others like you
8/25/2011Heart of gold :) _
8/24/2011Jus b'cuz
8/24/2011For being a sweetheart, just be careful!
8/24/2011For being such a compassionate, giving soul.
8/24/2011Good Soul ;)
8/24/2011For being pure of heart and willing to help fellow GLP'ers
8/24/2011She's a Watcher..:)
8/24/2011Not afraid to lay it on the line for our Lord
8/24/2011Good Posts
8/24/2011Generous guy
8/24/2011Mindless twat.
8/24/2011You restore my faith in the human race!
8/24/2011Good post
8/24/2011Nice One
8/24/2011For being Human!
8/24/2011What a nice person !
8/24/2011Always to the point when posting
8/24/2011For opening your home to ones in need
8/24/2011Finally a real reason to give someone positive karma. This is what it is about.
8/24/2011Watcher simply rocks!
8/24/2011Big heart!
8/24/2011Has a big heart
8/24/2011For her generous offer of santuary
8/24/2011Party on the farm, i will just look like my avitar, centrist77
8/24/2011Thanks for being positive!...
8/24/2011That was considerate
8/24/2011Good deed
8/24/2011I think she is insane
8/24/2011For doing something most would not. We need more people like you:) truz1980
8/24/2011I've read many of your posts before. They are thoughtful, and insightful and now I see this....This is the first thing I've done since registering on GLP, I hope you can read this because y
8/24/2011A beautiful heart with a beautiful soul
8/24/2011Because you are such a loving soul and in service to others .. :)
8/24/2011Wish we had some politians like you! :)
8/24/2011For being nice
8/24/2011Offer to open home to Irene evacuees. :)
8/24/2011Being generous.
8/24/2011Incredible kindness
8/24/2011Genuine heart of gold and she shows she cares about her fellow man
8/24/2011Kind offer to the needs of others
8/24/2011Good heart. Lovely woman. Passive Ressitance.
8/24/2011Being super nice, its awesome!
8/24/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/24/2011I needed to watch that - thank you so much!!!
8/23/2011Wonderful you!
8/23/2011Kind, heartfelt gesture
8/23/2011You are such a kind and generous person to open your home to those in need. If I could give you more good karma I would.
8/23/2011My first karma vote goes to you for your selfless desire to help your fellow GLooPer. Bless your heart
8/23/2011You already have REAL... good karma, so heres some "fake" good karma lol
8/23/2011Deeds, attitude & humor
8/23/2011Your a good person, or a mass killer, either way "p
8/23/2011Good person
8/23/2011Because God blessed your open heart... from aus... keep safe.. and if not meet up on the other side for a beer :)
8/23/2011She just deserves it
8/23/2011Good gesture
8/23/2011We need more good people like this. =)
8/23/2011Just Because!
8/23/2011Generous glp-er
8/23/2011Very kind
8/23/2011Selfless act
8/23/2011"my home is available" Very nice of you! Much love! from 11.11.11
8/23/2011You offer to open your home to those affected by a hurricane.
8/23/2011Just because -GTUSS
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